Ghost Ryder
08:54:43 Ghosty, Cuba, Grumpy
-WP Click-

Look who I bought back :')
Deadly Tricks
08:54:06 Loki, Archangel
Castiel you sure XD
Samhain's Day
08:53:50 [ Happiness Noise ]
Corvina [ Knight ] and Pinecone [ Knight ] relentlessly chase Pistachio of pack Bloody Chocolate through the meadow.

08:52:20 Darky | Crowley
No Thanks
08:49:17 Alpha // Jo
200 moves earned 440 mush
Deadly Tricks
08:48:26 Loki, Archangel
Castiel if you want to go through all my wolves be my guess XD
How to I train wolves
08:47:41 Darky | Crowley
True XD
Deadly Tricks
08:45:46 Loki, Archangel
Castiel also most of my wolves have long blood lines ut would take me forever to go through them XD
08:44:46 Waterfall,Zane
I hope Willow-song lives to 22 :)
08:44:28 Waterfall,Zane
no wolves died wow I shocked
08:43:53 Waterfall,Zane
abyone up for a ninjago pm rp ?? Pm me
08:43:34 Rey/Musa
Can't believe that I am 23 years old today. :)
Deadly Tricks
08:42:53 Loki, Archangel
Castiel yep
08:42:36 Darky | Crowley
I mean they're mostly from you so you never know XD
Global Warming
08:39:42 Crisis, GW
Kokytos rips flesh Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 30 damage.
Death tail slaps Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Eir tail slaps Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 30 damage.
Mourin snaps their spine Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Hades death grips Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
☣Archeron death grips Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Grizzly Bear 1 attempts to rake ☣Archeron but they miss.

That was satisfying-
Deadly Tricks
08:39:05 Loki, Archangel
Castiel possibly XD
Guys what do I do with character points
08:38:23 Darky | Crowley
I'm pretty sure all my wolves are related somehow.


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Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 03:25 AM

Burning Witchery
Posts: 3544
Where do you belong? Where do I belong? Where do we all belong?

Based off a story I made in my head.1 dog pup was found and taken into the wolf pack. They did not know of their past in the dog pack in the other side of the forest. For months they grew up not knowing of their past until one time. They realise they were different. They wanted to figure out where they belong.

But with drama, less prey and rising battles between the dog and wolf pack it may be hard. Will you be able to help? Or will you encourage the fighting...

I know this may seem directed around one character but there will probably be a lot going on. And it doesn't have to follow what is above.

You don't control other characters.
Be nice towards other.
Don't start fights. You will get 3 warnings. After that you are banned from the RP.
Ask before you hurt/kill other people's characters.

There is a lush green forest which both packs live in. On the North side the Dog pack thrives and the Wolf Pack on the South Side. A forest almost cuts directly between the two, acting as a boarder.

Wolf camp:
The Alphas den is in the middle of the camp. It is a large rocks which has a large hole inside acting as a cave that was eroded by a ancient river.
The Pregnant females den is West of the Alphas den. It was built by the other wolves before and it a thick bramble coated den.
The healers den is next to the Pregnant females den. It is a old cave which has cracks and that stores all the herbs.
The Omega/Juveniles den is the East side of the Alphas den. Just like the Pregnant females den it is a gamble coated den. The Betas sleep in the middle of that den surrounded by the other wolves.
The food stash is next to the Alphas den and the Pregnant females den.

Dog camp:
The Alphas den is to the left side of the Nursery. It is woven Brambles and Bracken covered in moss.
The Nursery is a old fallen tree which provides a great protection.
The hunters and Guards sleep with the Betas. Their den is another fallen tree. The ground below was eroded away and created a sort of hole. It is next to the Nursery.
The Healers den is next to the Alphas den. It is a deep cave which has a small pool at the bottom. The entrance is covered with Lichen.
The prey pile is in the middle of the camp.

Edited at August 21, 2019 04:40 AM by Burning Stars
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 03:31 AM

Burning Witchery
Posts: 3544
The Wolf Pack:

Alpha male: Rikar|M|6|Howling Shadows
Alpha Female: Rose|F|4Lucid Time

Beta Male: Storm|M|4|Saratank
Beta Female: Takara|F|5|Burning Stars

Healer: Lokai|M|6|Tanuki
Healer apprentice: Half Moon|F|3|Silver Feather

- Nova|F|3|Wolves
- Star|F|6|Starlight4
- Renna|F|2|CrimsonWaste
-Dark Blue Snow|M|Wings of the Gifed

Pregnant females:
- Amara|F|5|Saratank
- Midnight|F|4|Moon Alpha

- Luna|F|5m|Saratank
- Wooly|M|2m|Dojeje's wolf pack
- Nikki|F|2 1/2w|Outlander
- Fang|M|0|Saratank

The dog pup:

Wolf Pack rules:
Always follow the alphas
Never hunt for yourself
Be brave and never let others down

The Dog Pack:

Alpha male: Duke|M|7|South Side
Alpha female: Aluora|F|5|Kylie Hatake

Beta Male: Lebowski|M|5|Empress
Beta Female: Amaria|F|5|Primal Silence

Healer: Page|F|8|Howling Shadows
Healer apprentice:

- Buddy|M|3|Burning Stars
- Gem|F|3|Lucid Time

- Raniero|M|4|Kylie Hatake
- Roxy|F|4|Empress
- Cooper|M|4.5|South side
- Flash|M|3|Kylie Hatake



- Shayne|M|2 1/2m|Mission Kaowtz
More will be added.

Dog Pack rules:
Never disobey the Alphas.
Never talk back to the healer.
Hunt for the Queens and pups first.
Guards/Protectors protect, Hunters hunt.
One Guard/Protector is always watching the camp.

- Reserved for Lovota
- Khaleesi|F|3 1/2|Harp Tails
- Ghost|M|3 1/2|Harp Tails

Edited at August 30, 2019 05:43 PM by Burning Stars
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 03:36 AM

Burning Witchery
Posts: 3544
Time: Midday
Weather: Sunny
Season: Autumn

Last updated page 53
Changes every 2 pages

Please post like this

Edited at September 22, 2019 04:38 PM by Burning Stars
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 03:39 AM

Burning Witchery
Posts: 3544
Buddy|M|Hunter|M: the pack

Buddy stood up. Stretching and blinking himself awake. He was ready to run, to hunt. He looked around the camp. Everyone seemed to still be asleep. Buddy shook out his pelt before trotting over to the prey pile. He took a mouse from the pile. He then came and sat near the entrance to the den he came out of.

Takara|F|Beta Female|M: The Pack

Takara was up and ready to go almost immediately when the sun came up. She was ready to get the day started. She was already pacing the camp, waiting for others to get up out of their nests. Slow wolves. She though to herself with a growl. Those pesky dogs will be in our territory by now.
She looked out of the camp. The forest was full of sun and soo was the camp. It was starting to get hotter.

Edited at August 21, 2019 08:13 AM by Burning Stars
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 03:54 AM

Primal Silence
Posts: 2337
Amaria | F | Dog pack | Beta
M: Buddy, The pack (indirectly)

The female awoke, the sun burned her eyes and shone onto her fur in the morning light. She shook her fur out and blinked her eyes a few times, trying to adjust to the newfound light. It wasn't long before she was making her way out of her den, she watched as the hunter, Buddy, wandered out of the den and headed towards the prey pile and snatched up a mouse. Not to long after he returned and Amaria made her way over to him. She sat down next to him and smiled, leaning her head in his direction "mornin" she yawned. Everyone else in the den was still asleep since it was dawn, she expected most of the others to also be asleep.
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 04:35 AM

Burning Witchery
Posts: 3544
Buddy|M|Dog Pack|Hunter|M: Amaria

He looked up from his mouse to see the beta female walking towards him. He dipped his head in respect and said, "Good morning." He finished off his mouse quickly.
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 07:38 AM

Silver Feather
Posts: 668
Half Moon // F // Wolf pack // Healers appreciate// M: Takara, The pack

Moon sat outside her den, she had been up for a while now. And was quietly sorting herds for her mentor without being asked. She watched Takara pace for a moment before standing and walking over to her. "You are troubled, Takara." It wasn't really a question, Moon was good at sensing others emotions, although she never showed her own. "Can I help?" Moon's good eye studied the older wolf, her problem was obviously impatients.
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 08:17 AM

Burning Witchery
Posts: 3544
Takara|F|Wolf Pack|Beta Female|M: Half Moon

Takara whipped around at the sound of someone's voice. "Unless you can make these wolves get up out of their nests then there is something to help with." Takara told Half Moon. Takara was glad at least one wolf was awake and ready to do something. "Are the Alphas awake? Or at least the omegas or juveniles?" She sat down and looked around the camp before brining her gaze back to Half Moon.
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 08:23 AM

Ghostly Shadows
Posts: 1188
Rikar|M|Wolf|Alpha Male|Mentions: Takara, Half Moon, Open

Rikar opened one eye to face the stream of sunlight in his face. He opened the other eye, sat up, and stretched with a yawn. He shook out his pelt to fully wake up and trotted out into the sunlight. He heard Takara ask if the Alphas were awake and said, "One is now." with a grin. "Good morning you two."
Where we belong | Dog and Wolf RP | RP Thread August 21, 2019 08:36 AM

Ghostly Shadows
Posts: 1188
Page|F|Dog|Healer|Mentions: Open

Page lay quietly in her den. When she heard voices, she got to her feet and padded slowly to the mouth of her den. Seeing only two ther dogs were up, she decided she didn't need to be and trotted over to the pool in her den. Without an apprentice, it got lonely being the only one in her den, but she did enjoy a place to call her own to get away from the hustle and bustle of her pack life. With a sigh, she laid down next to the pool and stared into it with her back to the entrance to think.

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