Logics End
09:53:57 Kirishima-Kun
Gl1tch3d Øn3
09:53:34 Glitched, Virus
Beocme annabeth chase.
09:53:26 Apple/Flo/Blep
Imposter 1.0
09:53:01 Freak, Sus, Bakugou
@shitty hair
thanks man
The Wolf Gang
09:52:45 King Sponge
Logic: That doesn't work🤧
09:52:42 Fade | Memory
Heraheim ♥️⚔ shares rumors about Slim fighting off a Bigfoot.

Chasing Stables
09:52:36 Barnaby/Catch Me
You would love descendants 1 and 2 possible 3 but something sad happened with made me never to watch it
Logics End
09:52:03 Kirishima-Kun
you put in your earbuds and drown her out
09:51:33 Timber | A-B
You can walk? Dang, that makes one of us
The Wolf Gang
09:51:33 King Sponge
How does one continue to live with your dads girlfriend that drives you utterly insane and you don't like one bit because she's a bitch without losing anymore sanity? >_<
Chasing Stables
09:51:16 Barnaby/Catch Me
Why do you refuse to watch it?
Logics End
09:51:15 Kirishima-Kun
lol, nice
Uhu o ka hekili
09:51:01 See Me In A Crown
@Chasing, haven't watched any.
Logics End
09:50:59 Kirishima-Kun
Lol thanks, good luck with the pups!
Chasing Stables
09:50:56 Barnaby/Catch Me
All the erys were bred by the same player XD Meraki was bred by me.
09:50:51 Corpse or Savy
Man I'm tired :/ I worked a 12 hour shift last night, completely killed my knees and feet.
Gl1tch3d Øn3
09:50:45 Glitched, Virus
billie eylash
Like the bibg city green parody? whee
Uhu o ka hekili
09:50:39 See Me In A Crown
@Chasing, oh me too, I just know the song.
Chasing Stables
09:50:14 Barnaby/Catch Me
3 not 2 XD


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Tracing and Heavy Referencing July 8, 2018 03:11 PM

Former Pack
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Mavi said:
Poses are generally okay. You can't call someone out for heavy referencing a howling wolf image just because their wolf is howling. If that makes any sense?
With more complicated poses however, you will need to be careful when referencing.

BlankStormz said:
I'm very curious about heavy references >.>

If you actually have an application where you are able to put the model in your desired pose, can you still draw that pose? Of course, it will still have slight changes, such as designs, facial features, eyes, etc... (This may sound quite dumb but I need to know e.e)))

Awesome thanks =^-^=
Tracing and Heavy Referencing November 17, 2018 08:07 AM

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What if you take a picture of your pet or something, then like redraw it digitally by tracing the lines and colors and stuff? Would you be allowed to use that?

Edit; what was i thinking

Edited at October 27, 2019 01:46 PM by p l u t o
Tracing and Heavy Referencing November 23, 2018 08:43 AM

Dash Attacked
Game Moderator
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Carnivore said:
What if you take a picture of your pet or something, then like redraw it digitally by tracing the lines and colors and stuff? Would you be allowed to use that?

Since the picture you're referencing off of would belong to you, there wouldn't really be any art theft happening, so that would be fine. Just be sure to either mention that you're referencing off your own photos or keep the proof on hand just in case someone asks.
Tracing and Heavy Referencing November 24, 2018 11:01 AM

Former Pack
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Yeah, it probably don't need to write, but thank you to all mods who explains rules to ones who didn't get it fast (me!).

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