Wolf Play : Assistance
The CP isn't glitched - it's an update from Eve. ;o;
You know. Maybe I shouldn't be watching the Handmaid's Tale when I'm off my meds.
07:51:17 Fei the writer
you know there are so many times I can put up with noise outside before thinking of idiots
07:50:59 I'm not a bad Slime
-WP Click-

I'm excited for her pups :)
07:50:30 Vox, Corey
Lesson learned: Update storage to avoid a lengthy revamp because everything wasn't current </3
07:49:30 Vox, Corey
I have successfully uploaded 25 characters on TH today.

29 more to go before my storage is complete 😭

07:49:14 Mac and Cheese
-WP Click-
07:46:17 Fei the writer
my wolves are nowhere near labor. Yay ^^
 Blind Bat
07:41:36 I Am Vengeance
I have 14 days of premium left :(
 Destinations End
07:41:23 Toliska, Desti, Coy
07:41:08 Xirra
If you don't go into labor in five seconds I swear-
-WP Click-
Eve upped the daily CP
It's 10 for newbies, 50 for basic and 100 for premium now
07:37:46 Slate, Gray
I think my CP glitched

You have 30 character points to give someone else's wolves.
You have 10 character points to give to a new member's wolves.
Collecting members :P
-WP Click-
 Captain Ezra
07:30:33 Pirate Lord
-WP Click-

damn it Mad Dog stole His place as captain and I don't have CP to fix it :(
 Captain Ezra
07:29:13 Pirate Lord
-WP Click-

paws for Mad Dog Malone? My Moldy SV
 Star Tha AOD
07:28:20 i stalk chat (Star)
Sandy gathers a hunting party to please the sleeping alphas.

Stats: Social +2
Mood: Fierce
good girl!
 Star Tha AOD
07:27:57 i stalk chat (Star)
ohh, ok, thanks :)
07:27:45 (She/Her) Cat
Your wolves played: 1G ES brings back prey to please the alphas
Get your fluffy hindquarters back in the elder den. Now.
 Captain Ezra
07:25:38 Pirate Lord
Barnacle Bill intertwines their tail with Isla Cutlass.

Stats: Charisma +2
Affinity: --- Strong Like
Mood: Flirty

awwww pirate love


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AssistanceAugust 1, 2021 04:36 PM

Former Pack

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Hey! I'm wanting to create a Villain vs Villian roleplay in some sort of sense, and was looking for some others willing to help me create a stable kind of plot and some other stuff like information, character roles, etc. I do have a little bit of writing I made I want the roleplay to kind of be based around Lmao

Of course not everything might be used, and I might tweak and edit some stuff when I finally make the sign-up thread but any assistance someone can give is really appreciated. PM me or post down below if interested, thanks
AssistanceAugust 1, 2021 05:56 PM

Sir Froggington

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I'm bored and might be willing to help, however, this coming week things are starting to get busier for me, so I'm not sure how much I'll be on to help.

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