Flying sun
09:08:16 the carrot child
Well lets see i WP perposed to butter bee who is now budding blossom :3 so we are planing are WP wedding.
C o f f e e
09:08:11 Totally Cries
I love when I get duds. I have 61 bones *^*
All right Flying Sun, thanks btw
09:07:41 Hana
I'll cry when meala dies, I cried when feefle died
C o f f e e
09:07:39 Totally Cries
Apples: 0
Apples Saved: 0
Mushrooms: 0
Mushrooms Saved: 1,339

How much more do I need to get premium? Am I even close?

I know im not. xD
09:07:29 Drago
-WP Click-

Finally got not a dud
C o f f e e
09:07:06 Totally Cries

Whats new?
Flying sun
09:07:02 the carrot child
We can be breeing parteners also i love your alpha female
C o f f e e
09:06:51 Totally Cries
That goes in sales.

I dont want to be a mini mod, but I dont want you getting in trouble <3
Flying sun
09:05:59 the carrot child
Ooooo yes i remeber now :3 hi
any one waanna buy my wolves i need mush
09:05:33 Hana
Rip :(
09:05:14 Dom / Domo / Scary
I'm surprised she even made it to 21
-WP Click-
Gonna miss the lovely little girl
09:05:12 Fei/Demon/Vixen
fuck. My viti survived another Monday! Go my girl!
Flying sun
09:04:55 the carrot child
Hmmmm im not sure hold up
I can be anyone'S breeding partner, honestly.
C o f f e e
09:04:26 Totally Cries
Flying Sun
Hi! Do you remember me?! :D
Flying sun
09:03:58 the carrot child
Noooo shawn my chim so sad
Lovely Massacre
09:03:46 Love/Rozes
MC Swagger,

Bleeding Sorrows died, then Vixen, now MorpheusÂ…
oh i am so sorry
09:03:33 Eden, Lu
If you don't want her i'll take her off your paws!


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Former Pack
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Suki | Female

Suki woke up feeling warm and grounded and yawned, then blinked in confusion. She didn't even remember falling asleep. Looking around, she spotted Dark quite easily as he was splayed on top of her, which explained the warmth.

Suki shook him awake and waited until bleary grey eyes took in their surroundings, and saw the moment he realized they weren't at the den.

"Where are Tukai and Ashie?"

Of course that was his first question. "How do you suppose I know that? I was asleep too." Suki looked pointedly at him.

Her brother grinned sheepishly and stood to let her up, then narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. "Alright then, let's go find Dad. Or mom." With that they went off to find either of their parents.

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((Yikes, sorry I was gone so long))
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Scar | Male | 20 | Bombay Cat
Scar sighed. He should just stop moping around and accept the fact his daughter wanted to join another group. It was just so hard to let go of her. The rain had stopped, and he was padding back home. Besides, he had three other kittens who liked him.
Scar walked along until he reached their territory. He figured Suki was still asleep, as he hadn't seen her all day. He unsheathed his claws, scrambling up the bark of the tree and sliding through the entrance. He found Suki and Dark inside, chattering with eachother. "Sorry I was gone for so long," Scar said, a faint purr in his tone as he padded over and curled with his kittens.
Closed. February 19, 2021 09:54 AM

The Legendary Wolf
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Asukai leaped onto the wet ground. Water splashed onto her fur. She trotted down an alleyway and into a street. She crossed it and leaped up a building. Once at the top, she began hunting and caught a few birds.

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