Wolves of the Zodiac
07:51:45 ExH Queen
-WP Click-
Blood Fighters Xxx
07:51:35 Taz
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:51:13 Lavender

His coat looks amazing ^^
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:50:41 ExH Queen
I got a savvy i sight female and shes pretty but ot the boost i was going for.
Blood Fighters Xxx
07:50:05 Taz
wow, i got 3 in one wolf yay!!

-WP Click-

The Base Coat is Uncommon!!
The Eyes are Rare!!
This wolf has a Boost!
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:47:56 Lavender
The kingdom

Want any advice? im not so good as well but i could help you a bit ^^
07:47:37 No.
Oh, must've been a crazy week then. Did you a at least find one? @Zodiac
The Kingdom
Oh WP has changed alot since i was laat on O.O
07:46:30 Co-Pride Protector
My sister's extremely sick, I'm so scared for her...
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:43:10 Lavender
-WP Click-

She is in labor and i just cant wait
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:42:50 Lavender

Me too .- .
07:41:37 Demon From Hell
I just need some of my girls to give birth so I can sleep
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:41:09 ExH Queen
Seems i killed it.
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:38:03 ExH Queen
-WP Click-
Hes handsome...and has sootyness.
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:37:07 ExH Queen
Tired...its been a crazy week. Between being under the weather and trying to get a car
07:32:57 No.
Hello everyone! ^^

Hi @Zodiac. :)
How are you?
King XpiEve
07:32:25 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Hey Elles
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:31:58 ExH Queen
Heya everyone
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:31:48 ExH Queen
Heya everyone
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:14:12 Lavender
-WP Click-

Cant wait for the pups! ^^


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Project shop (OPEN) December 2, 2019 09:38 PM

Syncopated Clock
Posts: 287
If this is still open...

Gender: Male
Name: Tempest
Grey scale or no greyscale?: No
Neutral vitals or hero vitals?: Hero
Battler or breeder or both?: Both
other coloring: Design shown below
Dislikes?: No Uncommon/Rare/Legendary features
Gear?: Black angel wings

Here's the design. Thank you for setting this up!

Forums > Breeding Discussion
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