Blue and Gold
07:18:52 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Thats nice, im super tired, as its 5:18am
Pack Alpha
07:17:56 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Im feeling actually much better today to be honest.
Maenads Of The Stars
07:17:42 Strai | Celestia
Morning folks
Blue and Gold
07:17:04 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Good, what about you?
07:16:28 Eternity, ET
Aren't you supposed to link to the artist's account with that lineart?
Pack Alpha
07:16:20 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Hello, how are you
Blue and Gold
07:15:09 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~
Hey Jo
Pack Alpha
07:13:20 Alpha // Jo
Hello Guys
bea artem
07:12:59 No.
I just had fun with it, and this turned out.

Love that. :')
Wolves of Asgard
07:11:15 The Dragonmaster
Made some good progress yesterday. The eyes need touched up.
Leopard Lover
07:10:31 Leopard, LL
It's a kangaroo/bat/axolotl

07:10:28 Med or Medi
Gotta go. See ya!
Wolves of Asgard
07:09:54 The Dragonmaster
It looks like a dragon crossed with a kangaroo.
bea artem
07:09:30 No.
I have no clue, but I like it. :)
Wolves of Asgard
07:09:04 The Dragonmaster
Bea..what is it?
bea artem
07:08:37 No.
I actually really like this creature. :P
07:08:25 Med or Medi
-WP Click-
Not bad.
Wolves of Asgard
07:08:22 The Dragonmaster
-WP Click-
I want to pop her right now. Tossed her at a Chimmie male.
Wolves of Asgard
07:06:48 The Dragonmaster
Heya guys
07:02:04 Med or Medi
-WP Click-
lol I actually kinda like her.


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Why a Lightbringer? June 15, 2019 02:12 AM

Posts: 627
i'm not quite sure. perhaps because it sounded nice? but i didn't ever really try to stick to the 'bring justice!' theme i tried to have. then i regretted it deeply since a l o t of my wolves were actually villains--
Why a Lightbringer? June 21, 2019 07:19 AM

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Why did I choose Lightbringer?<div bis_skin_checked="1">
<div bis_skin_checked="1">Well, my other accounts, everytime I have had a specific name, it always gets turned on it's head. <div bis_skin_checked="1">Because I went with the packname Battlefield, Lightbringer seemed the best suited. Because we were given the simple explanation of a fraction war, my mind went into the stories of different sides at war. Both sides see themselves as the good guys. It fits better with my pack because I think everyone; even evil characters, sees themselves as the good guys.
Why a Lightbringer? June 26, 2019 11:17 PM

Ninjago Realm
Posts: 348
for I am the light and most of my pack is light ( not The omega , Garmadon or the overlord the snakes are just funny and a tad dumb XD so not really evil)

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