05:32:43 Shim|RS
I think the 2nd one^^
Interstellar Sun
05:31:40 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
Who to pop?

-WP Click-

-WP Click-

-WP Click-
05:31:35 Ken~Kennedy
-WP Click- names?
05:31:02 alex
Anyone got any art ideas for anthro animals. I need some to make while I de-stress and then auction them off
The Argent Dawn
05:30:25 Tamsin / Shetani

Dark Ranger, Shadow of Mist, Moon's Touch
The Jötunn
05:29:54 Jay
Rip, I've gotta go /back/ to Louisiana tomorrow 🙃
Brelsotr Pack
05:29:54 Wolves of Gluttony
Anybody care to join me for an FxM anthro pm rp? Or in the forums, if pms don't suit you? Pm me if you do please...
the Wayne pack
@Ancestral Blues

Phantom? Eclipse?
Ancestral Blues
05:29:00 Injiska | A.B
Name ideas?
-WP Click-
The Argent Dawn
05:27:06 Tamsin / Shetani

05:26:49 She/her

Ooh, I'll use that. Thanks.
Broken Archangel
05:26:21 Samael ,Flawed
She needs to hurry up
-WP Click-
Sidewinder@toby. it's a snake that lives in the desert, her brindle kinda resembles the tracks they leave in the sand
05:25:53 Pickles <3
Sandy- ;-;
Brelsotr Pack
05:25:45 Wolves of Gluttony
@Bnm I see...
05:25:31 alex
And I had my first day of college today for the semester
05:24:28 She/her
Got any desert-related name ideas for her??
-WP Click-
Brelsotr Pack
05:24:03 Wolves of Gluttony
@Bnm Cool!
05:23:50 alex
Waiting for the last kid to get picked up
Sweetwater River
05:23:40 river/sweet/swater
wow queen Sweetwater river bumps into a tree.


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|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 24, 2020 01:51 PM

Posts: 8
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If you're on this forum post, I'm assuming you're here for the ych, so I'll jump straight into the details :)
Winter is fast approaching, and with that I decided it'd be fun to throw out a little YCH with a winter theme! Two wolves just doing cute wolf things on a snowy night <3
This is an auction, and there's only one slot (since I have other art projects on my plate too) so there'll only be one winner! If you don't get it I'm sorry, but if I decide to stick with occasional YCHs between commissions just make sure to look out for them in the future!
Anyways, enough of that, here's the auction rules:
You canNOT use this YCH for yourself without my permission. This art is mine, it's original. So please don't take and trace/reuse it please? Thanks.
Please provide two reference images for the wolves in the YCH. If you don't have a visual reference drawing/image of the characters I won't be able to draw them :(
If you're going to use someone else's character, ask them first! Don't just use their character without their permission. Along with that please also don't just steal a character that isn't yours and ask me to draw them because I'll decline.
Be nice to others! Don't fight in the posts please, that'd be a little unnecessary over some artwork.
Please send the payment within 24-48 hours after being notified if you won! I would like the payment before I hand over the completed piece. With that I ask that you don't rush me. I have terrible motivation slumps sometimes :')
If you use the art for anything once finished, make sure to credit me!
General WP rules also apply. Make sure to follow them, they're just as important, if not more.
I think that's everything? Now then, onto the art.
The finished product will be clean lined, colored, and shaded, along with the background already provided.
***If wolves have any accessories, such as scarves, feathers, flowers, etc. etc. I can draw them if wanted, just let me know.
100 mush
20 mush
4 apples
(I can dream)
Kampa - 4 Apples (AB)
〈End Date〉
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Happy bidding <3

Edited at November 25, 2020 03:16 PM by Waekefield
|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 24, 2020 01:52 PM

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|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 24, 2020 01:58 PM

Space Man
Posts: 218
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|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 24, 2020 02:00 PM

Posts: 1522
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1 apple
|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 24, 2020 05:41 PM

Posts: 5288
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|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 25, 2020 03:15 PM

Posts: 8
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I was not expecting an AB that quickly holy cow, thank you!!!
With that, guess that makes you the winner, Kampa! Could you send over the characters and payment please? Thanks again!

Kämpa said:

|| Winter YCH Auction || (CLOSED) || November 25, 2020 03:23 PM

Posts: 5288
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Apples & Pm sent ^^

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