Valiant Winecup
10:31:08 Kurt the Val
I hate how we can't direct cuss words *at* people on here. How am I supposed to make my friend UNDERSTAND how much I LOVE THEM if I can't scream profanities at them (in text format)?
flying potato
10:31:03 TAM potato lord
mother lp
The Dragonborn
10:31:00 not a skyrim ref-
[ sjuk ]
i've spent over 10 years in school, i'm not going to school for an additional 5 years if i can help it xD

my dream is to make art for games and stuff, i'd love that so much *^*
10:30:46 Lost~Potato
Oooh may I see the male :)
flying potato
10:30:06 TAM potato lord
mother LP
im broke again lol i only have 15 mushies now..just to breed my mela female to a DH+mela male (dev suggested him)
Valiant Winecup
10:29:37 Kurt the Val
ooo, nice. I'll try it then
10:29:18 Old Spice Swagger
I'm back :")
10:29:05 bag o' bones
I'm just doing college so I have something to do at home. I'm doing that accelerated Keiser thing so I can do one class each month and I'll have two years worth of classes in just eight months I believe-?
10:29:04 Lost~Potato
Hello again tiny potato child
flying potato
10:28:27 TAM potato lord
mother T
whare are you
flying potato
10:28:04 TAM potato lord
mother LP
hi agein
10:28:04 Miri
There was this highschool where I lived and it was a college all in one.
10:27:42 Lost~Potato
Ewe college I didn’t even finish high school lol hated school
10:27:40 bag o' bones
Piss baby
I would recommend avoiding college if it isn't your thing too though-

I wish I could do freelance art shit but I hate my work too much to even try and sell it lol
flying potato
10:27:31 TAM potato lord
ok just lost 100 mush to breed her i hope i get something good
-WP Click-
The Dragonborn
10:26:55 not a skyrim ref-
no college for me, no sir- xD
10:26:51 bag o' bones
Unless you're already in college lmfao. I forget other adults exist on here sometimes ^^'
The Dragonborn
10:26:47 not a skyrim ref-
[ sjuk ]
oh hell no, i'm being a freelance artist- xD
10:26:21 bag o' bones
Piss baby
Go directly into college. Don't wait years in between like I did- :')
The Dragonborn
10:25:38 not a skyrim ref-
[ pineapples ]
today feels like a monday, honestly

[ chalice ]
i've gotten over 50 mush with my regular 30 moves

[ tam ]
there we go ^^

[ sjuk ]
damn, now i can't wait to graduate- xD


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    Wings Mizune NEW Update! March 25, 2021 06:13 PM

Posts: 16954
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>>New Rule<<
>No longer will I accept being credited from wp. You MUST credit me from TH. If you have credited me as wp please change that<
>>NEW Update<<
>More Mizune fun facts and info has been given!<

>>New Feature<<
>You are now able to breed your mizune! Normally Mizune will mate for life, but I'll make an exception for the shop. You are able to breed two of your mizune together or breed with another person's mizune as long as you receive permission. Gear does not transfer to the mizune, you need to add it separately. New rules have been added regarding breeding so please read them<

Edited at April 12, 2021 06:30 PM by Wings57
    Wings Mizune NEW Update! April 12, 2021 06:03 AM

Posts: 16954
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>>When you pay if you could just write a message that says something like "sent" so I can keep up on who's paying<<
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 10:04 AM

Posts: 16954
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Welcome to my shop of Mizunes! What is a Mizune exactly? Well, they're a species of fox that lives in the water. They are amphibious creatures that live in ponds, lakes, and rivers. However, they only live in freshwater.

Edited at February 28, 2021 10:04 AM by Wings57
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 10:11 AM

Posts: 16954
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About the species

Name: Mizune (mizu=water kitsune=fox)
Height: 9-12 inches
Length: 25-30 inches
Life Span: 20 years
Special features: Slick fur, multiple tails, long and thin bodies, when born they are lotus flowers, webbed feet
Age of maturity: 1 year
Appearance: Long thin bodies with webbed feet and multiple tails. The number of tails may vary but is never more than 9
Habitat: Lives in water but must come up for air. Only lives in freshwater
Diet: Carnivorous
Litter size: 1 pup, rarely 2
Breeding season: Springtime each year
Love: Mate for life

Fun Facts!
-The lotus petals aren't actually lotus petals but instead the tails of the Mizune! This works as camouflage to hide the young ones
-A mother Mizune will lay her young on a lily pad where the child will burrow into the stem and lay dormant until they reach the majority
-The mother and father Mizune will raise their pup up until they burst from the lily pad. Then they are on their own
-Mizune mate for life, if their partner dies then they will not mate again
-If twins are born then they will likely spend their whole lives together until they each find a mate
-Baby Mizune will most likely die before reaching adult hood, this depends on where they were born though
-Mizune are capable of leaving the water but only for roughly 30 minutes before they must renter

Edited at March 25, 2021 05:42 PM by Wings57
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 10:13 AM

Posts: 16954
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-This is my original species! I came up with it! Do not copy or steal these designs or lore
-Be nice
-Be patient
-Failure to pay will result in you not receiving any art
-Make sure to credit me at TH Wings57
-You can place your finished piece anywhere as long as you credit me
-Do not remove my mark
-Do not send any payment until I approve your form
-I can add your oc into the design however I will not use wp wolf images
-You must give me an oc, theme, or pallet for a custom order
-Some premades already have gear on them. If you wish to add gear though just ask and send payment. Fill out the custom form
-Customs will come with child and adult form
-I do not do reservations, if you have not paid within 12 hours then I will consider your claim void
-Even if you do not add gear to your character I might add my own depending on how I feel or what it goes with. If you do not like what I add I will of course, remove it
-You may only breed one pair at a time
-A pair bred will only have one offspring
-Gear is not added to offspring. You can however choose to add gear for an added fee
>>>Please ask before selling and trading these characters

Edited at April 12, 2021 11:48 AM by Wings57
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 10:15 AM

Posts: 16954
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Custom price: 300 mush
Breeding Price: 300 mush
Small addons (earings, jewelry, etc): 50 mush each
Large addons (wings, horns, etc): 100 mush each


Pack Name:


Edited at March 26, 2021 08:03 AM by Wings57
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 10:17 AM

Posts: 16954
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Young: 20210227-230435.jpg
Adults: 20210227-224934.jpg
Eyes and legs remain my nemisis

Edited at February 28, 2021 09:24 PM by Wings57
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 10:20 AM

Posts: 16954
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TL: 300
TM: 250
TR: 250
ML: 350
MM: 350
MR: 200
BL: 250
BM: 300
BR: 250

Edited at April 13, 2021 09:24 PM by Wings57
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 11:47 AM

The Argent Dawn
Posts: 436
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Claim Premades #6 and #9 please :)
Wings Mizune NEW Update! February 28, 2021 11:48 AM

Posts: 16954
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The Argent Dawn said:
Claim Premades #6 and #9 please :)

Send the mush and I'll send them your way!

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