Stray Secrets
07:08:04 Stray.
those bloodlines. *^*
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 Song Pack

Good job!
06:57:48 Will
Yes omg I'm
Going crazy

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This is amazing
 Camp Half-Blood
06:54:54 Trav (he/Him)
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06:53:20 Chrissy
snapchat keeps doing me dirty with these memories.
06:51:28 Flammable/Mylo(he/xe
They'll be*
06:51:13 Zyra_the_wolf
nah bro the classroom i'm in has a sign that says
"you can agree or you can be wrong"

fuck this-
06:51:09 Flammable/Mylo(he/xe
Mystery pregnant for about 60 more hours lol
 Mysterious Moon Clan
06:48:31 She/Her, Moon
help me XD
(you don't have to if u don't want)
 Mysterious Moon Clan
06:48:02 She/Her, Moon
and all of them are 26 hours pregnant
 Mysterious Moon Clan
06:46:20 She/Her, Moon
im almost certain i wont be online when they give birth
06:43:54 Cryptic | Crypt
You beat hope you're online when they go into labor and that they don't go into labor all at the same time so you can sort through and get rid of the pups you don't want. There's also almost always someone offering boarding if you are that concerned about not being online when they give birth?
 Mysterious Moon Clan
06:40:58 She/Her, Moon
i have five wolves pregnant and 8 spaces in my den, help
06:35:08 Cryptic | Crypt
Your wolves played: Pup 12 of pack The Deathly Hallows wrestles with Brother Chaos in a good natured test of strength.
Hey! I got an interaction with Hallows!
06:26:43 Flammable/Mylo(he/xe
The bus almost left me- I was walking up tonit and the lights turn off and the door shut- omfg I'm sorry to everyone this bus
06:13:05 Sky Sky ^°^
I have to go feed the stray kitties in my neighborhood.
Back in a minute
06:12:41 Sky Sky ^°^
I feel bad for his car >>
06:11:20 Flammable/Mylo(he/xe
My brother just drove 70 down the hilly bumpy backroads while it's dark out 💀
06:02:07 Zyra_the_wolf
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literally love him
06:00:54 Sky Sky ^°^
Alliance of the day B3


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