Coral river
10:30:39 coral, river, mother
ghost thats not a reason to have kids i had kids cuz i wanted to be a mother as good as my mother since i was five
Alpine Moon
10:30:38 Redd

I feel that. Just because I'm sending them away doesn't mean I don't care -- I just try to save space and give my wolves a chance to find other packs and have their own pups. I only have so much space to work with, why not let other people enjoy my wolves too?
10:30:31 The Monster
Chaotic I seem*
10:30:08 Ω Forseance
Coral river
I'm scared to have kids not because I couldn't handle them, I'm terrified to see how they would grow up.
Jesus that is even worse that you have to live with her too
10:30:03 The Monster
People tell me I shouldn't have kids, because of how chaotic in seem.
I like kids, and I do really well around them. I guess people just never see the marshmallow side of me.
10:30:02 they/he/it α
all kids like me but i do not like them 😭
Coral river
10:29:57 coral, river, mother
skeleton i learned at a younge age everyone has their oppinions and own feeling and its fine if they dont match up with mine cuz thats what makes someone unique i love seeing what kinds of different people personality wise are arround
10:29:32 they/he/it α
yeah.. i usually free range my pups. haven't purposefully retired a wolf since last year in real life.
i did accidentally kill a few two game years ago trying to move them out of a folder.. that fucked me up
Ghost Eater
10:29:05 Ω Hunting Souls
some people have told me i should have kids because most young kids like me ;-;
Coral river
10:28:56 coral, river, mother
khaos if i had room currently is give a pup a good home im just waiting on pups currently lol
10:28:17 they/he/it α
no, you don't seem pushy. most people aren't as understanding as you when i tell them i won't have kids.
10:28:07 Ryann they/them

I'll have to do that, but I think a lot of the time people see "wolves will be retired/free ranged if not sold" to mean I don't care about them, when I just want them to go to someone who will care for them like I would when I don't have the space to
Coral river
10:26:53 coral, river, mother
skeleton i can see why in that sense and i hope you dont take the way i talk as me pushing things on you or anything i know sometimes the way i type can seem that way
10:26:13 Ryann they/them

yea, there's nothing we can do at this point. it just sucks because I get really attached to all my wolves and seeing it happen really deters me from selling
10:25:47 they/he/it α
i come from long lines of addiction and generational abuse. i will never allow myself to have a child
Coral river
10:25:35 coral, river, mother
it also doesnt help his family doesnt like thag he fell in love with a white girl so thats fun since anything done wrong is my fault to them he stands up for me each time but it doesnt change what they think just the other day his grandma yelled at me for getting the wrong type of cake and he had to tell her off
10:24:43 they/he/it α
you can put "do not retire" in their names or nicknames or start blocking the people who do it.
Coral river
10:24:15 coral, river, mother
wendi he doesnt appreciate it either he thinks it ironic cuz of how they acted after finding out the first two times
Coral river
10:23:43 coral, river, mother
also to all thos who see my typos its partially cuz i type to fast and partyally cuz of dyslexia
10:23:27 The Monster
Coral, what does your fiance think of bias relative's actions, if I may ask?


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