Rageing Stormz
08:32:11 That Pet Spider
Pelts uncommon and higher in rarity happen at random chance in breeding
Shadows Of Ember
08:31:39  🥔Ari
[email protected]
That just takes us to error.
Okay but like someone tell me how two starter wolves make a R49 dynamic coat pup? -WP Click-
Crimson Rose53368
08:30:03 Harley Or Zippy
I am dying inside :C Today hasn't been my best day
08:29:55 ItzCyberWolfyPlayz
What do you think my Amber is gonna breed out?

-WP Click-
Brelsotr Pack
08:28:58 Dragons of Gluttony
Mewni..... do you like to rp as dragons?
Shadows Of Ember
08:28:52  🥔Ari
[email protected]
My favorite ship is Starco.
Starco is bae.
Jarco is bad.
Starco is LIFE.
Belle Nation

How are you?
08:28:35 Venn/Venne
Mewni - you could do it in the future, between arcs/timelines that aren't written about, or just an alternate universe where all the plot doesnt actually happen.
08:27:54 Princess Of Mewni
Oh ok that makes sense @revenge

Shadows-yes, yes I am
Park Seonghwa
08:27:25 High Warlock
Anyone want to do a MxM rp? Pm me!
Peppermint Twist
08:26:32 Minty | Twist

That sounds like loads of fun U,U
08:26:27 Princess Of Mewni
Vennenum-I guess that makes sense I just don't get how you rp with a character in a scene that's already been written and finished. Like wouldn't the characters just do what they did in cannon? What's the point in rping something that's already cannonically happened. Maybe I'm just thinking too much about it, it makes sense if you do a scenario that hasn't already been played out.
Shadows Of Ember
08:26:08  🥔Ari
How come my memes of the week post was taken down?
Was it because of the cat flipping the bird?
Verity, Horseman of
08:26:03 Raven, taken
Hey Belle!
Revenge Is Sweet
08:25:48 Please Stand By~!
In one of my offsite I'm playing two soon-to-be dead children, Two bullies and a dalmation :')
The Pine Pack
08:25:05 Pine the Pineapple~
Does anyone like my bio?
Shadows Of Ember
08:24:40  🥔Ari
[email protected]
Are you a fan of...
Revenge Is Sweet
08:24:02 Please Stand By~!

You could add an OC,free-go(No plot), and you can talk out which Characters you want to play if you want to play canon characters-
Rageing Stormz
08:24:02 That Pet Spider


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