08:30:08 Nightshade

Oh no, what happened?
08:29:38 Chrissy
i really took breathing through my nose for granted.
08:27:33 Volks
Spent hours editing to a whole entire song and I can't finish the last 10 seconds due to my editing app dying and lagging which is not ok because timing. is. critical.
08:25:17 Nightshade
-WP Click-

Contribute your opinion to my valuable research. (New and improved!)
08:25:08 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I have 4 wolves in labor :")
08:22:02 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Bye chat
08:20:59 katy | beetle
-WP Click-

finally got him the last piece to his gear <3 he looks so cute now
 Stray Secrets
08:19:35 Stray.
no problem
 The Midnight Howlers
08:19:31 Midnight, Night
Been answered by Stray.
 Stray Secrets
08:19:24 Stray.
i just tried it
08:19:20 Rory
Thank you Stray.
08:19:08 Rory
Can someone please message a mod about my question please? I don't want to lose my progress, but I literally can't access anything except chat right now because of an experimental error. 💔
 Stray Secrets
08:18:54 Stray.
resets to default
08:17:57 Caitlyn/Starry/Starz
Hey chat
08:16:16 Rory
I'm stuck on Amor's palette. 💀
08:16:10 Nightshade

Lean and wiry build.
08:15:06 Rory
Uhh... does the Reset Palette button remove the entire code or just set your palette to the default?
 Sassy Otaku
08:14:11 Chuuya/Ruggie
Defeat 3 Squirrels in battle

Well this will be an easy 10 mush
08:12:16 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Will, a cowboy and cowgirl theme ranch
08:11:53 Will

Humanoid design


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