Dash Attacked
09:17:48 nyoom
I love blazers. Makes me feel hella fancy. :')
09:17:42 White
Mistress Nyx
09:17:32 Peitho Paroxyisma
Serial: Oh, how pretty
09:17:29 White
cough not that one
09:17:26 Hollow | Silver
Not mom
Sticks and knives got involved xD Magic was there briefly but it was an interesting mess of things.
Fool's Gold
09:17:18 Fool, Kanra
I think I better just clear up that I'm not a gorgeous, golden-eyed vampire-
09:17:06 White
Mistress Nyx

i'm 18
Destinations End
09:17:03 Desti
If they're referring to the item on this game that changes a pups gender then there's definitely nothing wrong with their conversation
09:16:55 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Her leg markings are stunning Ser
Mistress Nyx
09:16:45 Peitho Paroxyisma
WhiteWolf: How old are you?
Serial Dreamer
-WP Click-
Calling All Losers
09:16:24 Cal's Rescue
Dirt Child~
Oh god, lmao xD
09:16:14 White
=-= what with people this is not pg-13
09:16:05 Queen Vixen Of Hell
I am off to get my chocolate from the fridge
09:15:45 Silly-Wan Kenobi
I'm a perfectionist by nature so every mistake I make in life I beat myself up for nine times over.
Kylie Hatake
09:15:42 Romano
-WP Click-
This link heads to a roleplay with Pegasi, it's a Pegasus roleplay that I made called 'The Two Herds' The herd was one until seperated into two after a BIG fight broke out, it was so stupid, the warm marked pegasi had to leave, leaving foals, mothers and family behind with the cool/cold marked ones... until a foal was born, born of two from different herds, it was a rainbow, How will this life continue? Can you get the herds to join back up once again or are they doomed to be apart forever?

Please join :')
Brelsotr Pack
09:15:40 Pack of Gluttony
@WhiteWolf Alright then. PM me when you get the chance. ^-^
Rushing Waves
09:15:37 Rushie
"Do it. I'm hungry"

Reminds me of when I said 'bite me' to you-
09:15:22 White
I'm dead already
09:15:16 Hollow | Silver
Not mom
We were talking about pup sex changing. It got pretty weird. Maybe I'll upload a screenshot to postim


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The Cheeto-Bringers October 20, 2018 12:41 AM

Shadows Of Ember
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[Mod Edit: Removed]

listen you bored desperate cheetos!
is time to make fun of some random fella the majority of the world hate!
and his name is Donald,

Welcome my dear little cheetos to..... The cheeto of the day! The lightbringer cheeto of the day is.......

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The Cheeto-Bringers October 20, 2018 12:45 AM

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I like Flamin' Hot Cheetos. That's my snack. Sadly it has been a while since I had some of those munches.
The Cheeto-Bringers October 20, 2018 12:46 AM

Shadows Of Ember
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Iditarod Wolves said:
I like Flamin' Hot Cheetos. That's my snack. Sadly it has been a while since I had some of those munches.

Oh no!
The Cheeto-Bringers October 20, 2018 12:48 AM

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Anything reguarding Politics is not allowed in the Forums, as it can create uneccesary drama and start flame wars. Locking Topic.

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