12:07:40 Revy
Hey Hey Ky!. I'm doing alright, so damn tired though.
Epiphany Insight
12:06:46 Its Inter, fishes
You mean.. it's like animating? It's fun but stressful and pain-
12:05:10 Techno | The Blade

I'm just writing my stories like normal. I am having just a bit of 'fun' for lack of a better term.
Kyram Pack
12:04:44 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Oh, there you are lol. Not bad, how about yourself?
12:03:30 Revy
Hello chat. How is everyone tonight?
Epiphany Insight
12:03:25 Its Inter, fishes
I could make a whole block of text telling you that I like to ramble. I ramble on and on when talking to people in places other than chat. I just that feeling in going to clog chat. ;;
Sassy Otaku
12:02:47 Chuya Nakahara
I remember the dog event, I just didn't remember ever seeing this thing before in June :') I got confused
12:01:56 Techno | The Blade

Epiphany Insight
12:01:05 Its Inter, fishes
I like rambling.
12:00:35 Techno | The Blade
Mmmm I am having fun writing sappy romance stuff
11:59:29 Fangs, Flame
Yep, June has that starting point and when July comes, you will run into dogs which are smaller than wolves ^^
Sassy Otaku
11:56:12 Chuya Nakahara
Oh is that what it's for?? I knew the July event was soon, I just didn't realize that was connected
11:55:30 Fangs, Flame
Yep, July is almost here :D
11:53:51 Fei/Demon/Vixen
11:49:47 Lycan
Anyone up for a human or shiftier romance pm role play?
Sassy Otaku
11:49:00 Chuya Nakahara
"You follow a game trail and notice some paw prints. It's like a smaller version of your print. You can't identify the animal so you huff and whine."
Anyone else getting this in explore..?
Moonlit Wolf
11:48:54 Tristan, Hawk
Moon, meh its a common thing by my house
11:46:37 Techno | The Blade

I will keep an eye out then.
Moonlit Wolf
11:46:10 Tristan, Hawk
Techno,i will have examples sometime tomorrow


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Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 08:16 AM

Franks Wolf Pack
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As people hunted animals and destroyed habitats wolves became rarer and rarer. In order to save wolves from becoming extinct a small pack was released into the wild. These wolves had not been outside of their pen and being let free was difficult and hard for them. They were let out at a peaceful forest valley with almost no predators and lots of prey, but things have changed. There had been a famine in the north and now other predators were invading their land and taking over their territory. The wolves wanted to make friends with the invaders but the plan failed. These wolves had never been in a battle before or had experienced the danger of other animals, how will they survive? Are you a wolf of an invading predator? What will you do?
We are starting from the beginning when the wolves are still in the zoo or whatever you want to call it.
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 08:35 AM

Franks Wolf Pack
Posts: 879
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Delta-4-Female-Scout-Mentions: Ash, Sandstom
Delta got up and streached, the sun was just rising over the trees and waking up all the other wolves in the wolf sanctuary. Delta liked it here and she had started to like people, all Delta could remember was this place, her mother and father grew up in this place and so did all her family. She stood up and streached, the sun hot on her back, walking over to get a drink she tried not to wake up her siblings but couldn't resist. Jumping on top of her brother Sandstorm and rolling over to her mother Kenya and her father Alpha she started to play. She play-fought with Sandstorm, Alpha and Kenya.
When she was done Delta walked over to the pond in their cage. Yes, it was a cage, but it had everything they needed. Water, food, toys and other things, when Delta got to the pond she found Ash, her sister drinking there aswell.
"Goodmorning Ash!" She yelled at her twin sister.
"Moring Delta!" Ash called back. They started in a little fight and ended up rolling in the water and splashing it everywhere.

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Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 10:17 AM

Former Pack
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Artemis • Female • Warrior • Mentions: Delta, Ash (Briefly)
Feeling the warmth across her white pelt. The amber colored hues opened and revealed themselves to the outside world. The sun was bright. Too bright for the tired female. The female goes by the name Artemis. The name of the Goddess of the Hunt. Artemis never got a chance to ask her parents why they chose the name they did but it fit the female too well. As a matter of fact, she couldn't remember much interaction she had with her family. It would help if she knew where they were now but she has no clue. Artemis considers herself a loner, yet she is well living in a pack. She doesn't socialize with them much because she was never really the social butterfly. Artemis has always kept to herself as she feels that helps her in life better. She was born the independent one. Never needing anyone else. That might change though.
Snapping back to reality, the female rose her head and yawned very quietly. Getting up using her paws, the fae rose to her full height, a slightly stocky wolf she was indeed. Artemis shook her fur pelt clean of all the dust she collected while asleep. Stepping out into the sunlight, she felt a wave of heat enter approach her back. It felt remotely nice. Looking around, she tried to see if there was any activity within the pack. Two wolves who looked very identical caught her sight. It was Delta and Ash. Last time Artemis checked, she believed they were sisters. She noticed the two were greeting each other. It was only a matter of time before the rest of the pack started awakening. With that being said, Artemis picked a clear spot in the ground and sat there waiting for further orders.
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 10:34 AM

Try us
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~Love you~ wines as she wakes up,she wonders out of the den to the water hole watching Ash and Delta wrestleing she slips past them.~love you~ sits on the rock near the water hole so she can watch the hole and wrestleing from above.~love you~ glances around to see the other wolves some still asleep and some awake.She then wanders toward a corner of the incloser to a dark place in the trees."I love this place so quiet and smells so fresh!" She now lays down in the leaves and puts her head on her paws.

Edited at February 26, 2021 07:55 AM by Try us
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 10:52 AM

Help wanted
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Splashes of love wakes up checks on the other wolves.She goes to the water hole to get a drink she sees Ash,Dleta,and Artemis. Splashes of love wanders back to the tree next to the den and settles down waiting for the pups to wake up.She smells the food the zoo keepers are bringing yum.She hears her daughter wakeing up "Hello darling." "Hay mom" Ashley replies "how has it been?" "good" she satetes.She gets up and walks over to the food the keepers have brought.
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 11:59 AM

Try us
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Lemon is up running in the woods chaseing a rabbit he caught it. "Well there is my lunch." He sighs "I would love to be in a pack but no accepts of me." He sighs again and takes his kill to his den he lived in ever sense he was a child.He lays his kill down and starts eating.
Lemon goes to the mouth of the den and lays down he catches a sent of something strange HUMAN!! He instantly jumps to his feet but to late the Human has caught him...
He rides in the back of a truck in a cage he does not like it but then the truck stops at a big gate he howls a long sad howl then he hears howls where am I he thought? "Where am I?" he asked after thinking no repley he lays down in his cage puts his head down on his paws.The truck starts again Lemon gets up to his suprise he sees pens with animals but where is he, he asks again no reply again after a little bit the truck stops.The human apears says "Come on boy it is ok." Lemon gets out of the truck the cage he is in gets open he bolts out he looks around and sees nothing he goes to a rock in the pen he is in and clinbs it to the top seeing his new surrondings he howls a long howl.He then climbs down the rock and heads to a water hole in his pen he hears howls in the distance but who are they what are they? He takes a drink after a little bit the Human reapears with what is that he sniffs the air it is food.He goes over to the food the human left he beggings to eat.
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 02:57 PM

Posts: 6266
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Flame/Elder/Female/M: Anyone up
Flame yawned, opening her eyes to the sun. She could hear Delta playing with Ash outside. Stretching, she walked out of the den before letting out a howl. She looked around to find Delta and Ash playing and Artemis waiting for the rest of the pack. Yawning again, she headed for the food the humans had left them.
Shadow/Lone Wolf/M: Open
Shadow loped through the forest before spotting a rabbit. Dropping into a crouch, he stalked towards it before pouncing. Killing it swiftly, he settled down to eat. He finished before stretching. Hearing a click, he bolted hearing the shot behind him. Jumping over logs, he weaved through the trees faster than the dogs released behind him could. Finally making it to a clearing, he let out a burst of speed losing the humans and dogs. Settling into a fast lope, Shadow heads back to his den.
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 08:34 PM

Fire and Blood~
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Fenrisulfr || Lone Wolf || M: Open

His paws hurt from his constant travel, callous from there never ending use. He walked for many days and nights from his homelands, the Northern Wilderlands to the South... Wherever he was now. Fenrir huffed to himself. Yes, his suspicions about the warmer climate allowing for a prey surplus to occur was correct, he didn't expect the famine to follow him down from the frozen moores.

"Foolish", he muttered to himself. The slightest miscalculation, but its implications were grand. How could he have overlooked such things? The rusted colored wolf's lip curled in irritation. He seemed to attract misfortunes wherever he stood upon, like fate wished to spit in his face. A distant caw of a crow caught his attention, drawing him from his musing.

"Danger lurks in the greenland, Red Wolf".

Fenrir rolled his eyes at the name. All corvids while intelligent in their own ways, never seemed to pick up names. They were brash, and seemed to only view the world through observation. Perfect for scouting, horrid for conversation. Still, the black birds offered him information about the world around him in exchange for pieces of his kills. Looking towards the direction of the crow, he let out a low bark in understanding.

"I am well aware that we weren't the only ones to travel South, the northern winds are vicious as the beasts who dwell in them, Little Bird".

Another caw sounded out in understanding and the forest around the wolf grew silent once more. A cold breeze swept through the trees, presenting the scent of pine and tree sap. Intoxicating. The scent was something Fenrir wasn't very familiar with, as the North's growing season was only a few months till the long night of winter came. All that he was truly familiar was ice, snow, blood, and the existential fear of not seeing tomorrow. The winds told of many things, thanks to the scents they carried from miles around. Fenrir was well aware of the others who followed his lead of heading South. Mass migrations occurred within the ranks of predators and prey, with rumors of truces being held between the groups till they reached the South. These obviously weren't rumors with Fenir's alliance with the corvids.

The scent of a great bear was wafting from the west. The faint sent of water and fish mixed in. There was a creek nearby, and said bear was helding himself to the local trout if he was to make any assumptions.

Nodding to himself he came to the decision to travel in that direction for the fish, but he'd make berth for the bear. He respected their power, and no way would he attempt to combat one, and so he once again began to travel.

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Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 25, 2021 09:05 PM

Posts: 415
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Gwendolyn-Omega/opening/anyone awake
Gwendolyn awoke with a yawn as the sun began to peek into her den. She stood up and padded to the mouth of the den stretching as she yawned again, she then shook the dust from her red fur and sat at the mouth of her den. She blinked her eyes a few times letting them adjust to the light and looked around the enclosure. She saw Ash and Delta wrestling, Artemis awaiting orders, ~Love you~ perched on a rock, and Splashes of Love and her daughter next to their den. Gwendolyn padded out into the sunlight the warm rays hitting her back as she padded over to the water hole to get a drink before heading over to the food the humans had left for them.
Strive to Survive|Animal RP|RP Thread February 26, 2021 11:25 AM

Posts: 97
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Jewel-Alpha-Female-Anyone awake+ Odin
Jewel woke to the sound of Ash and Delta playing. She got up and shook the rock dust out of her white fur and padded over to eat and get a drink. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at her. She looked right back at them hoping that Odin would wake up soon and divert the gazes of the wolves. She shook again and ate her fill. That was one good thing about being Alpha she could eat however much she wanted without the pack scolding her.

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