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If I were to name him Rust, do you guys thing it would fit him?
08:43:09 Sandy/Forum Mod
Bred my Viti with a female Viti and no Viti pups showed up
08:42:12 Shoto/SpoonSnorter
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What have I discovered?
Sandrix Empire
08:42:02 Turtle Duck
Hello, everyone.
I'm tired of being disrespected by men. I just want a girl in my life but my area sucks
08:40:50 Corpse or Savy
Made it home. Another day another blizzard
08:40:39 Mass Exploring Queen
I don't know. How do they hate you?
The Wolf Gang
08:40:30 King Sponge
Kinda wanna do and Elf rp🧐
08:37:21 Sandy/Forum Mod
Guys why does my Viti hate me
Sweetwater River
08:36:57 river/sweet/swater
how are you guys
08:35:38 Venn/Venne
Yeah, then we can have Capitol Riots, part 2. <.<
08:35:16 Genie | Swag | Dabi
Bored :/
The Wolf Gang
08:35:08 King Sponge
I wish there was a real purge 😑
Rebel's rein
08:33:48 Bagel ghost thing
Finished the sketch, not excited for the lineart

Wild heart
08:31:25 Call me wild
Sweetwater River
08:31:13 river/sweet/swater
Book Bean
08:27:45 Sad Birb Mom
Looking for an rp partner who can play male in a elf x human rp. I do sort of have a plot for it and I have no preference as to playing elf or human, though I do have an elf character ready.
08:25:18 Adeline
If anyone wants to do a 1x1 horse RP, check out my page for my personal rules.
Icywolve pack
08:22:06 Icy/Prime
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Wolf rp many spots are open most alpha spots are as well alpha wolfs if you want they can have powers and so can there pups
The HellHowlers
08:21:55 BJake, Hell
I'm soooooo bored and lonley


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Hurrys Art Shop-CLOSED December 30, 2020 10:56 AM

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🍑JuicyPeach🍑 said:
Chibi Wolf Style Form:
Pack name and number: JuicyPeach (258860)
OC (if written I take no responsibility for accuracy): Jingle
personality: Kind and Sweet
Type(can be just headshot or headshot plus simple background): Fullbody, white background
Shading(yes/no): Nah
Your idea/description(include pose, emotion and whatever else): Maybe her just sleeping with reindeer antler headband
Total:100 mushoes
(For when your open)

It's finished ^^ let me know if you want any edits
Total: 80 mush

Edited at December 30, 2020 11:22 AM by Hurry
Hurrys Art Shop-CLOSED December 30, 2020 11:27 AM

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Semi-Realistic Style Form:

Pack name and number: Larska 216164

OC :



Credits to: Buck-The-Mutt @ TH

OC personality:

Larska is a wise yet quiet Guardian (an origonal species). Their kind is most known for it's over protectiveness of living beings, they're tendancy to resource guard and the weird behaviors they exhibit around humans. Larska, especially, seams to exchibit both curiousity and a violent hate for humans, especially for what they have done to their gardens (the title for the 'heart forest' they protect). Larska is also known to be pretentious around their friends, often lying to make themselves look godlike.

Type: Fullbody.

Shading: Yes

Your idea/description: I don't really care, honestly, perhaps her being prideful with her head up with the setting of a forest? I'm not picky however.

Notes: Because it's an O.S, I'm gonna list a few details I'd like you to acknowledge when drawing Larska: their long, slim ears. The excess fur- or mane- on their neck and back and the curl at the end of their short haired tail.

Total: 500 mush?

Edited at December 30, 2020 11:29 AM by Larska

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