The Dragonborn
08:39:22 not a skyrim ref-
damn, i just realized, vizier's given people a UL, an albi, and a brachy- god damn, he's a boost and defect making machine xD
~Milk Babe~
08:39:16 Flesh-Peddler >:)
so judgmental >.>

teef hurt but other than that, I'm good^^ My teacher randomly offered me a chicken biscuit from chick-fil-a :D
08:38:34 Old Spice Swagger

Come here I'm lonely qwq
The Dragonborn
08:38:07 not a skyrim ref-
will 🥺
The Dragonborn
08:37:55 not a skyrim ref-
[ meowth ]
i think so too ;-;

how do you describe life that's shitty

oh wait, nevermind- xD

08:37:38 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
a small suggestion where injury symbol is moved to wolfÂ’s name

-WP Click-
Suggestion where private breeding can be set up several times

-WP Click-
Please PM me, if you want a spot in my alliance and I can make some space:) My alliance focuses on focus on contests, dominance and socializing! Dom. Requirements is only 250. We have a contest on summer 3, so hurry!
08:37:29 Old Spice Swagger
Jafar 🥺
~Milk Babe~
08:37:11 Flesh-Peddler >:)
i think i need to stop reading shit on wattpad- xD

but how are you?
The Dragonborn
08:36:32 not a skyrim ref-
[ meowth ]
oh my fucking god, not in my christian chat-

i'm so proud lmao
~Milk Babe~
08:35:51 Flesh-Peddler >:)
The Dragonborn
08:35:39 not a skyrim ref-
[ flapjack ]
oooh, i see it *^*
08:35:16 Fijamasticks

He kinda reminds me of Hiccups dad lmao
Hurricane blizzards
08:34:34 Sage || hurri
-WP Click- Paws for her? I maxed her stats out finally!
The Dragonborn
08:34:10 not a skyrim ref-
[ meowth ]
no, what happened-
The Dragonborn
08:33:57 not a skyrim ref-
[ flapjack ]
it might be because of his brutish look and his axe... or maybe i'm just dumb lmao
08:33:38 Talent, She/Her
Oh, uh, i dunno then lol
~Milk Babe~
08:33:17 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Did side chick tell you about my accomplishment? :D
Soul Eater
08:33:15 Devourer/Dev/Soul
No...defense move hell is the worst ;-;
Lazy Kingdom
08:33:07 Grandma Of Rp
Hello, I am looking for new Rp partners ^^. I can follow almost any rules, I am comfortable with any gender pairing and playing any gender. I am up for any topic right now!! {NO fandom Rps}.

Cant wait to get your PM ^^ Hope yall have a lovely day.
08:33:05 Fijamasticks

Oh? Is that so?


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When rhyder left tho collect herbs, jasper happily walked back over to Caelum and sat down in anticipation.
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Caelum twitched her ears slightly at Jasper but offered him a smile, "You seem more excited about this than I am," she observed softly

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