MoonShadow Wolves
03:02:54 Emo Garden Hose
omg i just got a Sapphire Dye from a geode
Destinations End
03:02:32 Desti, Coy, Coydog
She's joking ^^'
Destinations End
03:02:10 Desti, Coy, Coydog
If that happens I'll need to consfacate some.
At least half, or at the very least around 100 so I can customize my chimera and also make a AC 59 rarity stud ;)
03:02:03 Gen | Shoto

Share >.>
03:01:41 Ragnarök / Jo
Raven what do you mean
Quoth the Raven
03:00:43 Nevermore

Uh, you should definitely give them to Quoth the Raven, she seems like a good charity.
Destinations End
03:00:43 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Don't be.
I'll be sad if you continue getting scared of me 🥺
03:00:18 Juicy||PeachJuice
Desti, I dont care how old you are your so nice :)
Wolves Of Stars
03:00:01 StarrySky~Rein~Moon~

-WP Click-
Quoth the Raven
02:59:59 Nevermore

Only when I think I did something bad.
02:59:46 Lunar / Mic

Okay! I'm surprised that I accidentally guessed your name.

I guess to me both Raven and Sara are cute names.
02:59:39 Ragnarök / Jo
I have no clue what to even do eith 378 apples
Destinations End
02:59:11 Desti, Coy, Coydog
You're terrified of me..? 🥺😢😭
02:58:52 lord Waterfall,Zane
anyove up for a ninjago pm rp pm me please
Quoth the Raven
02:58:39 Nevermore

Raven is a cute name.
Quoth the Raven
02:58:13 Nevermore
When you're older than a handful of mods, but are still terrified of said mods.
02:57:21 lord Waterfall,Zane
back now off to bio wolves
Destinations End
02:56:54 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I'm literally the oldest mod by real life age. But out of the mod team who're staff at this time I believe I'm one of the middle aged mods for the length of time we've each been on the team
02:56:53 Lunar / Mic

Oh!? Then you can be Sara and I'll pair you with Raven still.
Endless and Nameless
02:56:45 Misha, Kurt
Hey, what's up


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MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 09:00 PM

Posts: 9452
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Queen- Amira- Saratank

Mate to the Queen- To be picked in the RP

Offspring to the Queen- In RP

Guards- Max of 5 (Only Males)
Stormy- Werewolf
Eclipse- Silver Feather
Riot- Cherokee Pride

Royals- Max of 15 (Queen's relatives only) (PM me to discuss how they are related)

Others- (Servants, healers, Merchants) Unlimited
Nitro- Saratank
Vendetta- Cherokee Pride
Brooke- Cardinal

Hatchlings- Max of 6 to start (New hatchling- 3 years)
Snow- Snowlight

Queen- Akumu- Silver Feather

Mate to the Queen- PM Silver Feather

Offspring to the Queen- Max of 4 to start

Guards- Max of 5 (Only males)
Kayleron- Saratank
White Ghost- Werewolf
Thunder- Snowlight

Royals- Max of 10 (Queen's relatives only)

Other- Unlimited
Kira- Saratank
Lotus- Cherokee Pride

Hatchlings- Max of 6 to start (New hatchling- 3 years)
Hakari- Silver Feather

Loners/Outcasts- Max of 10
Carnage- Cherokee Pride
Whirlpool- Cherokee Pride (Merchant/Traveler)
Faithful- Cardinal

A war between MoonClan and DarkClan has gone on for centuries. The original battle began when two sisters fought to take the throne and one was picked. The other took half the kingdom and created DarkClan. Since then they have been fighting over territory and which clan has the rightful leader.

Sign up at least 2 dragons (one in each clan)
All WP rules apply
Be active
Have fun
No being OverPowering
The Dragon Rules are law
I will control day and night
If you are not sure on a power, ask me before signing up.

Dragon Rules~
Only the Queen is allowed to Rule, Her mate has no say in anything related to the kingdom

If a Queen has multiple daughters she picks who will rule after her

If a Queen dies with no offspring, a vote will take place of all the Queens female relatives

The Queen's mate is really only there to produce offspring with the Queen, and to make sure none of the food is poisoned when the queen eats

The Queen's relatives can be any rank. If lower than Royal, they have dishonored the Queen (or past queen) in some way.

The only way a Queen's relative may take back the royal rank is by proving themselves in a way the Queen will choose.

Anything Lower than Royal in the ranks only wears jewelry on special occasions due to them being rare in the lower ranks.

Edited at June 10, 2019 09:02 PM by saratank
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 09:07 PM

Posts: 9452
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Amara was awake as the sun rose. Her eyes scanned the kingdom below as she sat on her balcony watching. Taking a deep breath she smiled, everything for a short time seemed to be at peace, though she knew it wouldnt last long. DarkClan was always up to something.

Nitro was getting his shop ready for the day. Humming to himself he smirked at some of his glass art work. *I wonder if travelers would ever take these to the other kingdom to show off* he thought.

Kayleron was sitting at Akumu's door. It was his turn to guard her through the night. It had seemed like nothing happened, but then again he wasnt allowed in the room to watch over her closer.

Kira was still asleep in her hut. She didnt bother waking until later in the day. She stayed up late at night to watch the stars, loving the way they sparkled.
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 09:22 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
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Brooke | Female | 200 | MoonClan | Servant | M: Amira, Open

She awoke just before dawn, and started cleaning the quarters near the Queen's. Once disposing of any waste, swirling orange light filtered through glossy window panes. Brooke dipped her head as she passed any guards, her coral optics never reaching the brutes' gazes. This was of utmost respect to their ranks. The dragon sidled up to the Queen's quarters as her cleaning was completed for the morning. She lifted her talons and lightly tapped on the door, in a signature fashion that only the Queen would recognize it'd be Brooke outside.

Faithful | Male | 313 | Loner | M: Open

Gray light spilled across the stretching sky. The silhouettes of the sand dunes were ominous slopes against the brightening backdrop. The wyvern lay at the mouth of his den, where it sat beneath a bulky tree. Its roots wound a curtain, concealing his home from immediate sight. Faithful's angular jaws parted as a yawn escaped him. After what appeared to be a scuffle with a DarkClan scout (in which the scout was of no more), he felt sore and greatly so. Having to combat a creature with two extra arms was tedious and tricky. Faithful sighed. The fight did take a toll on him, but Faithful would recover. Across his chest were streaks where sharp talons grazed across his scales. They had stopped bleeding, of course. However they were tender to touch. As long as no rising suspicion flew its way to the loner, he'd be living peacefully today.

Edited at June 10, 2019 09:30 PM by Cardinal
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 10:04 PM

Posts: 9452
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Amara didn't move from the balcony as she spoke. "Come in" she said. Her deep blue eyes watched the sun as the blue of her scales started to shimmer in the sunlight, the specks on her scales shining. She stood tall as she looked towards the door and walked back into her room to gather her jewelry.
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 10:14 PM

Former Pack
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Brooke | Female | 200 | MoonClan | Servant | M: Amara, Open

As she was addressed by the queen, Brooke gently opened the door. She used her tail to quietly shut it behind her upon her entrance. She didn't need to look up and examine the Queen to know she was a deep blue, and that her eyes were alike sapphire gemstones. "Good morning, your Grace. breakfast is prepared in the main dining hall." Brooke carefully placed her head to bow in the presence of the powerful leader. Her voice did not waver, nor was it soft spoken. It was polite and ever so much consisting of steadiness. Absentmindedly, she drew a talon across the flooring beneath her. Brooke awaited any dismissal or further requests.
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 10:32 PM

Former Pack
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Vendetta -- MoonClan
As the morning light spilled across the terrain, the pale golden dragon was already bustling about. A recent scrap the guards had gotten into left a few badly injured. They were currently laying in the hut he had stationed on the outskirts of the main village of MoonClan. A few sick hatchlings also lay on makeshift cots.
His talons worked skillfully to mix up the correct batches of balms and pastes and salves. Tail tip flicking back and forth with an inaudible rhythm. Humming to himself as he went along, giving the patients their dose for the morning. Most of the guards were issued back to the Palace. So he gave them a dose of painkillers, and sent them on their way. But he was much more tedious with the hatchlings.

Carnage -- Rogue
Swift wings sliced through the air. Carrying a rather small, deep red dragon on the early wind currents. The bright light from the sun making her scales shine brilliantly, and illuminate the silver accents scattered about. She was too exposed. Th Sky was Open. No cover to dive into. She was halfway across the territory of DarkClan. Trying to make it to the border of it and MoonClan. But she'd been flying relentlessly for hours. Exhaustion was inevitable and it was already slowing her preferred brisk pace. This was much too dangerous of a spot to rest. The center of DarkClan Kingdom would be a few klicks ahead. Guards would still patrol this area, and she was not looking to fight anything Or Anyone at the moment. That didn't entirely mean she would back down if something arose.

Lotus -- DarkClan
The beautiful white dragon stood outside the Queen's door. A small satchel clutching cleaning supplies hung around her neck. Purple orbs staring at the entryway like it was a monster ready to eat her. Finally, once the light began to shine through the open windows, her talon raised up to lightly rap against the door. Almost like she was scared of it. Backing away from the door once more. Her wings flexed like she was ready to bullet out of there. Her gaze was glued to her talons. Forked pink tongue running against the back of her teeth. Feeling the grooves of the elongated canines. Never. The word stung her mind like she'd just spatted her own venom on her brain.
Wincing at an unseen pain, she awaited the Queen's summoning.

WhirlPool -- Merchant/Traveler
The cart she usually set up as a booth was packed up. Everything strapped down into one wooden box. With a flick of her wings, the dark sapphire dragon fastened her talons into the slots she used to hold the cart, and with her tail, pushed a lever to suspend a cloth that acted as a parachute to help hold the backend of the cart up.
Flapping her wings, Whirlpool managed to make it up into the sky. Finding a gentle guiding wind and gliding along it. Heading towards MoonClan.

Riot -- MoonClan
Arching his wings, the dark red dragon stretched himself awake. Twisting muscles and cracking bones. Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he grumbled irritably. Shaking out his scales, Riot moved to head to his station. Making his way through the winding Palace, he passed other guards and servants. Flashing a few of them a fake, yet professional smile. Just make it through another day. Most of the travelers should be making their rounds this way. Just see if anyone's seen a fiery ball of death. He thought to himself. Talons flexing as he imagined something indescribable. Seeming rather pleased with himself, Riot picked up his pace to a plucky bound.
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 10:42 PM

Posts: 9452
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Amara gave a polite nod. "Thank you. Any meetings today" she asked. She knew a few were needed this week, but she couldn't remember exactly when. She started putting on her jewelry as she waited for a reply. "I know many in the kingdom are probably waiting to know what the plan if for both MoonClan and DarkClan."
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 10, 2019 11:00 PM

Former Pack
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Brooke | Female | 200 | MoonClan | Servant | M: Amara, Open

Her mind furtively flipped through the etiquette when speaking to a royal. She knew instinctively not to lead the conversation. Brooke answered Amara as she inquired of meetings. "There is a meeting with your council, m'am," Brooke responded respectfully. She tucked her wingtips in along her sides so as to have them lazily splay everywhere. "It is scheduled for this noon, your Majesty." Indeed, that was the Queen's council's concern. The plans regarding DarkClan. Brooke's silver scales began to appear with a colorful sheen to them as the sunlight directed upon her at an angle.
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 11, 2019 09:54 AM

Silver Feather
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Akumu/Female/Darkclan/Queen/ M: Lotus, Open

Akumu stood, ruffling her huge black wings. "Come in Lotus!" She growled, golden eyes flashing. "What do you want?"

Eclipse/Male/Moonclan/Guard/ M: Open

Eclipse blinked and stood, his muscles rippled and he felt the need to fly. "Good morning world." Eclipse growled to himself. "Let today be exiting!"

Hakari/Female/Darkclan/Hatchling/ M: Mother

Hakari tumbled playfully across her mothers paws, squeaking happily as her mother gently knocked her away. "Go play outside." Her mother murmured tiredly. "I wanna play with you." Hakari answered, blinking at her. "Then play a game of sleep." Mother huffed. "We did that last night!" Hakari protested.
MoonClan VS DarkClan Play June 11, 2019 10:04 AM

Silver Feather
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Mizu/Male/Moonclan/Guard/ M: Eclipse

"Good morning Eclipse." Mizu called as his gray dragon friend flew by. "Talking to yourself again?"
"So what if I am?" Eclipse countered.
Mizu shook his head. "Well have a fun flight, and don't make it too windy today."
Eclipse grinned. "I make no promises." Then he flew off.
Mizu sighed. Eclipse always had too much energy.

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