08:34:57 Spoopy Salty Pans
I need to labor for mush
08:34:56 Darky | Crowley
-WP Click-
So this wolf is supposed to be a male XD I changed it's gender it was a male that I was going to name Castiel till you gave the wolf that is Castiel now.
Another fun fact their siblings XD
Midnight Moira
08:34:22 Purple Guy >:3
One day, I don't know why but might as well share it, I went into my sun room and heard a loud THUD. Turned around, and apparently a rabbit was trying to get into the sun room via my glass sliding door, and was now stunned. Realized why it want to come in: I was holding a salad.
Deadly Tricks
08:31:04 Loki, Archangel
Castiel XD
08:30:07 Darky | Crowley
Okay XD
Deadly Tricks
08:28:45 Loki, Archangel
Castiel you can keep her mines better XD
-WP Click-
08:28:40 Def; Row; Deffy
I'm officially sick. Hooray-
08:27:26 Eternity, ET
Lmao I got a psychology test back today and I got zero marks.
08:26:41 Darky | Crowley
Never XD I spent my hard earned Mush on that wolf.
Snow Moon
08:25:45 Aziraphale
Great, I checked my grades and I'm down one letter in English, and now I'm in a bad mood even though a B isn't a bad grade.
08:24:53 Eternity, ET
It usually turns the volume down but not this time rip--
Scared the absolute shit out of me. :')
Dashing heroes
08:24:48 Wolfpaws/Wolfy
Oof it double posted
08:24:36 Tae/DH Queen
Ah. My betta won't flare at someone his own size.. No he flares at my computer :')
Dashing heroes
08:24:20 Wolfpaws/Wolfy
Just saw 4 pheasants out the window 0-0
Deadly Tricks
08:24:20 Loki, Archangel
Castiel give me XD
08:23:27 Kal // Kali
Anyone up for a roleplay?
whats up?
08:23:13 Darky | Crowley
-WP Click-
No mine XD
Wolves of the Dark
08:22:42 Mealworm
holy shit i wonder if my wolf is going to make it to 1st place for oldest wolf. he's currently in 3rd place
Dashing heroes
08:22:17 Wolfpaws/Wolfy
Just saw 4 pheasants out the window 0-0


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Forums > Breeding Discussion

Pregnancy length theory September 13, 2019 11:19 AM

Posts: 20
Hey guys,

So I'm on my 2nd year for breeding my female wolves and I'm pretty sure this year they've given birth roughly the same time as last year (I can't remember exactly how many hours they took last year).
I was wondering if the length of pregnancy and labour is random all the time (even for the same wolf) or if one female wolf will always have the same pregnancy length and labour length. I.e. Female wolf 1 always gives birth after 89 hours, Female wolf 2 always gives birth after 96 hours. Or is it female wolf 1 could be 82 hours one year, and 100 hours a different year?

Am I making sense? Just wondered if anyone knows the answer to this, or if it's even been tested as a theory?

Thanks :)
Pregnancy length theory September 13, 2019 09:04 PM

Destinations End
Game Moderator
Posts: 7269
Pregnancy length is random every time you breed a female
Pregnancy length theory September 16, 2019 04:49 AM

Posts: 20
Pregnancy length theory September 17, 2019 10:25 AM

Posts: 1797
Eh? I've always thought the longer their pregnancy lasts, the better the pups!
Pregnancy length theory September 18, 2019 11:11 AM

Posts: 20
I don't know about that one!
All I know is that my pups this year were way worse than last year. And the pregnancy length was really similar!

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