Wolf Play : Rp partners wanted
06:27:26 Vox
I'm this 🤏 close to fighting the ship's wifi.
06:26:30 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Hey Top Dawg! It's been long time :) Other than sleepy, how're you?
06:24:54 Pixie, Vul / Ω
-WP Click-
Name ideas? Hoping to get the harvest pelt for him
06:22:54 Kodiak
I can't sleep.
06:20:26 Leo, Lion (He/him)
06:20:00 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Go to bed!! And that's RIGHT now! Come. Yes go to bed. Good. 4 AM is too fucked up!
 Suburban Disaster
06:19:06 Key | Froggy | Keevy
We can stay up and talk, I just dont think I can rp any longer until tonight
 Austan vindar
06:18:15 Dont call me Blep :P
awwwwwwww, but its only 4 am
 Suburban Disaster
06:14:50 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Honestly, both of us also need sleep
 Austan vindar
06:14:33 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, fiiiine
 Austan vindar
06:14:00 Dont call me Blep :P
TOBIAS, mmmhhhmmmmm ;/
say, what games do you plan on leaving me for?
 Suburban Disaster
06:13:57 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Bye Devil!
 Suburban Disaster
06:13:49 Key | Froggy | Keevy
We've found a good stopping point for them!
06:13:39 Devil (Any pronouns)
Alright Bye bye chat imma go play Mafia 3 <3 or Apex :)
 Austan vindar
06:13:17 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, noooooooooooooooooo
06:13:06 Devil (Any pronouns)

Nothing Lol

Love ya bro
 Suburban Disaster
06:12:21 Key | Froggy | Keevy
We have been rping for 5 hours apparently
06:11:42 Leo, Lion (He/him)
A lot isn't enough 💀 You should see my game mail!
06:11:04 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Fuck! Some animal stole my bald eagle feather right when i needed it :(
 Suburban Disaster
06:10:37 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Alright, we should probably stop rping for now. At least until some other people get responses in. We've given them a lot of notifications too


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Rp partners wantedOctober 16, 2021 04:44 PM

crimson galaxy
Posts: 16
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I dont really know how the new forum format works..
So, im looking for a rp partner. i dont really want to make this too long so i'll be quick.
I dont really have many, and what applies to you applies to me.
please dont leave without telling me
no descriptive use of needles
im ok with any literacy or line amount but please just give me something to respond to
I only play male characters and do MxM and MxF
I am up for anything you can probably think of, but im mostly here for the wolves. each of my wolves has a differnt character personality so feel free to ask about them.
send me a pm if youre interested. i could probably think of some plots once we have discussed our own rules and prefernce

Edited at October 16, 2021 04:46 PM by crimson galaxy

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