Wolf Play : Vahs art dump
 Mandalorian Magic
05:14:28 Star Wars Forever
I looked it up. I was right about Josh Gad!!! I knew it was him!!! Omg I have to tell my dad I saw him!!!!
05:14:07 Chior, Jax
I think we can all afree on that
05:14:04 i can smell you
HorseEden Palettes: photomanipulated rog coding paradise
Wolf Play palettes: thousand of eye deaths in australia alone
05:13:43 ET
my old palette used to get so many 'Ouch, my eyes!' comments ahah. This one not so much.
05:13:36 Slate, Gray

I'm so happy you get your dog back!
 Cypress Road
05:12:54 Cy, love
So glad I was talking to a different lady today at the pound. She was so nice about all of it and even took 50 dollars off the charges for me to get my dog out so only had to pay 160 instead of 210. Gizmo will be back home on saturday
 AutumnFire Pack
05:12:13 Autumn/Fire
Agreed! Some of them are pretty, but the ones that burn my eyeballs the most is Sweet Poison's.
 Tribe of Green Fern
05:12:08 Fern, ( she/her )
hi chat!!!
 Mandalorian Magic
05:11:43 Star Wars Forever
I thought I saw Josh Gad and Luke Evans sitting together!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! It might not be them but still!!! {If you don't know what I'm talking about, they're from Beauty and the Beast live action. Gaston and LeFou!!!! I hope I'm right!!! I don't know if I'm right though. . . They really looked like them though. . .}
05:10:49 Chior, Jax
In general bright pallettes hurt, but I suppose some of them can be pretty
05:10:13 Slate, Gray
Hi chat!
 AutumnFire Pack
05:09:48 Autumn/Fire
I hate bright palettes at night, but love them throughout the day. Not my palette, but other people's palettes. That's why--if you've ever heard me--I complain and say something like, "Ack! Bright Palettes hurt!". But I don't really care.
 los campesinos!
05:09:10 she/her
ough my tongue is numb
05:08:16 i can smell you
Reminding myself to read the game guide for game terms
I call dud wolves fails sometimes
And leucistic wolves as lucys like in real life
Im too old for this game I somehow dont remember all these jargons
05:07:36 Spider
You don't wanna see my other one then lol
05:06:58 Chior, Jax
I hate bright palettes
 AutumnFire Pack
05:06:12 Autumn/Fire
I like bright palettes.
05:05:35 Chrissy
my breeders report is so long right now.
 AutumnFire Pack
05:05:32 Autumn/Fire
Star Wars Forever
 Mandalorian Magic
05:03:18 Star Wars Forever
Hey guys!!I'm watching a murder mystery show with my dad!!! It's called Murder On the Orient Express!


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Vahs art dumpMay 21, 2024 04:47 PM

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Doing another YCH and had to do up some examples with Caelus!
Vahs art dumpMay 21, 2024 11:32 PM

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Ah yes. Reason #whoisreallycountingatthispoint that I should not be allowed to do things.

Why does Odella really hold out on her feelings? ... it could be perhaps the fact that she had a betrothed... a few hundred years ago.




We'll learn more about this whole thing but a small blurb;

A complicated young man. He was sent on a journey to break the town curse but didn't make it back alive. but now he is immortal... with nothing more than the wings he bears and the scars. Unfortunately for him... vengeance is a powerful emotion.

Odella is no longer his lover. hasn't been for the last few hundred years. no. She's too busy trying to not fall for a stupid, non-magic, mortal farmer boy.

T'would be a pity if the patron of death was around...



edit; for the first time in probably forever, this guy has a written backstory.

Blog Link

Edited at May 22, 2024 12:18 AM by Zeraphia
Vahs art dumpMay 21, 2024 11:34 PM

Suburban Disaster
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:O She was BETROTHED?!
Vahs art dumpMay 21, 2024 11:35 PM

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rip brother
but hey, it means some serious angst
Vahs art dumpMay 22, 2024 07:53 PM

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Y'know what's hard? Killing Death.

Makes it kind of hard to care, but you wouldn't know, would you? After all, you still bleed.

Full Link


ah yes, Kleon and Kallum.

Edited at May 22, 2024 07:54 PM by Zeraphia

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