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Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 13, 2022 01:46 PM

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Other Forums:


Romance | LGBTQ+ | Steampunk-Medieval | Supernatural | Slice-of-Life

Vampires have existed in stories and folklore warning people about walking late at night or getting seduced by handsome womanizers or stunning seductresses. The stories faded as the years went by and then became forgotten. Esterta City has existed for many years and is known for its odd stories involving vampires. You have gargoyles of silver built on the houses of the rich to protect them from the hungry vampires late at night and create a mechanical anti-vampire army to kill the bloodsuckers. As you might expect, vampires aren't treaty with kindness and are considered outcasts to society.

Within the city, they're two kingdoms, and one of them is hiding deep in the shadows.

The Ithara Kingdom is the kingdom of humans. While the Daecurean Kingdom is the vampires. Both have different customs and traditions, yet years prior, they shared everything. Something happened in the past that caused a drift between humans and vampires; now, the two races hate each other. Battles of secrecy only occur late at night while the citizens are asleep, with a group of humans sworn to the crown to defend the citizens from such fiends.

Ruling the vampires was an ambitious queen named Queen Vivienne Boudreaux, a Blue-Blood vampire. She was a noblewoman who got picked during the Blue Moon and became the strongest vampire within the city. She had both the strength and temper to match. The queen has led her clan to victory against the humans, which inspired vampires within the unknowingly shared city. The queen gave her kingdom a firm and gentle hand, accepting sireless vampires within her ranks and treating them as equals while keeping them in line. Although, this sparked a feud within her kingdom, with the vampires hating the sireless and finding them imperfect. The vampires see a vampire sireless as low-ranked within the vampire society, as they believe their sires abandoned them for a reason.

One day, Queen Vivienne was found dead. With the death of their beloved queen, the vampires went at each other's throats. The vampires accuse the sireless of slaying their beloved queen to rebel, while the sireless accuse the vampires of killing the queen for personal gain. However, the real culprit was a league of hunters that discovered their base and snuck in to kill the queen, which was successful. What no one expected, a member of the royal family got touched by the Blue Moon. After realizing this, both sides are in a race to claim the new Blue-Blood as theirs: the hunters see them as a potential weapon to enhance hunters' abilities, and the vampires want the royal to be their new queen to lead them to victory.

Luck on the side of the vampires, they found and took the Blue-Blood before the hunters could get to them. After the kidnapping, they hid their new ruler miles away from the city. The royal family grew furious and full of grief at the kidnapping-enlisted the hunters to search for their relative. Unaware that hunters have a plan of their own with the Blue-Blood Queen.

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Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 13, 2022 01:47 PM

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All of Eve's Rules apply obviously
1 : Be active . Please don't join up just to leave - I would like this RP to last for a while. I expect posts 1-2 a week , and if you need to take a break or be inactive please inform be beforehand via PM or Discussion. Inactivity will lead to your character being removed from the RP.
2 : No OP or Mary Sue, Weeping Willow's , Gary's or any characters of the like.
3 : This is a Semi-Literate to Literate RP. I expect at least 150 + words per post. Put the missing number somewhere in your form, hidden. Also, I required a detailed and well-written appearance and description for your character. This includes proper grammar rules and any form not following these requirements will be declined.
4: No OOC problems. Hate the character but not the player - any instances of unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated, and mods will be contacted if needed.
5: Reservations last for 48 hours and you may only reserve two roles at a time. The reservation doesn't start until you actually post and begin working on the forms. You will be allowed to have 2 - 12 hour extensions if needed to complete a form, otherwise the spot will be open for someone else.
7: I as the owner of the RP reserve the right to accept and decline forms as I see fit. I will not tolerate rude behavior towards me just because you got declined - if you do get decline , try and work on your form and maybe it'll get accepted due to the corrections. Put, thunderbird in other. I hope to RP with many new faces - so come on, I don't bite.
8 : I will make a 4 character limit , however as the RP progresses people will die - so I suggest having 2 characters to start. You can also only reserve 2 characters at a time.
9: I will allow art for your characters since cartoonish human art is allowed - make sure they are properly credited and follow all of the WP regulations or this rule will be redacted.
10: This RP is not a heavy romance RP and their may be some hints of it so I'll get this out the way - no romances between your own character [the exception is if the character has a deceased lover or one that'll die later on.] Also, you are allowed to have your characters be siblings, cousins, and etc.
11 : Don't be the character constantly disrespecting the superiors and higher ups - it can be fun but it's also annoying. After all why do
you want your character to constantly get in trouble.
12 : Any questions are to be asked via PMs - I don't want this thread clogged up.
13 : I understand that backstories are fun and giving characters angst and tragedy makes them spicy, but come on - not every single character needs a sob story, but also please don't anyways make your characters have the best or perfect life. Happy middle class families are nice to hear about. But also be creative with this.
14 : Make sure to read everything !
15 : Have fun ;)

Thanks to the awesome wizard for these rules.

Vampire Rules:
1. Give full loyalty to your Blue-Moon Queen

2. Obey her every command and never question her
3. Follow the hierarchy as listed or else you'll face rightful punishment
4. Disrespect must not be tolerated and your punishment depends on the level of offense
5. Converting a human without permission would result in death
6. If the queen is absent, her dukes and duchesses are in charge
7. Don't get caught, always be aware of your surroundings no matter what time of day
8. Never flirt with the queen's consort and harem

Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 13, 2022 01:47 PM

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Vampires Info:


Every vampire has ONE ability from one of the five classes. The classes alone divide the vampire society as they bicker about whose class/ability is better. No one is stronger or weaker than another and has equal amounts of strengths and weaknesses.

Blood Class:
They're vampires that can control blood, with the blood being theirs or someone else's. They can track anyone down using blood and tell what kind of blood type someone is. They can form weapons made of blood, and a vampire's blood can be poisonous, even fatal, to humans. They have a sight skill called Blood Vision to see a person's pulse and beating heart. With this power, they have to consume a lot of blood, so they only use this ability if it's an emergency.

Poison Immunity | Excellent Trackers | Increase Blood Power On Consuming Blood

Lots Of Blood Consumption | Known To Have Headaches | Can Become Weak Over Prolonged Thirst

Shifter Class:
They're vampires that can shift into animals with the usage of energy and can communicate/bond with animals. Shifters are animalistic, with some wilder than most, and can become feral if they're low on blood consumption. Shifters can either partially or fully transform into their desired animals and wander the woodlands around the city. These vampires are the best hunters and trackers, using their enhanced senses to find someone/something in a matter of seconds.

Animal Befrienders | Best Trackers and Hunters | Environmental Adaptable

Extremely Territorial | Turn Feral Over Low Blood Consumption | Hard To Control

Soul Class:
They can communicate and use souls as a weapon against their opponents. Depending on the vampire's experience, they can see into the future by communicating with the spirits and doing a specific ritual. These vampires can form bonds with wandering souls or banish the soul entirely. The Soul Class has two varieties: the exorcist and the absorber. They have a vision called Soul Stare, which lets them see how strong a person's soul is. They can either appease the spirits or anger them to attack their opponents.

Can Speak/Banish/Tether Spirits | Graveyards Empowers Them | Foresight/Seers

Depending On The Spirit, Their Energy Depletes Quickly | Frequent Nightmares/Unwanted Visions | Energy Regains Slower Over Small Blood Consumption

Shadow Class:
They can turn themselves into shadows, teleport using them, or cloak themselves. The Shadow Class is deadly in both stealth and combat-making them the most feared to face in battle. Not even the Shifters can hear them coming, as they use the shadows to suppress any sounds they make. They can use the shadows as weapons and drag unsuspecting victims back to the kingdom without struggle. They can teleport other vampires only by physical contact. They're the reason stories of the Bogeyman exist.

Darkness Empowers Them | Masters Of Stealth | Their Bodies Are Shadows

Sensitive To Light/Sunlight | Their Shadow Disappears Over Low Blood Consumption | Terribly Weak Once Their Protective Layer Of Darkness Is Gone

Hypnosis Class:
Rumored that these vampires gain such powers after the death of Medusa, as their eyes can hypnotize humans, who have a weak will, by locking eyes. The Hypnosis Class can use their powers by firm eye contact, coating their words, or mentally entering someone's mind. However, the Hypnosis Class would have issues hypnotizing their fellow vampires. They can read one's emotions, gather intel, and be lie detectors. They're more of a defensive and info-gathering class but can kill someone after locking them in place.

High Resistant To Mind Control | Seemingly Endless Amount Of Charm | Better Seducers/Manipulators/Schemers

May Go Blind If Overused | Prolonged Thirst Weakens Their Power | Would Have Issues Manipulating Those With A Strong-Will

Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 13, 2022 01:49 PM

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Blue-Blood Queen (1/1)
Zylpha Alva Delafontaine

Royal Consort (1/1)
Isolabella Hesperia-Gwendoline Bǫlverkr

High-Harem (1/4)
Alexander Felis Irvine

The Justicars (3/4)
Constance Farren Baudelaire
Umbria Septimius
Matthew James Murphy


Archdukes (2/2)
Tatsuya Iseul-Fraener Montcrioux
Draco Lyon

Archduchesses (2/2)
Angelique Camilla Belmon
Annora Maerwynn Odelgarde

Harem (5/5)
Dahlia Evelyn Merovian
Briar Solanine Tinuviel
Ava Cadieux
Bosc Sloan

Low Ranks

High Lords (3/4)
Davorin Merle-Jorin Renwick
Irfam Oryam Ellery
Ambrose Finnian Katsaros

High Ladies (4/4)
Mauve Sinclair
Cassia Fistula
Skya Stone
Rosalie Boudreaux-Bǫlverkr

Childes (3/8)
Linnet Finch

Low Lords (1/4)
Finley Neil Blake

Low Ladies (0/4)

Blood-Gifters (3/6)
Harper Carnell
Geneviève Ophelia - Odette Caballero
Kiran Eros


Master Hunter (1/1)
Sezvam Tyrus Vanderbufsche

Co-Leads (2/2)
Reserved by Spellbound

Theo Black

Experienced Hunters (3/4)
Lovel Ivon-Otto Goldenheart
Edrys Kolsvalk
Kyros Eros

Hunters (Unlimited)
Fiorenzo Vlahos

Rookies (0/2)

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Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 13, 2022 03:31 PM

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The Start/RP Sub-Plots

After the death of the former queen, the vampires are going at each other's throats. A few days after the former queen's passing, a new queen was chosen and taken away from her home-hiding away in a castle miles away from the city. Archduke Suya has called a meeting for the first time in six years to give the news to the other vampires. The vampires did arrive with the tension between them heavy.

Meanwhile, the hunters are having a meeting of their own after the recent kidnapping of the former princess. The royals permitted them to question everyone and arrest those they find suspicious. The royal family gave the hunters free reign of the kingdom and supplied them with income as well as equipment.

Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 13, 2022 10:58 PM

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Harper Carnell | 21 | Genderfluid | Pansexual Ambi | Blood-Gifter

M: N/a

“Have you been holding out on me?!”

Oh shit…”p

Harper shifted from sprawling out relaxed on the couch to sitting up straight with fear as her whole body tensed. Quill stood with his arms crossed, glaring at Harper from across the stained and empty beer bottle-filled coffee table. Quill generally spoke in a sing-song tone when playing with Harper’s hair, asking how her day was, and getting uncomfortably close and touchy to her, but Harper hated it more as his tone was firm, strict, and scary— no, authoritative. It was such a conflicting feeling too. Quill was generally so nice to her and just to sometimes have him suddenly turn and be so aggressive was somewhat distressing. If it was a stranger or someone Harper knew was a terrible person, Harper would absolutely talk shit to their face and call them out on their shit, but if it was Quill? There was always an excuse—

“He is just stressed.”

“He is probably tired.”

“He didn’t mean it this time.”

—because of course there always was. What could Quill ever do wrong? Even though Harper was well aware of the cracks in their relationship— as long as the tears of wallpaper on their apartment wall and as widespread as the shattered glass hidden by the wooden planks that boarded the windows— but Harper could not pull away from him.

“You’re pathetic. Did you really think I would not find out eventually?” Quill scoffed loudly, his red eyes judging Harper. Harper just bowed his head and flinched as shoved the beer off the table with a crash! as the glass bottles fractured on the ground. Even the bag of money sounded booming as he slammed the brown sac on the table and let the coins roll out of the bag. Harper bit his lip as he ducked his head and closed his eyes tightly. Harper could only tense as he heard the steps of Quill approaching as he walked around to the other side of the table. Harper could almost feel Quill’s eyes on him as he harshly grabbed Harper’s face and tilted his face up to crane up to the giant of a man. “Look at me, Harper.”

Harper hesitantly opened her eyes, but instantly wished she had not. Quill stared down at her with his loving yet wicked smile as his vampiric teeth glistened in the crimson lighting that peered through the curtains of the barricaded windows.

“See? Was that so hard?~” There it was. That sing-song tone. Harper bit his lip until it began to bleed. Quill tilted his head with an almost psychotic expression as he dragged his thumb over Harper’s lip, smearing blood on the corner of his lips. “Now…, I want you to tell me why a pretty little face like you—” Quill’s grip grew tighter so suddenly that Harper could not help but quietly gasp— “would lie to me and break our deal??”

“Aww I am glad you think I have a pretty face!~” Harper chuckled with a smirk, but Quill was not amused. Crawling onto her lap as his hand slithered to her throat, Harper tried to suppress her shaking once it was clear Quill would not be taking that as an answer as he pressed her against the back of the couch that groaned as Quill’s weight was fully placed on it. Quill was much heavier— and far stronger— than Harper. “L-Look, I have been honoring our deal like I was supposed to. You get 75 percent and I get 25. This is just money I have been saving up these past years. I told you that I have been saving up money, right?”

“It sounds to me like you’re lying….”

Harper’s face filled with terror as he quickly shook his head. “No, no! I promise you! I’m not— Wh-Why would I lie?” Harper’s tone was wavering and shaky as he could feel Quill’s hand tighten around his neck. Harper choked back a sob as they forced a smile and weakly grasped onto Quill wrist in desperation. “I… I would never lie to you because I owe everything to you…!” Quill’s grip loosened. “You’re just so… so charismatic and kind and and… handsome! I would never— never— lie to someone who took me in and—”

“It’s so cute when you compliment me like this,” Quill spoke in a husky chuckle, moving his hands up her neck and to her face. Pressing weakly into his hand, Harper sighed now that the brief terror was over. “You know Harper,” Quill’s voice became sweet like honey as it ensnares a fly, “you’re so gorgeous—” Quill pressed a light kiss to his cheek— “kind to me—” and another— “and stunning…” Quinn licked the blood off Harper’s lips with his slimy tongue that caused Harper to shiver. “You are perfect.”

Quinn’s ears burned red and smiled softly from the praise, but the moment was ruined by a forceful kiss.

No, stop stop stop stop please just stop!

He ran a hand through Harper’s hair and she felt like she could just cut it all off then and there.

Please stop, please please…!

He smoothed his free hand down her chest and to her exposed waist, the clothes that once made her feel confident felt too little and slimy with his touch.


He began to—

Harper shoved him with as much force as she could possibly muster, sending him back into the coffee table that snapped in half from his weight alone. Harper sat on the couch, staring in shock at what she had done as Quill groaned and seemed to be readjusting.

Harper did not wait to see if he would get up.

Springing to action, he snatched his coin pouch off the broken table and rushed to his room, hurriedly grabbing the two bags he owned before rushing to the door.

“Wait!” Quill’s voice demanded. Harper froze in the doorway as he had one foot already out the door. Harper glanced over his shoulder to see Quill laughing softly as he stood, swaying as he walked to Harper with handcuffs he made from his blood magic in his hands as he stumbled forward. “You… You won’t be able to find anyone willing to be your sire if you leave me.” Harper swallowed hard. “I know how much that means to you Harper…~” Tears bubbled up in his eyes. “Come back to daddy now and this whole fiasco will all be forgiven and I will make you my childe. Isn’t that what you wanted?” Quill laughed softly and before Harper knew it Quill was wrapping an arm around his waist from behind and kissing his neck sweetly. Harper could hear the blood handcuffs clink and jiggle in his other hand. “Even if you do leave, I know you’ll always come back to me, Harper…~”

No,” Harper stated firmly before breaking from his grasp. “Not this time, Quill.”

Harper ran and did not look back. He did not look back when he left the apartment, when he left the building, nor even when Harper ran all the way to a trolly stop and collapsed onto the bench, panting heavily with tears clouding his vision.

Rebirth of the Blue Rose | OpenSeptember 14, 2022 07:40 PM

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Umbria and Zylpha | 200/25 | F/F | Justicar/Queen | Blood/Blue-Moon

Mentions: Each other, open

A pair of violet eyes watch the white-haired maiden like a predator were to an unknowing prey. She kept to herself in the corner of the room, arms and legs crossed lazily. She was tasked with watching over the new Blue-Blood Queen and with her hating every second of it. Stinging in said eyes was jealousy. Envious of how this woman took what she worked hard to receive. She worked tireless nights to achieve the impossible. Forged alliances and made enemies along the way. She had to fight tooth and nail to settle ambitious younglings. Many of her kin lost their lives to help her create a haven, only for someone else to sit on the premade throne. In her eyes, she has the right to be jealous of what happened and angry at herself for being defeated by a mere human.

Ugh, remembering her death left a sour taste on her undead tongue. Her eyes slide to the right to gaze outside the window-the moonlight no longer shining on her as it used to. Instead, it was beaming off of her. If vampires can puke, she would do so, but right on this newfound queen. Her eyelids narrowed, her unusually sharpened ears faltering a bit. Umbria wasn't afraid to hide her displeasure, and it's something Zylpha picked up on effortlessly.

Eyes of sapphires blue and darkened purple locked.

The tension of the room is icy-colder than that of a long-dead corpse. The moon appears interested in this drama as the glimmer of it only increases. Umbria's eyes dart out the window to look back at the moon to silently tell it to shut up and mind its business before looking back to her primary target.

"The way you're looking at me makes it seem that you want to kill me," Zylpha spoke, her voice unwavering at the dagger eyes of the other vampire.

Umbria huffs, a strained smile stretching her face, "That's an understatement. I don't want to kill you," shaking her head, and her eyes lit up, "I want to make you suffer." Zylpha didn't say anything, only blinking once.

"Huh? Here I thought you'll say something so putrid that it makes the grim reaper revolt." She gives Umbria a shrug of her shoulders before turning her gaze to the moon, a glower of gloom on her face.

Umbria spotted her dull spirit and tilted her head to the right. She wasn't here to bring her comfort. She wasn't assigned to do it, let alone help the woman that snatched everything away. She sighs, "Why the bitter face, your highness?" It may seem like she's asking it out of concern, but the way her tone was like implies something utterly different. She didn't care about this new queen and her feelings. What she cared about for is the strength of the kingdom and the fate of it all.

Having an unenthused ruler would bring utter chaos. The two women knew that, and it's a thing Zylpha isn't afraid to admit. "I never wanted to rule. All I wanted to be was a musician. An artist, if my skills were to improve." It was the words Umbria didn't want to hear, her anger soaring through the roof.

How could someone like her not appreciate something so marvelous as this?!?

She bit deep into her tongue, wanting to say the vilest words to put this snobbish woman into her place. Umbria could feel her rage reach bloodlust level. She wanted her fangs to rip her voicebox out-she never wanted her to talk again. "How dare you insult my-," she almost blew it, "-my majesty's legacy like this!?!" Instinctively, her hands grip the handle of her sword. She has an actual blade: it was a weapon not made of blood but from the rarest materials.

"I should kill you for saying provocative of languages!" Zylpha huffs, waving her hand in Umbria's direction: a shooing gesture. Her face was that of stone, with her eyes bearing no amusement to the other's outburst.

"If you can't handle simple opinions like an adult, then I suggest you wander off to the vampire kids section of this offputting wreck of a castle." She bit back and turned her body around to face her. The air was thick with hostility, a choking pressure on those entering the room unprepared. Currently, it's shown that these two have a hard time getting along, which is bad on Umbria's part. A Justicar needs to show full loyalty and submission to the queen; however, she's doing the opposite by going on the far end of the spectrum.

"Well, sorry, your bitchiness." Giving her the sluggish of curtsy to mock the queen, "Us vampires don't have a bank to invest in proper housing. By fangs, some of us have to make ends meet to provide ourselves a better life living in the city we created!" She storms over to Zylpha, unsheathing her sword, and points the tip of the blade against her throat. "Your former kind called us a disease. A bunch of rodents ruining your precious city streets. In fact," she presses the tip more, "the humans that call us such horrendous words are hypocrites. None of them are willing to admit their hideous of actions and words, yet so quick to turn against something they have little understanding over."

Zylpha's expression didn't change despite having a weapon to her throat. "We may be dead, but some of us still hold human emotions. We grieve, we laugh, we love, and we hate. You're blind," she lowers her weapon and shakes her head, "you're brainwashed into believing that we're heartless bastards while blind to seeing how your fellow humans are."

Zylpha sighs, "I never asked for this. I never wanted everything to be how it was." She crosses her arms together, holding herself tight to comfort herself. She left the room, not saying another word to the still-angry Justicar, and Umbria was getting annoyed at her cowardice. "I don't care if you asked for it or not. What bothered me is how you mocked what we are. This life," Zylpha came to a halt at the room door to listen to what Umbria needed to say, "some of us never asked to receive. We know that we're different, but it's something we have to adapt to enable us to survive." Zylpha stops her attempt to leave, the two awkwardly staring at each other.

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Theo Black // M // 23 // Co-Leader // Mentions: Open
+The tan-skinned male walked the streets of the town, hoodie over his head, hands tucked into his pockets. His direction was unknown even to him, guess he just really wanted to get away from everything and everyone...even if his mind yelled at him for being alone. Shaking his head he looks around the town green eyes almost glowing, even if they weren't.
+First glance at the male people would think he is a thief or something, someone that wanted to bring harm to them or himself. Guess not everyone knows what hunters look like from the front page of the book. After all, he had no weapons in sight and his frame looked rather small to be someone who kills bloodsuckers that could be twice his size. If someone was to say that to his face he would properly roll his eyes and say 'Dont judge a book by its cover'.
+In his left hand that was tucked away in his hoodie, the male plays with a small hand knife, once again keeping his gaze low to the ground. His steps seemed rushed but to him, this was the pace he normally walked. When another minute passes he lifts his head his gaze coming into contact with the edge of the town a few trees scattered around him before they grow dense into a forest. He shakes his head once again with a soft smile+
"Guess the forest call to me even when I don't know it is...well at least I borrowed a new book"
+He says to himself as he pushes forward into the trees, lifting his right hand up to pull off his hoodie, light fawn hair coming into view and blowing in the wind. Messing with his hair a little he hums softly as he begins his strides once again, this time his direction was clear to him. A tree darker than the rest, but smaller was his target. Once he reaches close enough he releases another soft smile and climbs up the small oak tree, placing himself on the lowest branch and leaning back against the trunck+
"Hey, old girl...hope you don't mind if I stay up here for a while I have a new book that I have been wanting to read after all"
+Giving the truck of the tree a nice pat, he then pulls out a rather large and thick book from his backpack, a smile still plastered on his features. Flipping open the first page his eyes light up with the old words and drawings that littered the first page and many more to come. Tucking his knees closer to his chest to rest the book on them, he begins the first chapter by readings some parts in his head and some parts aloud, after all, he only thought he was alone...well at least if anyone approached years of training will take over for sure+
+Sure he has killed in the past but he made sure it was a far fight and that his opponent was somewhat talented. His eyes close for a split second as a small picture pops up in his head of a past friend he used to have with him...yeah it was a vampire...but so what if he has learned something he knows that not all vampires are savage beats just wanting to kill someone. With a sigh, he opens his eyes and gets back to his book, flipping to the next page soon after. He won't be long now until someone comes looking for him to night time comes, yeah he will get lost in this book, it happens all the time+

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Skya Stone // 20 // Soul Vampire // High lady // Mentions: Open
+The average height woman stood just outside an old cemetery her fingers fiddling with a necklace around her neck as her eyes were closed as if she was having a discussion in her head with be honest, she was. Opening her blue eyes she scans the surrounding people and shakes her head, standing straight she makes her way into the small cemetery and looks around...a strong feeling comes over her and she stops once again looking around the place, the soon land on a large head stone+
"Guess you had a wealthy family didn't you...Edward Archer...yeah I know you loved sweets"
+A smile swept over the female's features as she lets off a soft giggle crouching down to read over the headstone. Reaching out a hand she runs her fingers along the old engraving, eyes traveling from the gravestone to beside her. Retracting her arm she stands once again and begins her strokes to the next headstone, doing the same, but this time when she gets up she makes her way to an old tree that stood in the middle of the graveyard and leans gainst it with a soft yawn+
"So many lives lived and taken...though some of you did live long lives and saw what mankind made and destroyed"
+Shaking her head she lifts her gaze to the tree and opens them, coming into contact with a small nest in the branches, and she could pick out there were two small chicks sitting in the nest. The farther bird was not too far away sitting on a higher branch and singing a song she smiled at. Though she didn't understand nature songs were always something beautiful to her. So once again she loses her eyes and listens closely to the lullaby of the small creature+
+Crossing her arms over her chest she hums along with the mixed matches chirping and the other songs of nearby birds, different species were all around. Her eyebrows soon rise as she opens her eyes and frowns to herself, guess spirits also want to say something and interrupt her calming mood. Looking once more up to the birds she pushes herself off and towards another gravestone a bit away from the tree+
"Being a vampire does have its charms sometimes, now what so so important that you had to ruin my calming hour young one"
+Looking down at the engraving this one is older than all the rest she gently places herself on the ground taking the purple scarf around her waist and placing it on her lap. Closing her eyes softly to listen to the spirit of the boy+

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"Quit fussing over yourself, Ambrose. You look fine," the woman's calm words floated from her as she glided into the young man's room who'd she had taken in recently. "Besides, no one is going to pay much attention to you," she paused, frowning for a moment when she realized how her words sounded. "I didn't mean it like that," she started, turning towards the orange blonde man staring at himself in the mirror, lip pulled between his teeth. "I just meant there are more important things on peoples' minds than how you look," her voice was lower, and soft, very motherly as she tried to convey what she meant in a gentler manner.

"I know what you mean, Lady Annora, I just.. this whole thing.. it's.. I don't know," his read eyes glanced at her in the mirrow before looking down, shifting his weight nervously.

"Overwhelming?" She offered, and he nodded gently, slightly curly hair bounding on his head. "I understand, and no one is going to be expecting you to be perfect, my dear. They all know how new you are," she walked up and brushed off his shoulders and offered him a warm smile.

"But come on, we mustn't be late. I only had time to come back, ready myself, and grab you, so we must be off," she stated, and then began to physically drag him from the mirror. And he let her, not bothering to put up a fight against the significantly older and stronger Vampire.

"Have you fed recently? Had a Blood Class you must keep your strength and levels up," the way she spoke so nonchalantly about it all had Ambrose stumbling. To him it was still so obscene to have conversations about blood and powers.

"Y-yes, My Lady. I had a full bag right before you arrived back," he confirmed to her, remembering that the first lesson she ever gave him was never to let himself become to.. er... thirsty. "It still feels... wrong.. but I was able to get through the whole bag this time without any issues," he told her, a bit of pride in his voice, and the way she beamed at him made his spirits lift a bit.

"Oh good good. I know it's not an easy transition. Well... No.. I can't say that, I was born a Vampire. But I've heard it can suck, though it's different for everyone," she commented as they exited her manor.

"No pun intended, My lady?" He asked, a bit of humor dancing in his features.

Annora actually paused and then let out a faint chuckle, not realizing before what she had done. "No no, no pun intended," she hooked her arm through his elbow and smiled softly at him. "You're going to do fine, Ambrose. Trust me."

"I do, My Lady."


The distance to the Manor the meeting was being held in could have been farther, but for Annora it wasn't quite as far away from her own than she would want. Still, they took a detoured route just to be safe, not wanting to draw any connection between the two. When they pulled up the drive, Annora lead the way out, Ambrose quickly on her heels.

"Now, you can choose to join those of the Blood Class, or you can stick with me. No one will both you so long as you are with me," she paused to look at him, impartial to whatever decision her charge made.

"I'd like to stay with you, My Lady. I would see how these things go before venturing through them on my own," Ambrose offered, and she nodded gently, leading him into the Manor quietly.

"I suspect not many have arrived yet, though I'd like to find Tatsuya before anything else. To touch base about what else needs to be done, or how I can help, before we go off on our own," she explained as she lead their way through the manor as if they'd been there a hundred of times. "Now, where is that sly canary?" She grumbled, more to herself than to Ambrose.

"Perhaps you should have brought Arvad? He always seems able to find people," the young man offered, commenting about the Leucistic Raven she kept in her company.

"Oh, Arvad is here, he just prefers to travel on his own. I just haven't called for him to join us yet," Annora spoke, but as if to make a point she let out a soft chirping sound. Shortly after a pale white raven swooped in overhead and landed on her offered arm. Quietly she stroked his head, and cooed to him softly.

"There's my dearest companion," she murmured, before walking again, the bird making pleasant sounds as she did. "I'm sure Tatsuya is around here somewhere."

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