02:04:41 Fei/Demon/Vixen
yes. The return of the Thirteenth doctor
Ducks Whispers
02:04:18 🐤Jinx㈃
I gave up waiting for females to go in labor
So I'll go to bed
02:00:06 Cloudy, goblin
Still on the 12th but slowly getting closer to meetings lol
Ducks Whispers
01:59:21 🐤Jinx㈃
He dont really care about doctor who
Teddy Bear
01:58:43 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
lmao thats okay. I'm just sadness, I don't want her to regenerate, she's my favourite, i'm gonna miss her so much :(
Teddy Bear
01:58:12 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Well, not quite death, moreso regeneration, she's still got an episode left
01:57:59 Cloudy, goblin
Oop misread it lmao we good
01:57:44 Cloudy, goblin
Nooo spoilers 😭
Teddy Bear
01:56:36 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Should I do a revamp of my 13th doctor inspired OC?
Teddy Bear
01:53:55 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Teddy Bear
01:53:14 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Anyone else morning the thirteenth doctors death to be? :(
I'm so sadness :(
01:44:05 Con / Vive
haaa I cant cote and comment lmao I did when it first posted
01:40:44 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- vote commet
Ducks Whispers
01:34:27 🐤Jinx㈃
I'm curious what pups will look like
-WP Click-
01:23:23 The Dyslexic Willow
-WP Click- poll please vote :3
Ducks Whispers
01:21:43 🐤Jinx㈃
Not really shes super scariesh cause she was from country now shes in where there lound cars jets flys by here and there
3 dogs barking in house and loud noises
When she perfer quite but she getting uses to it little by little
01:17:55 Rae
I bet she will warm up fast :D
Ducks Whispers
01:16:51 🐤Jinx㈃
Thanks shes in my stepmom room until she get use to place cause she was from south Carolina and traveled down so gonna take her while to get use to everyone
01:15:05 Spicy Tummy
She's a cutie
01:14:27 Rae
Omg i love!


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The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 9, 2022 11:03 PM

the Wayne pack
Posts: 1006
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Spellbound said:
When I hear Dystopian I think: breaking away from a government or some sort of authority.
So possibly dealing with a strict/unfair leaders , corrupted ones

Oh those are the best RP plots, to me. Well, one of them.
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 9, 2022 11:04 PM

Sir Froggington
Posts: 17200
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Rising Shadows said:
I do like that one. Then I can use my real dog. >u> Who, by the way, just gave me and Brian a helluva heart attack and an ER visit for unexplained anisocoria. Might've poked herself in the eye with a cactus.

Oh dear
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 9, 2022 11:19 PM

Rising Shadows
Posts: 3994
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It's been an eventful night. I'm drained :')
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 12:01 AM

Sir Froggington
Posts: 17200
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I get that.
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 10:42 AM

Red Moon
Posts: 4133
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@Rising, Oh no! Hope your doggo is alright.
@Spell, We can do something like that. Made me think of a gang situation kind of(with dogs). Like there is a dominant gang of dogs who are hellbent on controlling certain areas, gaining power, terrorizing others, etc. To have the dystopian feel, maybe there are no more humans at all, the world has gone dark, etc... Either because humanity has been wiped out by an illness, natural disaster.... or if we wanna add a slight fantastical twist, some unknown killer monster.
Then maybe some/most of our dog characters are strays who are trying to survive, or maybe even ex-gang members who are on the run and fleeing.
Just some ideas that popped up.
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 10:55 AM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 6746
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Red Moon,
I actually kind of like a couple of the things you suggested, though I may have interpreted one wrong.
The idea of the world going dark, like literally. There isn't any sunlight, or if there is it's for brief periods at certain times or just very short days. So maybe all creatures, including the dogs, have evolved or mutated to be better suited for a solely night time lifestyle.
I also like the idea of them being plagued by some sort of killer beast. Perhaps, depending on what caused the apocalypse it's some sort of mutated beast. It might be something we could call a "Chimera" with the idea that it's been mutated so far it no longer resembles just what it was before. It could be a creature that was an experiment gone wrong that escaped when the humans died, or was a regular animal that became mutated during the apocalypse and now hunts anything it can find to try and quench an insatiable desire for bloodshed or something.
If we do something like the latter or even combine the two we could create a whole lore behind the creature. Obviously this would be in a setting that is several years, perhaps generations, after the initial apocalypse.

Edited at June 10, 2022 10:57 AM by Imperial Sands
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 12:04 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 8160
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I love the gang idea. We can certainly create a lot of drama based off of that alone. We can have feuding gangs, a single one, etc. I quite like the idea of humans being wiped out by natural disasters and illness. Personally, I like the idea of both wiping them out.

Now, I also like this "killer" creature idea. It can definitely be mutated, either by humans/experiments, or maybe even radiation. That way, the characters not only have to survive, but they're constantly being tormented by this creature. We can add things onto the creature as well. Maybe it only hunts at night, etc. Like Imp said, we can create a lore behind it. Are there more than one of this creature? If so, do they hunt in packs? Do they all look the same?

The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 02:20 PM

Red Moon
Posts: 4133
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Sure! We can have the world be dark for most of the time. Like maybe the daylight comes only for an hour or two, instead of like twelve hours.

And I like the idea that the creature only hunts at night, too. And the dogs themselves have become better suited for living in the dark, maybe. Like better night vision, etc.

As for the monster, I think it would be best if there is a single one(for now? Maybe there is only a single one that they know of. Like in their area, at least. Maybe later, more pop up). I like the idea that it is a mutation from a lab of some sort. Giving it a few mystical elements could be fun.

The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 05:32 PM

Posts: 393
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I am a huge fan of what Imperial has listed. So gang(s)? of dogs who are hunted through out the night by a carnivorous beast. Day, like Red Moon said, can come in for at most two hours. I think it'd be cool to have, what Tene said, "feuding gangs" through out this apocalyptic onslaught of monsters.

Edited at June 10, 2022 05:33 PM by Edera
The Grims vs The Ghosts - Group RP [Discussion] June 10, 2022 06:16 PM

Posts: 3140
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here's my idea for the creature (which i am enjoying this entire idea so far)
-the creature only hunts at night, but is periodically active throughout the day (so it isn't entirely nocturnal either)
-there could be multiple of them, but instead of them hunting in packs, they're very territorial creatures and travel alone
-for some reason i imagine them sorta looking alien-ish in a way, but also like you could still see what they could've been before the mutations happened
-this creature lures its prey in by crying/weeping and then will attack
-light keeps the creature away, altholugh it won't entirely prevent it from attacking
-the only way to kill them is stopping their heart

that's just what i have in mind. i imagine them being black with blood red eyes and looking like they might have rabies or carry some sort of disease. if bitten/scratched by them the victim could turn into said creature? maybe that's a stretch

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