The Argent Dawn
05:27:06 Tamsin / Shetani

05:26:49 She/her

Ooh, I'll use that. Thanks.
Broken Archangel
05:26:21 Samael ,Flawed
She needs to hurry up
-WP Click-
[email protected] it's a snake that lives in the desert, her brindle kinda resembles the tracks they leave in the sand
05:25:53 Pickles <3
Sandy- ;-;
Brelsotr Pack
05:25:45 Wolves of Gluttony
@Bnm I see...
05:25:31 alex
And I had my first day of college today for the semester
05:24:28 She/her
Got any desert-related name ideas for her??
-WP Click-
Brelsotr Pack
05:24:03 Wolves of Gluttony
@Bnm Cool!
05:23:50 alex
Waiting for the last kid to get picked up
Sweetwater River
05:23:40 river/sweet/swater
wow queen Sweetwater river bumps into a tree.
05:23:39 alex
Hi, I'm currently at work
Brelsotr Pack
05:23:04 Wolves of Gluttony
Hey bnm! It's been awhile!
05:22:00 alex
Mean while anyone wanna give me some ideas for my next art auction. It's gonna be anthro
05:20:54 denki, em, eternal
ima have fun with this boyo
-WP Click- this was the female pup
The Argent Dawn
05:20:33 Tamsin / Shetani

I'm sure they did it on purpose. It's best to just not give them the time of day and report
𓆙 The baddest
05:19:12 Baddest/Snek/KCK

05:18:48 alex
Pretty sure they did that on purpose
05:18:15 Pickles <3
huge rip if you ask me lol-
05:18:05 alex
And they just joined to....


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Ouija's Free Art Shop November 26, 2020 01:20 PM

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(c) 249424/Reathmuaz
There isn't much to say about Ali, because he's super underdeveloped, lmao.
But here's i got so far, and had in mind as I was making him.
Ali has a pretty normal life, pelt colour, pretty boring personality, and hard to get a long with. All in all, Ali is a pretty average joe.
This drove him crazy with want, to be someone else, and to be someone who will stand out. So he dyed his fur, splashed on some makeup, and thus created the Alisstaer we see today.
He's basically a character that I throw out during Halloween, and has a bunch of my favourite "cooky" characters/movies. :)
Ouija's Free Art Shop December 6, 2020 05:21 PM

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He is a demon x wolf cross, very evil minded and crooked. He is merciless but also charismatic
Ouija's Free Art Shop December 6, 2020 06:27 PM

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A charming, sly thief who can talk his way out of a hell of a lot of ordeals. He loves the attention he gets from being out in the open, knowing he's wanted for multiple acts of thievery and arson, always on the wrong side of the law. He likes to be surrounded by materialistic objects and others who are in higher power.
Edit: Fixing some typos

Edited at December 6, 2020 06:28 PM by EyelessPyro
Ouija's Free Art Shop December 8, 2020 08:14 PM

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I'll provide two. Deidra is very intricate but I only have art I made for her xD
A delicate and complicated being. She is an ethereal being who everyone gets along with. She knows she is stunning but is rather shy. She is the one that fixes everyone else's problems instead. She is also blind.
Also an ethereal being, Antidote flaunts her beauty. She is confident and incredibly smart. She is almost too witty for those around her. She was detached wings (optional) that come and go as they please.
Ouija's Free Art Shop December 8, 2020 10:12 PM

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hes generally cazy and acts on his own accord. he likes to mess around and play pranks on people. with his friends hes nice and cares for them, he likes to goof off with them and play jokes with them. if someone tries to hurt his friends he will stick up for them no matter what

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