Grey Wolf Gang
04:31:12 Greyscale / Slurp
-WP Click-

Darkest animal in WP. ^^
04:30:10 Aikō
Grey Wolf Gang
04:30:03 Greyscale / Slurp

No idea~
oh god bEES
04:29:15 Murber
How do people make personality description a million sentences long-
04:24:54 Aikō
I'm doing good thanks!
Grey Wolf Gang
04:23:27 Greyscale / Slurp

What about you?
04:22:42 Aikō
How's it going?
Grey Wolf Gang
04:22:21 Greyscale / Slurp
Hey Bubbles!
04:21:53 Aikō
Hey grey :3
Grey Wolf Gang
04:21:31 Greyscale / Slurp
Hey chat!
04:13:21 Miss/Mom Mod
Alejandro, Night :3
Elemental Wolves
04:09:14 Alejandro or Churro
Well, I think I should hop off. Night y´all!
Elemental Wolves
04:06:31 Alejandro or Churro
Mom Mod ~ I introduced 2 of my friends, and she just called me freaking out nervous and super happy.
04:05:55 Aikō
-WP Click-
Prong collars or choke chains, which one is safer for your poochie!
04:05:39 Miss/Mom Mod
Alejandro, That's good ^^

I'm rather happy too
Elemental Wolves
04:05:21 Alejandro or Churro
Murber ~ To have your own and start a family.
Elemental Wolves
04:04:58 Alejandro or Churro
Mom Mod ~ Of course! :3 I´m quite happy right now.
oh god bEES
04:04:40 Murber

That leaves a lot to be desired-

'Children are interesting.'

To eat? To capture? Like- what
04:04:20 Miss/Mom Mod
Alejandro, Thank you :3
Elemental Wolves
04:03:23 Alejandro or Churro
Murber ~ Not sure. But children are interesting.


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Trading Etiquette March 14, 2017 09:00 PM

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Hello buyers and sellers!

This forum is for buying and selling of your virtual goods on WolfPlay. I wanted to list a few rules to make everything go easier and smoother.

1) Please be polite to each other at all times.
2) Negotiating is ok, but If a price isn't to your liking please don't argue or start fights about it.
3) It's a seller's market. They have the right to request whatever price they wish. Please don't argue with them about it.
4) Please complete your transaction in a timely manner, don't make the buyer/seller wait forever.
5) Sellers: Please post your prices upfront so buyers know what to expect. The only exception would be if you are having an auction. If you don't know how to price your item/wolf please look and see how much other items of the same type are selling for.
6) Don't beg for free stuff.
7) Just like in auctions, you may not sell what you do not have.

Thank you and happy trading!

Edited at March 15, 2020 01:40 AM by Vennenum

Forums > Trading Post

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