10:12:36 *sjuka ljud*
I had a vitiligo boy but I didn't want to customize him because he had my favorite pelt at the time :') he's in my memorial under the name Ifreann.

I hate myself- I forget every year too lmao
10:12:23 Silly-wan Kenobi
...Bidoo is a wolverine what the fuck.
10:11:16 Auni // Wolfess
I thedon't three years over all I have had different accounts on WP, I have always thought Bidoo was a bear....

10:11:03 TS
Sjuk. Your so kind, thank you, so easy my pride and joy ;)
10:11:01 *sjuka ljud*
Yep. Now she's an explore wolf.

Damn 23 and I'm already senile :c
10:10:57 Silly-wan Kenobi
I literally forget every single year, Sjuk lol
10:10:13 *sjuka ljud*
Possibly not, let me go look lmao

You're a genius, Sill
10:10:10 Minnie
Since we're talking about customs, this is my one custom on this game lol

-WP Click-
10:10:02 TS
Alone. Oh wow she is awesome, however I'm not really a fan of chocolate but wow awesome, love it
10:09:44 *sjuka ljud*
Not 55ACR, but damn, a beauty nonetheless *^*
10:09:28 Silly-wan Kenobi
I always forget to change them over when they turn 2.
10:09:20 Silly-wan Kenobi
Sjuk is she set as an explorer?
10:08:44 TS
Sjuk. Sure your welcome, help yourself, my favourite custom I have made was think girl, she wasnt very rare but she was my favourite

-WP Click-
10:08:33 wormn on strgni

-WP Click-

I made a couple tweaks :D
10:08:15 *sjuka ljud*
Why can't I add Libras to my fucking training team >:c she's two now!
10:07:37 *sjuka ljud*
I love the girl you just posted. I hope you don't mind but I saved it to tweak and goof with later lol (I don't think I'll ever use it anyways lol)
10:06:49 TS
Sjuk. Aww no I love her, ^^ very pretty and well I'm not the best at all
10:05:42 *sjuka ljud*
You're shit at making customs?
This girlie was a super sudden custom and damn could I have done better e.o
-WP Click-

Yep :P I changed 'em to match the new aesthetic I'm working on
10:05:29 Auni // Wolfess
No more than 4r **
Midnight Moira
10:05:26 Midnight, EU Badger
Your wolves played: Sanguine watches minnows swim under the water.

Fire and water... two things that can and don't mix.


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Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 549
Only post here if you are in the rp

You may begin!
Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 09:08 PM

Bear Claw
Posts: 1295
Bjorn | Beta | Male | Mentions: Kitchi, Arrow

Dawn broke over the land, and Bjorn was waiting. The mysterious wolf didn't attack that night, but she could be waiting for the very morning. The large gray wolf didn't see her anywhere.
"Give up yet, Scavenger?" He bellowed. Silence.
He stood, his eyes staring into the dark forest one last time. He studied the trees one more time, intent, before finally turning to head back to the pack territory. There, his sister ruled. He entered making a loud crashing sound, baring his double fangs at everyone so they knew their beta was there, and to stop this nonsense. Whatever that nonsense may have been. When he made it to his perch at the pack territory, he stood, rigid, to watch and judge everyone. If someone slipped up, he'd punish them. He had to ensure survival of the fittest after all.
Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 09:15 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 3772
Kitchi || Female || Alpha || Mentions: Bjorn

Kitchi sat upon an oversized rock overlooking most of the camp. She had been awake for several hours simply with her own thoughts. The female preferred awakening early, as it gave her time to think about both herself, as well as what would be best for the pack in which she currently leads. Even now, the damsel was contemplating on how the day should begin. Kitchi, who was strong in both body and mind, flicked her tail once and scanned her single eye around to ensure that no danger would threaten the pack.

So far, the enigma of a creature hadn't presented itself in the night. She considered nights such as these lucky. Kitchi couldn't even begin to count how many wolves had been lost due to this strange force. Every night, she herself would stay up longer than usual to see if any danger would approach her pack, namely, this mystery canine. Her wise expression turned towards the obnoxiously loud sound of what seemed to be her brother, Bjorn, entering the camp. "Now, Bjorn, is that entrance really necessary?" The female spoke calmly, as her normal tone consisted her being tranquil, yet at the same time, stern. She didn't completely disagree with the way he had entered, as the pack should know when it is time to awake, and as of now, Kitchi wasn't very approving of how nobody was getting up.

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Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 09:38 PM

Bear Claw
Posts: 1295
Bjorn | Beta Male | No Power | Mentions: Kitchi, Nightingale (indirectly)

"You know why it's necessary. I have to keep them on their claws, they must be ready for any attack." Bjorn's voice was deep and rumbled from his chest. He looked his sister in the eye, his ice blue eyes staring straight ahead into her own eyes.
"So.. have you seen the Beta Female lately?"
Bjorn had been thinking about her as of late, despite only catching glimpses of the spotted black wolf. He'd tried speaking with her, but a wolf would make a mistake always at that time, and he'd need to punish them. Twice he'd been correcting a wolf on their "mistake", and he'd feel a pair of eyes on his back. When he turned, no one was looking at him. Was it the Beta Female admiring him? He'd no idea who it really was.
Kitchi seemed to have no lover. She'd just watch over the pack, alone. Bjorn had taken it upon himself to become the voluntary Alpha Male until his sister found a suitor.

Slaughter and Tessa | Warrior // Healer | Male // Female | Levitate // Control Fungi | Mentions: No

The cousins were busy bickering again.
"Tessa! Out of my way!" Slaughter screamed, preparing to levitate her. Tessa whimpered and moved out of his path, her eyes glazed and watery.
"You're going to get attacked by Bjorn, know that, Slaughter." Tessa whined before heading off to the main pack area. Slaughter turned, fury on his face.
"Repeat that?"
"You heard what I said." Tessa started to trot faster, she could hear Slaughter growling. Soon he'd be upon her, throwing her through the air. One day the pack would see.
Just as Slaughter prepared to bite, however, Tessa was able to get some Fungi to sprout up at his feet. He hated that. He thought all mushrooms were poison, so even if Tessa summoned harmless fungi, he'd shy away. She was lucky this time.

Edited at June 10, 2019 09:38 PM by Bear Claw
Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 09:51 PM

Lt. Siege
Posts: 473
Miedo//Delta//Male//Mentions: Vuela & Bjorn (indirectly)
Vuela//Mother//Female//Mentions: Miedo

A pair of rosewoods are curled up together, hidden away in a underground den not far from the center of the pack territory. A large male had curled himself around the smaller female. Both were sleeping soundly, until the male was awoken from a noise outside the den. His head and ears quickly perked upwards, ready to jump into action if he needed to. The female began to stir from the sudden movement.
"What is it?" She groaned with her eyes still closed.
"Telling by how quiet it suddenly got, I'm guessing Bjorn returned from wherever he was last night." The male replied after listening to a few secondds of silence. The female's ears slightly perked in response, but the male hadn't noticed her interest.
"We should probably get up." The female spoke as she stretched out her legs.
"Coming from a pregnant wolf, I would expect you to beg for a few more minutes of sleep." The male snickered.
"Hey," the fae, now sitting on her haunches, pawed at the larger wolf's muzzle, "I'm only a week into my pregnancy. The effects don't come in THAT early, dummy."
"Whatever. Fatty." The male nipped at his sister's paws before he quickly rushed out of the den.
The sister gasped and shouted, "Miedo!"
Miedo was jogging towards the center where he suspected where he would find the rest of his packmates. Vuela, due to her wings, was having a bit of struggle catching up. She would fly, but the forest is too dense for her not to be able to hit any branches or trunks. Really, she just wanted to get back Miedo for making her thinking she becoming more round this early. She was sure she wasn't really important as of now since there are only two pups in the pack and neither needed her to babysit them. For her sake of not getting yelled at for not making an appearance, it is probably a good idea to go with Miedo.
Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 09:53 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 3772
Kitchi || Female || P: Shadows || Alpha || Mentions: Bjorn
Indirect Mentions: Nightingale

Kitchi chuckled as her facial expression lit up with amusement. Her brother had always been one that was always ready for anything, which had proven to be a good thing, especially when it came to her own past. "Indeed." She sighed deeply before nodding her cranium. "That's good. Keeping them alert will hopefully benefit them positively in the near future, especially considering this force and all. Speaking of forces, I might need you to go out and wake everybody up." She tilted her head and nodded once. Bjorn most likely knew that she was referring to how he always seemed to punish wolves, so perhaps he could use his threatening voice to get everybody up.

The damsel turned her head over towards Bjorn and met his gaze with her own piercing one. Her single eye sparkled with amusement, as well as wisdom. "The beta female? Hmm, no, I have not yet. In fact, I haven't seen anybody other then you yet in general." Kitchi peeled back her lips for a mere second at the thought of nobody arising yet. She would give them five minutes to wake up, if they weren't up at that time, then she would send out a howl, and for their own benefit, they should all awaken. Her single orb narrowed slightly. "Why do you ask?" It was rather humorous, as she was Bjorn's smaller sister, yet she always seemed to be the one to ridicule him and ask him questions.

In fact, Kitchi herself most likely knew the answer to her own question, but there was nothing like prying into one's own problems, especially if they were your sibling's. Soon, the damsel became distracted by the sounds of her fellow pack mates waking up. It was about time, too. She wasn't one to get bitter all too often, but punctuality was one of the things she enjoyed the most. "I suppose they won't need a wake-up call after all, dear brother."

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Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 10:07 PM

Bear Claw
Posts: 1295
Bjorn | Beta Male | No Power | Mentions: Whole Pack

"No reason, just wanted to make sure she was doing her job," He answered, lowering his head and allowing his eyes to rest on a chunk of moss for a moment.
At the order to wake the pack up, Bjorn lifted his head back and let out a long, loud roar of a howl. Maybe that would scare half the wolves awake. He repeated this twice. If they didn't wake up, he'd go to every den entrance and shout in it "Get up, or I'll drag you out by the tail!"
When he was done with his baying, he turned to his sister again. "That 'force?' Oh, sister, don't tell me you believe that foolish myth. It's a wolf, with average powers like us. Nothing more, nothing less. You and Ava have been worrying your pelts over some loner for weeks now. Pup tales, I say! Goose droppings! That alpha died because.... someone possibly used a power on him or something."
Hearing his own voice explain his own logic of the matter didn't make him feel any better about the 'legend' and that odd she-wolf.

Tessa | Healer | Control Fungi | Mentions : Miedo and Vuela

There he was. Her crush. Tessa hobbled over to Miedo's side, sniffing him adoringly with her fungus covered nose. She knew many wolves found her disgusting, with the fungus on her paws and nose, but she'd never really noticed how Miedo responded. She only noted his handsome features.
"Hello, Miedo." She drawled in her wheezy, whisper voice. "How are you this dawn?"

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Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 10:28 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 3772
Kitchi || Female || P: Shadows || Alpha || Mentions: Bjorn

Kitchi nodded slowly, though a part of her wondered if that was the only reason why Bjorn wanted to locate his fellow beta female. "Very well then." Though it was clear that she would later bring up the topic once more, simply to perhaps tease him about it. Though, as of now, she had more important matters to attend to. The alpha flicked her audits thoughtfully and glanced outwards towards the camp once her brother had let out not one, not two, but three ferocious part howl, and part roars. "If that doesn't wake them up, then I simply don't know what will. I suppose that we'll have no choice but to personally get them up." Her face was expressionless at the moment, though when Bjorn mentioned that the force was a simply myth, it darkened.

"I do believe in it. I don't think that it's a myth. How could a wolf with average powers like us kill others so easily and ruthlessly? Besides, even if it were a mere canine with average powers, why have they been going around targeting this specific pack? It was due to our old alpha's, who are all long gone, so what else does this wolf, force, or creature want?" Kitchi shook her head. "I will not tolerate this so called force, loner, or whatever I shall call it. They are putting the pack in danger, the one in which I'm supposed to protect. I fear that the pack will one day lose faith in me if this odd enigma of a creature continues targeting us. I want to find out who or what it is, and when I do, I shall personally deal with them, and brother, I may need your help, because I can assure you that it will not turn out well for them."

Kitchi shook her head once more. "If a wolf is so powerful as to have killed an alpha with their powers, imagine what they could do you, me, or our pack mates. No, I don't think this is a normal wolf. It's something much more powerful." The female disliked this force, as it had threatened the pack, and she would do anything to protect them, even if it meant tracking this thing down and stopping it; life or death, she planned to stop it.
Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 10, 2019 10:39 PM

Lt. Siege
Posts: 473
Miedo//Delta//Male//Mentions: Vuela & Tessa
Vuela//Mother//Female//Mentions: Miedo, Kitchi, and Bjorn

Looking back, Miedo could see his sister trying to catch up. He stuck out his blacken tongue in a way of teasing the wolf. He stopped and turned back when he heard a familiar voice. "Morning, Tessa." The male gave the healer a warm smile. "Eh, haven't been awake long enough to fully embrace everything yet." Miedo joked. From the day the twins joinedd the pack, Miedo knew Tessa seperated herself purposely because of her power. In a way, he was similar with his power when he was younger. For that, he had a lot of respect for the healer and made sure she knew she is always welcome to be around him. "How about you? You doing alright?"
Just as she was about to pounce her twin, Vuela noticed the pack's healer, Tessa. It was noticeable, at least to her, how hard Tessa was crushing on her brother. However, she isn't sure Miedo is fully aware of it because he tends to be oblivious to such things or just worries about her most of the time to worry about love. Not wanting to spoil the moment for Tessa, Vuela decided she'll have to bet her revenge later. It was then she hears Bjorn's howl. "For the sake of not having Kitchi rip the pups right out of me, I better hurry." Vuela spoke quickly to Miedo as she passed by the two.
"Alright, we'll catch up." Miedo replied as he gave Vuela a friendly lick on her forehead.

Just reaching the center, Vuela lowered her head and wings in a way of respect. Bowing would probably be too much and Vuela isn't sure how her body would like the action. "Alpha. Beta. Sorry I'm late. My brother and Tessa will be here soon. They're currently discussing about my state of pregnancy." The fae's topaz colored eyes glowed as they glanced back and forth between the two wolves. Vuela decided to cover for them. She wasn't sure how long they'll take and the last thing she needs right now is Bjorn getting up close and personal with Miedo.
Dreams Dont Come True/Wolf Rp/Thread June 11, 2019 08:07 AM

Howling Shadows
Posts: 803
Aki/Omega/Mentions: Kitchi, Bjorn, Pack

Aki scrambled out of her den as she heard Bjorn howled. She tried to look as calm as possible as she neared the rest of her packmates. Lowering herself, she spoke softly. "Forgive me Alpha, Beta, I was unaware it was this late," the omega said. She shifted uneasily as she waited for a response.

Jaku/Elder/Mentions: Kitchi, Bjorn

Jaku turned from the sun as Bjorn howled for the pack to get up. Trotting quickly, he bowed his head as he acknowledged Kitchi first, then Bjorn. "Hello, Alpha," he said merrily. "Hello, Beta," Turning back to Kitchi, the elder bowed his head again. "What's the plan for the day, if you don't mind me asking."

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