11:11:44 Z, Chai
floof i have classes so we can go in about an hour- but we need to pick a reality
11:11:21 Deijī | Floofer
{Chai <3}

we could go right now if you want-
sweet hollows
like i didnt write that
11:10:55 Deijī | Floofer

I love him :O
11:10:44 Z, Chai
floof you dont need to be online we can come up with a reality to go to right now if you want O.o
The Magma Kingdom
11:10:23 Sukii
I made a comic strip of the photos xD
Dark Moonruler
11:10:05 King Boo
Wolves dont have fingers!
The Magma Kingdom
11:10:05 Sukii

11:09:45 Deijī | Floofer
I don't go t bed until like

l a t e

But i'm supposed to be grounded- I'll try and sneak on for a bit
sweet hollows
Your wolves played: Pup 21 sits down and starts to play Wolfplay on their computer. (4th wall breaking)

is that a new one??!!
The Ravenborn
11:09:03 haha Agave go brrr
[ suh dude ]
11:08:46 Z, Chai
floof what time (gametime) do you go to bed-
im gonna shift at 7:00 game time
11:08:32 Lilly
Thanks for paws guys <3
~Glitchy Ghoul~
11:08:18 Pantry Eater :3
@ Mi Amor
Aw :(
The Ravenborn
11:08:18 haha Agave go brrr
-WP Click-
Thoughts? His name is Atticus, he's my lovely angry boyo ^^
11:08:05 Deijī | Floofer
{Chai <3}

Depends on what time it is-
The Magma Kingdom
11:07:58 Sukii

..Guys.. I had to..
-A s a h i-
11:07:56 ~Country Shai~
The fixed ver.

11:07:41 Z, Chai
bye dark ^^
11:07:29 Z, Chai
hey floof wanna join me tonight? im doing a reality shift and wanna go with someone


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Bennie deserves loves *^* April 15, 2020 04:10 AM

Posts: 3918
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She needs a mate ya'll.
Meet Bennie!
~+About Bennie+~

Bennie is the bounciest, friendliest wolf. Ready to jump into anything, she gets herself into many sticky situations, like angering a dragon, or jumping on a dragon, mainly dragons.

She has always been friendly, and ready to make friends with you on the spot. Although her personality, she is very protective, especially of her best friend. Shes always happy to do what you want, she doesn't care what you pick. She of course has her flaws, but that makes her amazing.


Bennie is not picky in terms of looks, gender, or species, just keep in animal.
You may post more than one character, but only ONE character per post.
Bennie is looking for personality over looks :3
Small happy pupper
Ship Art (?)
I dunno-
There may not be a chosen mate.
But if there is its being announced on 10th October
You don't have to have art of your OC. Its preferred, but fine if you don't!

Edited at September 27, 2020 06:56 AM by Mysterys
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 15, 2020 04:11 AM

Posts: 3918
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More likely to be chosen have a ❤️ next to their name~
Cereal [Evie(The11)Frye]
Run [Destinations End] ❤️
Nebula [Blacky Death Kitty]

Edited at September 27, 2020 06:53 AM by Mysterys
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 15, 2020 04:16 AM

Posts: 575
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wasnt planning on putting him into like a relationship but a murderous weird duo would be cool :P
he probably isnt the best for one either :')

Edited at April 15, 2020 04:19 AM by Kodak Ravin
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 15, 2020 04:22 AM

lady satan
Posts: 14124
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Yo :3
i have Vyper-
Vyper can't remember a time she wasn't alone, or hunted, or shamed. She had always thought of it just as "survival of the fittest". Atleast, that's what she was taught. Vyper is extremely light on her feet and silent, giving her a much more creepier presence. She attacks almost anything that gets near her, it doesn't matter what it is. Whatever she caught would be her meal. Because she was forced into the streets early on, she knows her way around and often uses it to her advantage. Especially because she cannot see. Though, Vyper isn't a caring type or the talkative type, she can get a bit clingy. Claiming it's "just a coincidence that your both here at the same time". She doesn't like to admit her faults and gets aggressive easily, sometimes without provoking.
she is a- actually, I don't know what she is :/
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 15, 2020 03:36 PM

Posts: 929
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Uhh, so here's Venus -
Venus is a celestial entity, that takes the form of a ball of energy when travelling through space, but it the last couple of thousand years has settled as a wolf on Earth. She has had many names over the years, but has settled on Venus as of right now. Venus has adapted many personalities over the millions of years she has been alive, right now she may appear quite charming and easy-going, that's just the surface, of course. Living for such a long time has given her quite a careless attitude, she doesn't really care about others lives, she likes to toy and manipulate people. She also flies into fits of rages or a "phase" where she goes crazy and destroys whole planets. She is essentially one very, very bored space entity.
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 15, 2020 04:04 PM

Posts: 1074
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☠ V a n c e ☠

male ☠ serious, anger issues, neutral ☠ very prideful

Vance is a brooding canine, he's got some anger issues- rarely will he attack someone due to them, but accidents do happen. He's pretty serious, and always has a straight face... he can't help it. His pride is something he doesn't want damaged, so he won't admit when he's flustered, sad, and he definitely won't admit that he practically melts when hugged or shown affection. Vance will do anything to protect the one he loves, which brings me to say that's how he's got his bottom jaw exposed, why his front leg is ripped open, and why he has no tail. He fell for someone a while back and protected them. He was injured and when they saw how he looked... they ran off in fear. He supposed that looking like a grim reaper was a no-no for them. Vance is a hell-hound of sorts now, he acts as a tour guide for lost souls and sometimes he may or may not devour a soul or two.

Edited at April 15, 2020 04:05 PM by envious
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 16, 2020 05:31 AM

lady satan
Posts: 14124
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This is Void
Void is very quiet. As most run away from him, he doesn't really ever need to talk. Just look at them, eventually everything just runs away. But, even with this "curse" Void still finds the best things in life. You can hear nature better when no one is talking. You can find better hinding places, so that one day when he does have a friend, they can play the best games of hide-n-seek. Void has a big heart and nothing anyone could do could make him mad. He knows that not everything can go the right way, that the world follows its own path through its long life. Year after year, Void waits for that special friend. Most of his time is spent in the company of rabbits and bunnies, because, if you sit still enough they may venture out of their hidey-holes. Void feels a large attachment to certain places. They may be where he sleeps or where the cute bunnies last laid with him. Because he has no need to eat, he likes to spend time with animals, even though most run away.

Edited at April 16, 2020 05:43 AM by moon & stars
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 16, 2020 05:48 AM

Posts: 3918
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I love all these characters so much but Void is just
w o w
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 16, 2020 06:04 AM

Posts: 1814
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All of the information I have about her is in the link above ^^
Bennie deserves loves *^* April 16, 2020 07:07 AM

Former Pack
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Love it all

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