redneck christmas
05:10:42 bloodied jorts
i want to do things but every-time i start i end up wanting to sleep. but i don't want to sleep, i want to play minecraft
King XpiEve
05:09:04 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Hey Elles
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:08:45 ExH Queen
Morning\evening guys
Thirteenth Doctor
05:04:06 Doc
I'm here if you want Yellow :)
King XpiEve
05:03:33 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Yellow want to talk to me im always happy to talk
05:01:41 Waiting to die
I just found out something horrible about my sisters friend and I dont know what to do. Anyones pms open for a rant?
Death Valley Bridge
04:50:07 Dorito gaurdian
Heading to bed
Pande Ranges
04:49:59 Pan
Ah okay, that makes sense now. I was doing a family tree for someone and was adding birth and death dates and that just threw me for a six
04:49:14 Demon From Hell
no it isn't a glitch
Alfred F. Jones
04:48:33 America
It's not. There were a lot of Warrior Stones used on him, letting him live longer.
Pande Ranges
04:47:34 Pan
Is his birth date/death date a glitch? Thats a year and a half?

-WP Click-
Death Valley Bridge
04:30:00 Dorito gaurdian
What yalls think about him?
-WP Click-
King XpiEve
04:26:14 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Death Valley Bridge
04:25:33 Dorito gaurdian
Your wolves played: Ill break every bone in you kicks dirt on You Shall Rot in hell eternity for not sharing their rabbit.
Death Valley Bridge
04:25:27 Dorito gaurdian
Not much gathering mush for apples for warrior stones

And you
King XpiEve
04:24:07 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
SeekSis-Ohh how are you
Death Valley Bridge
04:22:58 Dorito gaurdian
Death Valley Bridge
04:22:25 Dorito gaurdian

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Mushrooms Saved: 666
King XpiEve
04:19:52 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Hi SeekSis
Death Valley Bridge
04:19:27 Dorito gaurdian


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Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP May 26, 2019 11:54 AM

Insanity Is Coming
Posts: 5225
This world is doomed to end
This world has already ended
Letter: Hello *name*,You have been chosen to go up into space with nine others. You have the genes that will eventually add up to a species that is superior. Here are your instructions:1. Find a healthy planet2. Build a perfect society. Li-. SURVIVE
1,000 years have passed... leaving you, descendants of the original 10. There are hundreds of you. The Society is growing stronger... but more demanding. They control you.
They control where you live
Where you learn
What you eat
What status you have
Where you workWhen you marry
Who you marryWhat you do
How many kids you have
When you die and how
But what if that changes? What if you rebel? What if is the question that squanders people's minds.
Idea:This is a perfect society with perfect people. They've learned how to control human life.
Rules for the rp
1. Cursing is allowed for characters that are 25 and up
2. Couples are allowed to have two kids only
3. You can't have a kid after age 35
4. No identical twins or conjoined twins
5. No remarrying or divorce (sorry)
6. If you play a child they must be 6+
Just rules
7. Follow all of Eve's rules
8. Mothers play newborns
9. Max of three characters
10. Please write 3+ sentences. I understand writers block but at least try
11. Only five warnings before you are kicked out of the rp. You're character will be deleted.
12. hate the character not the player
13. LGBTQA+ is allowed but you can not be together because the entire point of the Society is to have future generations. If you refuse to marry the opposite gender and there are orphans you and your couple will be assigned an orphan to take care of.
14. Put Crossed in other
15. At age 17 people are given their match, at age 21 they marry.
(I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but this how how the Society works. I am completely okay with LGBTQA+ and everything.)
Condition things...
If you are a child and kicked from the RP your character will have a burial as if they died. Same for parents.
If you are a child and your mother dies, the Society will assign you a new family.

Now that this is here, I would like to personally thank and welcome everyone to the Society!

At the beginning of every post, please put
Name- Gender- Age- Family- Role- Job- Mentions:

Thank you and very good luck!

Edited at May 26, 2019 12:01 PM by cheesethechao10
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP May 26, 2019 12:00 PM

Insanity Is Coming
Posts: 5225
Sign ups:


Edited at May 26, 2019 12:01 PM by cheesethechao10
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP May 26, 2019 12:29 PM

Insanity Is Coming
Posts: 5225
Delta Jorden- Male- Seven- Family #2- Child One- None yet- M: OPEN

Delta yawned and padded out of his room, socks making his steps quieter. He walked into the slowly brightening living room and looked around. His eyes were slightly closed so he listened for his parents steps. He normally was never up at the time and he had a feeling his mother would sleep in.

The young boy stepped up the the window and peered through the curtains. He saw Sage Miles go running down the sidewalk and he quickly closed the curtains. The Society said you weren't allowed to look at the opposite gender of yours running in the dark. He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a box of cereal laying down n the couch. As he ate, his eyes closed. The box fell the the ground and his eyes closed.
The Society had rules and ideas. All kept them safe. All could be trusted. The Society really was perfect.

The Society Leader~
Plato took deep ragged breaths while his successor waited for his death. The old man's mouth opened and closed, trying to form words before he took his very last breath... forever.

Sage Miles~ Female~ 29 years old~ Family #3~ Mother~ Secondary teacher~ M: Open

Sage woke up and tied up her hair. She got dressed in running clothes and quietly passed by her children's room. She unlocked the front door and crept outside before closing it and locking it behind her. She swiftly walked down the walkway before running down the block. She kept running, her breathing growing harder. She kept running.

The Society cared about each person. They made rules. They kept everyone safe. It would never fall apart.

Edited at May 27, 2019 11:36 AM by cheesethechao10
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP May 27, 2019 05:23 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Crystal - Female - 2 - 1 - Hamster - nope
M: Open

The small hamster watched as the spaceship flew into this uncharted planet.
To be honest, she was scared, no, terrified.
She was just a hamster in a perfect society.

She jus wanted a calm, happy life,

Not this.
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP June 27, 2019 10:53 PM

Insanity Is Coming
Posts: 5225
Sage Miles- Female- twenty-nine years old- Family 3- Mother- Secondary teacher- M: Open
Sage continued running, welcoming the burn in her lungs. She only stopped when her ribs burned with the irregular breaths she took in. She bent over, holding herself up on her knees and took even breaths. When Sage finally straightened, she was done running.
The female walked into her house and leaned against the door. She grew more quiet, not wanting to wake her children and husband. A cold feeling grew over her body.
It felt like something was wrong.
Deeply wrong.
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP July 12, 2019 01:20 PM

Posts: 1447
Navi greks~6 & 6months~intraining~child #2 ~Family #4 ~ M: open

Navi stood in front of the mirror brushing her long hair the way she did every day, Once she had finished she walked to the widow, leaning on the seal & looking out at the world, everything was grey, A bland world seeking perfection, and she wanted to live up to those standereds but mostly just wanted to play and have fun, her happy go lucky nature was all she had other then her family and a few close friends

Edited at July 12, 2019 01:21 PM by Lilith
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP July 12, 2019 03:50 PM

Wolffang the bean
Posts: 20207
Simon Balint Miles-M-30-Family 3-Dad-Teacher-m:open

The chestnut ginger hair of the fair toned man, a teacher, a husband, a father, was ruffled and messy as he lay in bed, in his plaid boxers. He was half covered, his upper body being covered, while the rest of him was sprawled across the bed and uncovered. Simon was asleep, but he wasn’t very peaceful. He tossed around a bit before he sat up quickly with a gasp. He heavily breathes as he looked around, before calming down. He was in bed. His bed. Not... not there. Simon got out of bed, and stumbled into the bathroom. A red dot on his right arm, close to one of his vital veins.

It was still there. 15 years.. and it still was visible. Sometimes Simon wondered why the hell it was still visible. He could still remember it.. all so clearly. His wife, his beautiful wife Sage.. she didn’t know about it. She didn’t know about how he had been kidnapped, or harassed, or anything of his past other than his family was small, and considered working class. Simon went to his room after washing his face with cold water, and dressed up. Ge put on a dress shirt, black with a polo design on it, a tie, and pants. He went to fix his hair in the bathroom again, his hands shaking as he grabbed the brush

Edited at July 12, 2019 03:50 PM by Wolffang
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP July 15, 2019 07:29 AM

Insanity Is Coming
Posts: 5225
Sage Miles~ Female~ 29 years old~ Family 3~ Mother~ Secondary Teacher~ M: Simon

Sage walked to her bedroom and saw that her husband had left the bed. She sighed and flopped across it. Soon, her husband returned to the room and got dressed. She watched silently, thinking if she should speak. But what would she even say?

Sage decided to stay quiet. Simon didn't seem to notice her.
After he left the room again she stood up. The femme peeled off her running clothes and put on a long t-shirt. It nearly reached her knees. She wasn't ready to just get dressed fully. She still wanted to relax. Was it too much to ask?

The strange feeling stayed with her as she cracked open the doors to her children's rooms and smiled. She closed it softly and headed to the kitchen, making breakfast.

Sage decided to call out to her husband.
"Simon? How did you sleep?" She called softly, making sure her voice drifted through the house, but didn't wake the kids.

Sage focused on the eggs.

Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP July 15, 2019 08:58 AM

Wolffang the bean
Posts: 20207
Simon Balint Miles-M-30-Fam 3- Dad-Teacher-m:Sage

Once he mustered enough courage, he shakily combs his hair into place. Simon set down the brush, and looks at the mirror. His olive green eyes were shaking faintly as he exhales. Relax... they can’t hurt you here, right? Your family and you are safe. He kept telling himself. He wanted to cry into Sage’s shoulder about how bad his past was and how it still shakes him up, but he would worry her. And oh, if the kids knew! He would never forgive himself! They might act differently towards him, maybe even in a bad way.

Simon stops his thoughts as something filled the air. The sweet smell of eggs. And then Sages voice flows through the house. Simon finished fixing his appearance, and glanced at the needle marks on his arms before he rolled down his sleeves. No one needed to know. He walks down to the kitchen and saw Sage making eggs. Simon walks over and kissed her cheek before grabbing a cup of water. “I had a decent rest. How about you, did you sleep well dear?” He asks after downing the whole Dixie cup of water. Whenever he wakes up at 3 am, he never admits it but, he usually is lazy to go to the kitchen so he drinks 3 Dixie cups of bathroom sink water. He hides the cup in a drawer in the bathroom. Sage would probably kill him for drinking bathroom sink water

Edited at July 15, 2019 08:58 AM by Wolffang
Running...|Perfect Society rp! OPEN TO RP July 15, 2019 09:02 AM

Insanity Is Coming
Posts: 5225
Sage Miles~ Female~ 29 years old~ Family 3~ Mother~ Secondary Teacher~ M: Simon

Sage turned and stared at him, her eyes searching. She shrugged finally.
"Pretty good. I went on a morning run." She responded and took the Dixie cup, handing him a glass instead.
The femme returned to the eggs, and sighed.
"I'm worried. Something feels weird." She muttered to herself and grabbed a plate, placing eggs on it and holding it to Simon.
"Eat up." She ordered with a slight smile.

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