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Our company was founded in 2009 with a mission to create great web games for animal lovers. WolfPlay is our third release. It has been a fun journey to develop the wild world of the wolf, and all the creatures in it. Our previous releases include Horse Eden and Draconis Theory. We look forward to continue developing our games into the best they can be.


Our main developer goes by the internet handle "Eve". She has been writing code since the tender age of 13, and knew all her life that she wanted to be a developer. After college, she became employed at Delta Air Lines as a software developer, where she learned many skills and languages. After 15 years at Delta, she resigned to work full time on her games.

Eve grew up riding horses and in her early 20's purchased a Trakehner gelding. They trained and competed in dressage, with some jumping on the side. The name of her horse was Gatsby, hence the name of her company. Today, she no longer rides, but will always have a special love of horses in her heart. She is a huge dog lover, and is currently owned by two husky dogs.

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Of course we can't forget our wonderful Mod Team who keep the site safe and enjoyable for all!

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