Wolf Play : Looking for Rp partners -opened-
 Demon Mistress
06:55:03 The Scary Mod
Ooo I hope this stays lol
06:53:00 Star, your Beluga
Demon Mistress,
I do
Demon Mistress
I did, but I gave it away
 Demon Mistress
06:50:56 The Scary Mod
Anyone else have 30 cp to give to someone else's wolves?
Element wolf rp! A ton of roles left! -WP Click-

Grim Reaper RP!
-WP Click-
With humans (and non humans if ya PM me)
 The Nightshades
06:41:28 Night Shade
One of my wolves has been in labor for HOURS! -_-
06:41:09 Brightside
Holy shit you /can/ smell me
06:39:19 Brightside
You called me?
06:32:36 i can smell you
On the bright side. cp money sink is back
Should be
06:27:18 Mac and Cheese
I come on and she's been in labor for who knows how long
-WP Click-
Oh ok, so that is the new normal then?
Eve upped the CP today :P It's supposed to be staying
Quick question why do I have so many cp that I can give to other players, it says I have 30 cp for players and 10 for new, instead of the normal 5 / 1. Is that normal the longer the log in streak continues?
06:11:40 Scary Spice
Your wolves played: ☿ Kiiya and ☿ Seeker relentlessly chase AI-Generated Sadness of pack Ecifircas through the meadow.

I snorted
06:04:10 Rev
Even if you do get something good, goo luck selling it
Not really, low chances of getting something good
Is opening geodes worth it?
 The Nightshades
06:00:58 Night Shade

At least he isn't rebellious. I have a DH that has a rebellious disposition.


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Looking for Rp partners -opened-January 24, 2021 11:39 PM


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looking for RP partners. All I require is to keep it interesting with at least 5+ semi detailed sentences per post.

I do alot of different rpg types. [Some ideas are Catclans,wolves, wolfpacks, horses in stables or wild herds, lions,cheetahs, tigers, yellowstone, animals in zoos, werewolf,vampire,drama, love, fantasy and others. I will play as male or female. I will do M×F or F×F. I also can play two characters to 3 characters at a time. I can do Pm rps but prefer forum.

I will not do highschool rpgs sorry.

Pm me or post here if interested.

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Looking for Rp partners -opened-January 25, 2021 10:37 PM


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RP partners
Commited Burn

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Looking for Rp partners -opened-June 4, 2021 06:45 AM

Former Pack

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Im very interested, I can also fit your requirements.
Form (Because you don't have one)
~Commit Burn~/#2561781
Forums or Pms?
Forums, definitely forums.
Female or Male?
I prefer being Female, or both.
do you prefer Mxf or Fxf?
Mxf if I can play a female, if not Fxf
How many characters are you willing to play?
Up to four, as long as the sheet isn't to long, if their even is a sheet.
Grammer skills?
I work on them every day.

Edited at July 5, 2021 04:21 PM by ~Commit Burn~
Looking for Rp partners -opened-July 20, 2021 09:13 PM

Former Pack

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Hey there! If you're still looking to roleplay with someone I think I may be of some assistance to you
I can type 500-1k+ words depending on how much I have to work with in replys and respond once or twice a week at the bare minimum. I usually like the more human orientated kind of plots, but I would be willing to do an animal themed one ^^

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