Chaos Corpse
06:48:27 Corpse | Chaos
Overlord, Interesting, why are you telling me xD
Pack King
06:48:10 Lauren | PK
-WP Click-
New mutant wolf/animal roleplay!

Sign ups open and lots of places still available please come have a look!
Devil's Gambit
06:47:49 Dev I Devil I Fridge
For future note it is 900x200
Chaos Corpse
06:46:50 Corpse | Chaos
Fuck- That means dawn didn't die damn it >.>
06:46:34 Ancient Demon
it is night where i am but morning to you
Pack King
06:46:21 Lauren | PK
Thank god, Zara and Kadee died lmao :P
Chaos Corpse
06:46:19 Corpse | Chaos
-WP Click-
No death >.> Please demon child
Jack Of Stars
06:45:51 trash overlord >:
I know, it seems like so long :,)
Pretty good, finally finished the explore level I'd been procrastinating on and just putting the finishing touches on a RP sheet of mine, you?
06:45:38 Scary Fairy ♡
Morning guys
Peaceful Vengeance
06:45:33 Sage || Lost
Hello Sage 2.0 lmao
How have you been? Well I hope
Hurricane blizzards
06:44:37 Sage/winter
Good morning peace :p
Peaceful Vengeance
06:43:28 Sage || Lost
Ah my favorite clone :0
Long time no see, how are you holding up?
Jack Of Stars
06:42:50 trash overlord >:
Good morning! :D
Peaceful Vengeance
06:42:26 Sage || Lost
morning :D
Chaos Corpse
06:42:26 Corpse | Chaos
Three damn minutes >.>
06:41:25 Golden, Gel
im back
Devil's Gambit
06:40:31 Dev I Devil I Fridge
I cant take screenshots...using url links only otherwise I would resize it on my art app
06:39:28 Sith Happens
Congrats Lys! :D
06:38:53 go BE train :v
I got twin DHs today! :D
Chaos Corpse
06:38:45 Corpse | Chaos
Anakin, Death to it >.>


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Custom Art Shop November 24, 2020 05:15 PM

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Hello, your art style is absolutely amazing, I need it ^*^
Pack Name: Ruvic
Pack #: 246164
Pieces: 1
Doodle or Painted? Doodle
Headshot/Fullbody/Etc. Headshot
Character Reference:
Click --> Do you reckon you could do something with this guy? I would love to see him in your style. He's fairly complex though so absolutely fine if not.
Price: 7 apples?

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