01:36:40 Misa | Saki | Em

Now these are old screenshots. As seen by the poor quality 👀
01:36:10 Led-Zip-Pelin
nothing like sitting in a best buy parking lot for hours on end just to get a ps5
01:26:02 Techno | The Blade

I will always call ya murber cause that is my favorite nickname for ya
01:16:48 Auby (I'm ghost lol

01:16:24 fire/pride
-WP Click-
three pups holy shit
01:15:23 Rook
Oh wow! So close, yet so far. Good luck :>
01:14:41 Auby (I'm ghost lol
-WP Click-
I so hope she has good pups ;-;
snake orb
01:11:46 chaos orb
excuse you, i'm a legless noodle now

cres's words
i think
01:08:42 Techno | The Blade
Hello hello murber
01:08:01 Rook
Thank you! I'm exploring as fast as possible 🤠
snake orb
01:07:24 chaos orb
01:07:02 Its Cres :D
Techno, side :P
01:06:55 Its Cres :D
Aight, im off now to learn and write about Bootstrap >.< Bird boi, i wont log off so get to exploring and steal the pot <.<
01:06:49 Techno | The Blade

I see you have a new name or this is a side?
01:05:41 Its Cres :D
Oh right, paying before announcing results. Completely forgot thats even an option lmao.

Techno <33
01:04:19 Techno | The Blade
hello hello
01:04:13 Rook
The way I'm imagining the betting is basically no risk. It's just toss your vote in the pot and if you guess right you get mushrooms. If you guess wrong, better luck next time lol
01:02:37 Its Cres :D
Bird boi, yeah, it would probably require either both packs dueling to mail you the victor, or just the victor to send the screenshot as proof. Pretty time consuming, but im not sure if theres another way to verify wins. Also, the betting system should probably be done on forums, with the rule of no editing posts <.<
12:59:44 Its Cres :D
Hoodie, lmao understandable. Im just on here so Bird boi can steal that chinese pottery and complete the quest XD

Oh no, thats awful! Has it been taken out yet? Or at least put under control? I can imagine what hell it was >.<
snake orb
12:58:28 chaos orb
yay (:


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WolfPlays RP & Image Policy April 22, 2017 04:23 AM

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Hey guys!

So as a few people have already come forward with inquiries, there are a couple of things I would like to make sure get cleared up here about WolfPlay's image policy here in the forum. Mainly.
It is no different than it would be in the game.

What this means is that any images and links posted anywhere in the forum, such as in the roleplay section or in signatures, are being held to a specific standard. So any and all images posted must be as follows...

  • Images are hosted through an image hosting site. No Hotlinking!
This will apply to links as well. I know that we, as moderators, have spread the misconception in the past that posting just the link was alright. This is no longer the case and this will still be seen as a form of hotlinking.

  • All images must be credited! Please make sure the credits are either on the image or posted right after it.
As always credits need to be visible and obvious to us mods.

  • All images must be original work or stock.
DA would be the best source to search for stock images but may not be the only source. If you are ever unsure it is best to bring it to a member of the staff with questions before use.

  • Images of people are not allowed!
At all! "But what about for roleplay?" you might ask. Well you don't need pictures for the RP characters. You should be using their imaginations and describing them with words! Think of it as a chance to prove and improve your abilities. How much of a word picture can you create?

If you are struggling with this new crack down on the forums image policy it might be helpful to check out this topic:

This is the same topic that members are suggested to check out when seeking help on avatars as it goes a little more in depth with the requirements for in game avatars as well as what the requirements are here in the forum. This is something that we, the moderation team, have obviously been rather lax with in the past but will be cracking down on for the future. So we ask that you pay mind to the rules and try to help us out. We will be going through the Roleplay forums and begin removing any images and links that do not follow the above. Since that is a lot of topics however and posts to read, our efforts will be focused on recent posts while old topics will start getting pruned from the forum altogether.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this recent change and crack down.

Happy Hunting!
-WolfPlay's Moderation Team

Edited at June 9, 2021 06:08 PM by AyukioCC

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