08:41:50 Flame, Pup
Same T^T
Gemstone Wolves
08:41:30 Snow Gem

OK, I bet its a CP thing...
[email protected]
08:41:25 Somber
now its going to be in my head all day lol
08:41:13 Flame, Pup
To whoever just sent me a secret admirer, that was great!!! X'D
08:41:08 fire,flame, river
If I ever rick roll someone on here its only going to be my friends and if they are lucky enough i met tell them a few days afterwards that I sent them a card but not which card was from me
[email protected]
08:41:06 Somber
nooo my ears are bleeding stop lol!
08:40:29 Emmy She-her
never gonna give you up. never gonna let you down. no just kidding lmao
08:39:08 fire,flame, river
I found out if you spam the roll button while on the computers turn it dont get that turn i just simple glitch's but I've only experienced it on my tablet 💀
08:38:56 Flame, Pup
Lol oof
08:38:51 An Attic.
I've rick rolled a mod, two actually
Miss Wolf and a former one
Storm Runner
08:38:46 Storm, Stormy
not me XD
08:38:37 Flame, Pup
How do I change my game colors?
[email protected]
08:37:56 Somber
also gem i have no clue
[email protected]
08:37:38 Somber
LOL phoenix noo
08:37:19 An Attic.
I win almost every time, just a game of luck :^
[email protected]
08:37:11 Somber
ah yes, the valentine cards, very creepy, but some are super sweet
Gemstone Wolves
08:37:01 Snow Gem
How on earth do you scratch the serpent without getting piosoned?
08:36:59 fire,flame, river
Imagine rick rolling a mod 💀
Fern's Den
08:36:56 Breezie / Fern
-WP Click-
Todays the day :D
[email protected]
08:36:45 Somber
computer kicked my ass at beetle lol, sometimes i think that game is rigged.


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