The Magma Kingdom
09:42:42 Sukii
Your wolves played: Wolf 408 gets stuck under a low branch.

...We're the tree climber pack, the branches should get stuck under us-
Dulling Melodies
09:42:27 I like rocks uwu
-WP Click-
plot ideas needed-
Desire of The Hills
09:40:39 Caffeine Snorter
Oh wait that's my dynamic, no HotChocolate xD!
The Baddest
09:40:36 Snek snorter
Banana Bread

Whoops sorry!
Desire of The Hills
09:40:01 Caffeine Snorter
HotChocolate bares their fangs at Wolf 416.


C'mon DH boy, you can take her >:D!
Magical wolfs
09:39:49 Magical Medic / Mag
oh my, i have been away for so long, i don't even have living wolves left o-o
09:39:45 Z, Chai
i have a hellhound heart O.o and i dont want it XD
09:39:39 Jared.
This is what I get for becoming active again in the middle of an event
Desire of The Hills
09:39:21 Caffeine Snorter

Matoska is a him xD
09:39:21 Jared.
Oh, so you need five .-.
Jack Of Stars
09:39:06 Forum Stalker

lmao, yep
Desire of The Hills
09:38:58 Caffeine Snorter

Yes, it means he will leave you alone for now and give you 5 brains for 5 hellhoundhearts.
09:38:36 roll boi
Your wolves played: Oscar Pine growls at a squirrel.

just kill it oscar
The Baddest
09:38:13 Snek snorter
Banana bread

I like her!
09:37:59 Deijī | Floofer
Thoughts on him :D

09:37:58 Jared.
Does that mean he won't try to kill me o.O
Desire of The Hills
09:37:25 Caffeine Snorter
-WP Click-
Jack Of Stars
09:37:22 Forum Stalker

To give to Gwyn Ap Nudd
09:36:45 Jared.
What are hellhound hearts for?
09:34:57 roll boi
she also needs more rose petals


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Names? September 24, 2020 03:37 PM

Among Us
Posts: 2015
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Does anyone have name ideas for this oc?
(Credits on image)
Please try to have the name(s) relate to his looks or personality.
Personality: Very friendly
Is a pacifist
Names that will go into a poll
Feather Flight
Horus (God of the sky)
Caelum (Latin for sky)
Amun (God of the wind)
Olorun (God of the sky and the heavens)

Edited at September 24, 2020 04:04 PM by Geometry Dash
Names? September 24, 2020 03:57 PM

Posts: 161
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Feather Flight? I'm not actually sure why I thought of this name-
Names? September 24, 2020 03:57 PM

Posts: 18
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Aiden maybe

Edited at September 24, 2020 03:57 PM by alphaswolfclan
Names? September 24, 2020 04:01 PM

Posts: 858
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horus (god of the sky)
mollis (latin for fluffy)
Nebula (latin for cloud)
caelum (latin for sky)
Amun (god of the wind)
Olorun (god of the sky and the heavens)

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