Wolf Play :
01:21:01 Morgana
Thank you Eve :)
01:20:10 Leaf
Thanks Eve + paws to you.
 Raven Wing
01:19:51 Raiyven | RW
Thank you Eve!
01:19:22 Zyra_the_wolf
Thank you, Eve!
You're awesome!
 Blind Bat
01:19:20 I Am Vengeance
straight up had a mini panic attack 🤣
 Essence of the Wolf
01:18:31 The Essence (EOTW)
Never mind! Thank you Eve
01:18:25 Ara/Kat
Thanks eve!
 Hunting Leopard
01:18:25 It's I Nesta
Thanks Eve
 ~The Divine~
There we go XD
 Destinations End
01:18:19 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Thanks Eve :)
 Hunting Leopard
01:18:15 It's I Nesta
Hey Eve
 Essence of the Wolf
01:18:12 The Essence (EOTW)
Desti -

Do you know if this will cause packs to loose wolves? Say I were to sell, breed, or auction off a wolf while this was happening. Would that delete the wolf or permanently alter it? I have an auction ending soon and I don't want something to happen.
01:18:10 Devil (Any pronouns)
Thanks Eve!
 Blind Bat
01:18:01 I Am Vengeance
oh Hi eve
01:17:59 Zyra_the_wolf
Atleast we can still chat
01:17:54 Devil (Any pronouns)
My names are back- so i think its fixed-
 Blind Bat
01:17:50 I Am Vengeance
I'm too scared to log out 🤣
01:17:47 evebot
I'm uploading files. It should all be fixed now. :D
 Destinations End
01:17:06 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Hmm... that is extremely odd..
Hopefully Eve hops on soon and can figure out the problem
 Essence of the Wolf
01:16:59 The Essence (EOTW)
*glitching sorry for my errors


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