Sleepy Hollow
08:16:09 Pumpkin Sloth
Heya ET!
Snow Moon
08:15:24 Aziraphale
There are some weird noises going on in my classroom and I don't like it
08:13:05 Gen/Killigen/Killi
Darn, my wolf gave birth to some pups and I was really looking forward to it but they both look exactly like her and aren’t the highest rarity.
p l u t o
08:12:37 pluto / carni
I see it getting between 20-30 on a pretty regular basis
08:12:16 The Potion Master
I still have to figure out my red scale design. Should i gonwith a light or dark base?
08:10:17 The Potion Master
I was starting Work at 8 this morning.
08:10:15 Eternity, ET
Lmao catch the right days and it's as low as 20.
08:09:48 Waterfall,Zane
well bye wp chat
All Eyes On You
08:09:22 *Twilight Noises*
I logged on at 7.00 and there was 37
Sleepy Hollow
08:09:19 Pumpkin Sloth
Ack! Hurry up and give me your beautiful babies T^T

-WP Click-
Snow Moon
08:08:30 Aziraphale
I logged on at 6 AM, and there were only 40 people online
All Eyes On You
08:08:20 *Twilight Noises*

I love this new OC xD
Hellenistic CaveTown
08:07:57 Kiri/Child of Satan
I looked at the packs online then was surprised that everyone seemed so dead and then I remembered not everyone wakes up at 8:07.... ;-;
Darkened Shadows
08:06:44 Dark / Lily / Lexi
I have the Kahoot/Sweet Dreams song stuck in my head
The Pack of Ancient
Have a good day or night everyone
Hellenistic CaveTown
08:03:42 Kiri/Child of Satan
Oh... either way, its adorable :3
08:02:55 kayden/acid/wind/KS4
hehe, I didn't draw the lineart ^^" I just drew the design
08:00:03 Waterfall,Zane
-WP Click- Please vote comment why you did chose what you did as long as its nice and not hate filled
Hellenistic CaveTown
07:59:24 Kiri/Child of Satan
It's baby. It's actually really cute tho, why does everyone else have really cute art styles ;-;
07:58:10 kayden/acid/wind/KS4
-Click- opinions? xd


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Why a Lightbringer? June 15, 2019 02:12 AM

Posts: 642
i'm not quite sure. perhaps because it sounded nice? but i didn't ever really try to stick to the 'bring justice!' theme i tried to have. then i regretted it deeply since a l o t of my wolves were actually villains--
Why a Lightbringer? June 21, 2019 07:19 AM

Posts: 59
Why did I choose Lightbringer?<div bis_skin_checked="1">
<div bis_skin_checked="1">Well, my other accounts, everytime I have had a specific name, it always gets turned on it's head. <div bis_skin_checked="1">Because I went with the packname Battlefield, Lightbringer seemed the best suited. Because we were given the simple explanation of a fraction war, my mind went into the stories of different sides at war. Both sides see themselves as the good guys. It fits better with my pack because I think everyone; even evil characters, sees themselves as the good guys.
Why a Lightbringer? June 26, 2019 11:17 PM

Ninjago Realm
Posts: 603
for I am the light and most of my pack is light ( not The omega , Garmadon or the overlord the snakes are just funny and a tad dumb XD so not really evil)
Why a Lightbringer? August 14, 2019 11:00 AM

a e s t h e t i c
Posts: 133
I chose Lightbringer because my main account is a Lightbringer too. Didn't want to seem two-faced.

Also, Lightbringer fits nicely with my pack names.
Why a Lightbringer? August 16, 2019 04:46 PM

Heather pack
Posts: 565
I chose Lightbringer because as a noob, I was taking everything seriously, and thought that it was a trick question or something. But then later on found out it was just an allegiance.
But I am pretty glad I picked to be a lightbringer, I like the avatar and name of it.
Why a Lightbringer? September 17, 2019 01:29 PM

Posts: 42

Heather pack said:
I chose Lightbringer because as a noob, I was taking everything seriously, and thought that it was a trick question or something. But then later on found out it was just an allegiance.
But I am pretty glad I picked to be a lightbringer, I like the avatar and name of it.

Same here, bro
Why a Lightbringer? October 10, 2019 08:28 PM

Posts: 2887
Same. I'm now loyal to lightbringers but truthfully I should have probably been a neutral.
Why a Lightbringer? October 17, 2019 05:42 PM

Haunting Star
Posts: 774
I'm not a violent, cruel person with a morbid interest in dark and death. If you ever ask a darkseeker why the choose their faction, many will answer 'I love darkness,' or 'I love death'....

(Nobody kill me for this one, just an opinion)
I had a friend once. She was an awesome friend, but with a deep insecurity - she thought that being fierce and tough would be cool. So often, she would come into class saying something like, 'Ugh. My brother is so annoying. I want to rip off his head and shove it down a gutter' type thing. She is a good person and is by no means as interested in the dark side of life as she acts. It's just... a phase, I suppose?


I know that many - most darkseekers either choose their faction because they were actually interested in the dark side of life, they wanted the winning faction (sorry, its true), or they just wanted to take a walk on the shadier side of life. Honestly, it doesn't matter that much - it is just a faction, on a virtual game. So I respect everyone's opinions.

... Whew. How's that for a long winded answer?

Forums > Wolfplay > Lightbringers
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