09:53:29 Dani/Danish/Cherry
We all so poor except sky xD
Uniex inex
09:53:26 table flipper
luckily they are gunna let me have a tab
Uniex inex
09:53:10 table flipper
bearpaw is making me some art of my wolf XD
Winter Turning
09:52:45 Winter
Wow that’s a big debt what did you buy?
The HellHowlers
09:52:39 B Jake
@Uniex inex

I mean my family is poor in real life to
Burning Roses
09:52:21 Your local therapist
I have 206 mush and an apple >.>
09:52:03 Pyro
Does anyone want my daily 5 character points for a specific wolf of theirs?
The HellHowlers
09:51:48 B Jake
you know what this has made my day ima go it to sales and give away a bunch of free drawings!
Uniex inex
09:51:47 table flipper
hahah at least yall dont have a 1000 mush debt due XD
Winter Turning
09:51:34 Winter
Oh yeah, I don’t have anything lol I’m probably gonna die
09:51:19 CrAcKhEAd Daughter


I am going to make it into a YCh, and I will likely add shading before I do so.
I am going to do the background last, because I am going to do it according to what the buyer wants.

I am also going to make a chritsmas themed YCH :D
Destinations End
09:50:57 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Thank you.. <3

The same goes for you
The HellHowlers
09:50:51 B Jake
ok good we are all the same
Eclipsed Sky
09:50:46 hmm what to put here
I will share! I have 1,000+ mush and an apple
Sharing is Caring C:
Winter Turning
09:50:38 Winter
Nope we’re all poor!
The HellHowlers
09:50:12 B Jake
I.. I think I'm poor compared to every one, I have no apples and only 33 mush
Winter Turning
09:49:40 Winter
I have no mush either. We can be poor together! Lol
09:49:37 Fawn's Dealer
A Whisker Away
09:49:13 Call me Muge or Taro
Your wolves played: Pup 6 digs a hole.

I have had you for one day and you dig a hole wow
09:48:58 Miss/Mom Mod
Desti, That's my mood today hun. I'm here if you need to PM me <3


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Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement September 28, 2019 10:20 PM

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woah Lightbringer spy, get away from here
Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement September 28, 2019 10:29 PM

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Leave us, Sparky.
Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement September 28, 2019 11:44 PM

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Good job, guys!
We're 1 away from having a 100 difference :D
Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement October 6, 2019 07:22 PM

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no, now the difference reduced to 70, we still have to hold it up, there are still 9 days remaining
Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement October 10, 2019 04:39 PM

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We are totally winning. And have been for a while. Ha-HA!
Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement October 11, 2019 11:40 PM

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take that!!
nuetrals rule!!!
Neutral Leaf PVP Enhancement October 14, 2019 03:43 PM

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Victory Leaf!

yeah also we've passed darkies in PvP, so it's a good progress since they used to be above us and a very high diference (at least for the last 5 months)
Result of October 31th 19:00 WP time
Lightbringers: 400 PvP wins
Darkseekers: 340 PvP wins
Neutral: 354 PvP wins

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