11:05:16 Corpse or Savy
Hmmm... Should I...

1. Be safe and stay home during the winter storm or...

2. Drive to work anyway because I need money
Star Potential
11:04:35 Pumpkin Pie/Star

Not right this second, because I’m not on explore, but yes, that has happened to me
Ashes Of An Illusion
11:04:21 Night Rain - Moon
Sometimes mostly on my laptop
11:03:09 Apricot
This happening to anyone else?
10:56:45 Hells cookie thief
-WP Click-

This is to be my new battle wolf. Now to CP and BE train him :'D
Hard Rock
10:56:22 Rock& Rolls the
-WP Click-

thoughts on her?
10:55:24 Emmet
I need to replace Beel and Satan :")

Should I use my other male mela and albi? Or should I wait.
Imposter 1.0
10:52:16 Freak, Sus, Bakugou
hi dunceface-
10:51:40 denki, em, eternal
Ceaseless Silhouette
10:50:57 Holly, Leaf
Okay XD talk later
10:50:24 Corpse or Savy
It is absolutely freezing in the library O.o
Raging Flames
10:50:08 Flames, Hubby, Nerd

sniiiif im not alone :')
Jack Of Stars
10:50:00 trash overlord >:
I er-
Got to poof, bye!

Send a PM with your complaints <3
Ceaseless Silhouette
10:49:25 Holly, Leaf
Mumbling about evil angels?
o.o okay then XD
Little Pumpkin
10:48:59 Barnaby
I do
Raging Flames
10:48:28 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
Does anyone else listen to Marina and the Diamonds or it it only me...? Just me? Ok-
Jack Of Stars
10:48:26 trash overlord >:
Oh. Okay then :')
I'm totally not burying my head in the cat's fur and mumbling about evil angels heh
Ceaseless Silhouette
10:47:11 Holly, Leaf
I was kidding XD
I'm not going to poof for a while :3
Jack Of Stars
10:46:34 trash overlord >:
Of course-
Shoo, you can PM me when you can guarrantee your presence, now go :")
Ceaseless Silhouette
10:45:24 Holly, Leaf
Might just conveniently poof now :3


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Winter Shop || Open November-December || Temp. Close November 26, 2020 01:28 PM

Corgi ♡
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Pack Name-
Pack Number- #262105
Lineart #- 4
Specific colors for gear?- n/a
Anything else?- Thank you so much!
Winter Shop || Open November-December || Temp. Close November 26, 2020 06:58 PM

~ Blu ~
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Pack Name- ~ Blu ~
Pack Number- #259206
Lineart #- 4
OC 1- Storm
Specific colors for gear?- Yes please, can you make the collar a more pastel red?
Anything else?- No thanks! (I may tip you xD)

Edited at November 26, 2020 07:00 PM by ~ Blu ~
Winter Shop || Open November-December || Temp. Close November 27, 2020 02:00 PM

Autumn Shire
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Holy crap-
Was NOT expecting this haha, uh, everyone's forms are accepted :3

That said- this is temporarily closed so I can catch up with everyone XD
Thanks again everyone for submitting forms!

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