The Empire Cat
09:19:53 kwitty cat
Bye Missy
Frozen Abyss
09:19:49 You will never know
Yes. :>
09:19:40 Ash Goddess
To each their own, I suppose. But her pelt isn’t that pretty to me, apologies. I prefer greyscale and more pelt colors that look good together^^
The Empire Cat
09:19:38 kwitty cat
PM me if you need anything
The Empire Cat
09:19:21 kwitty cat
got to go bye
Crescent Moon Pack
09:19:20 Blue--Devil
Moth, that sounds wonderful *^* Its been ages since i went biking- all my bikes were either ran over by a car (thanks dad e.e) or have somehow ended up with broken tires :/
Miss Wolf
09:19:03 Missy | Miss
Child, Of course. I can do the dance of encouragement. If you need it?
Katsuki Bakugou
09:18:42 Lemon lover, Kacchan
i know right? :3
The Empire Cat
09:18:27 kwitty cat
I guess no one likes it because no one is answering me
Frozen Abyss
09:18:20 You will never know
Thanks for the encouragement. :,)

Palette Addict,
Good luck. <3 ;-;
Katsuki Bakugou
09:18:16 Lemon lover, Kacchan
lol well at least i think shes pretty *^*
Crescent Moon Pack
09:18:05 Blue--Devil
Im with Ash on this one-
north star
09:18:05 the mothiest of moth
ma'am I was joking no need to be sorry<3

im doing great though, thank you. went biking by meself and blasted music :))
Destinations End
09:17:59 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Um.. okay? ^^'
Akecheta Pack
09:17:54 Barley
Lemon lover, she’s beautiful!
09:17:35 Ash Goddess
I wage war against red vulpes.
Rezikas pack
09:17:30 Rez/ Kaze/ Kate/ kat
Crescent Moon Pack
09:16:49 Blue--Devil
Moth, oh my God, im so sorry, i couldve sworn i did >.<
How are you doing, love?
Katsuki Bakugou
09:16:42 Lemon lover, Kacchan
-WP Click-
omg so pretty what do you guys think of her? ^^
Devil's Gambit
09:16:42 Dev I Devil I Fridge
Alright, I'll send the request to them then.

I know... ;-;


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