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anyway gtg byeee!
03:21:05 Fluff
Nvm I did to look it. @Torch and @misswold
03:15:19 Fluff
Im bit more english :l @misswolf
03:14:55 Mass Exploring Queen
You notice large animal tracks in the dirt. Wow, these paw prints are huge! And made by a wolf! Your hackles raise. Who could have made tracks this size? And why are they are in your territory?!
You spy 1 Arctic Fox.

Are you the culprit? No...No its Fenrir again.
Miss Wolf
03:14:14 Miss/Mom Mod
Nvm and u is classed as textspeak and not spelling your words out.
03:13:49 Fluff
@Miss wolf
03:13:36 Fluff
I did... :/
03:12:45 Fluff
LOl anyway I named it but i didnt steal anyone's user tho
Miss Wolf
03:12:30 Miss/Mom Mod
Spell your words out please, Fluff
03:11:44 Fluff
03:11:31 Fluff
Oh nvm!! U joined in 2017!

I joined in 2020 I didnt know that I named it myself!
03:08:43 Fluff
Im Fluffy!!! :/ Hello!!??!!
Glaciers Voice
03:05:04 This is the Voice!
It really just me talking about how I would run my classroom. Rules, procedures, policies, and classroom environment type shit.

And I want to die.
03:04:57 Fluff
Heyy!! U stole my namee!!! Fluffy socks!!!
Fluffy Socks <3
03:02:58 Socks | Shoes
Glaciers Voice

oof, is it that bad? XD
Glaciers Voice
02:59:47 This is the Voice!
This classroom management plan got me fucked up :')
02:55:31 Tamaki Amajiki

Yeah. I really wish I could go back to a younger age and make sure I at least got to keep my gallbladder.

Okay. Goodnight. I should probably log off soon too.
02:55:04 Ryan | Luigi
I am looking for an rp partner for a human MxM rp. Pm me.
02:52:21 Mass Exploring Queen
Night. I'm still working on my BE shop.
02:50:57 Wilber / Cowboi
...Those are the consequences of getting old. I shall refuse to age starting now.

I also think I'm gonna go now. Gotta wake up early, have a crisis, and redye my hair.

Goodnight SnowHawk, Xesei, Other Parent and everyone else who's still on~~~~


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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 24, 2020 09:30 AM

Dark Matter
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~ Welcome ~

feel free to talk plot, ships, and random nonsense!

1. All of Eve's rules
2. no OCC drama
3. Be nice and respectful to everyone.
4. Only post here if you have questions about the RP and plan on joining or have been accepted into the RP.

Discussion: you are here

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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 26, 2020 02:13 PM

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Leroy - Male - Straight (My one and only straight guy) - Vallamonta prince - 20 - Cold and guarded but also very smart

Relations with:


His older brother, and, in Leroy's mind, his largest competitor. Marcus is one of the few people that can compete with Leroy's quick mind. He doesn't hate Marcus, in fact, he does look up to his brother, he just never shows it. He always wants to be better, so anytime Marcus beats him at anything he'll force himself to practice more to get better. All in all, I think these two will be seen in both the library and the training field together a lot. I also think that if it came to a hard decision and Leroy (For once in his life) decided he absolutely couldn't do something alone, Marcus would be the first person he turned to for information and help.


Leroy loves her but can get annoyed by her stubborn nature. However, if he's looking for someone to argue with he'll happily go to her, he does like a good debate every once in a while. Leroy is also rather protective of Gisla, determined not to let anyone hurt her. He understands and relates to her passion, and they probably argue a lot, but secretly love each other.

Alexandria Anais:

TOUCH HER AND YOU DIE! If you didn't understand from the first sentence, I feel like Leroy would be very protective of his gentle-natured sister. He also probably goes to her if he's struggling to calm down or wants someone to talk to. My guess is that Alexandra would probably be one of the very few people to actually see Leroy's soft side, and they are probably pretty close.

Everlyn Grace:

These two are probably friendly, but not close. Leroy respects her individuality but can get annoyed by her wild nature, wishing she could focus more on the work that she was supposed to do. He never scolds her or tells her to be different, and I would think these two might occasionally train together.

Christofre James Heward the first:

Leroy respects the guard, appreciating his work, and satisfied with the fact that Chris is respectful of his rank. The two could probably be friends as long as Chris 'stays in his place', and the two probably train some together.


Violet - Female - Bisexual - 47 - Staelvor - Queen - Kind and intelligent (and slightly mad)

Relations with:

Randolf Cornelius:

Violet loves Randolf very much, despite the fact that he is a bit mad (so is she, after all), and is always there to support and help him with anything he needs. She listens carefully to his jibberish without interrupting, always respectful, and gentle. Vi never shouts or gets openly frustrated with the king, understanding what it's like to have a mind that seems to be destroying itself from the inside out, and she is always asking how she can help him.


One of her precious daughters. Violet loves all of her children equally and supports them all no matter what. Considering the fact that both Jaro and the queen are very stubborn, they probably butt heads sometimes, but no matter how many scuffles, Vi is always proud of her confident daughter and encourages her not to ever let anyone drag her down. She hopes that Jaro will grow into a strong woman who is willing to speak her mind and at the same time learn to be patient and respectful of others around her.


As with all of her children, Violet is very proud of her daughter and cares deeply about her. She is proud of Adria's willingness to help others and knows she can trust her younger children in Adira's care if needed. As with Jaro, these two probably butt heads every once in a while because they both have a tendency to be stubborn, but Vi never lets that cloud her opinion of Adira, and she supports her determination and training, often going to cheer her on in the training field.


Violet loves her son very much and does as much as he will allow her to show it. She understands that he needs his space, and respects that, though anytime she can get a hug from him she does. The queen is careful not to baby Cadmus, understanding his sensitivity, though she tries to make it clear that he can always talk to her if needed and Vi is always there to cheer her son on in any way possible, hoping that one day he will open up to her while also being careful not to force him to.

Calvin Leon:

Violet loves Calvin very much and supports him openly. She believes he will make a fine king one day, despite his childish nature, in fact, she believes that his humor and love are some of the best things about him! She laughs at all his jokes and is careful to make sure that he understands that he doesn't have to change himself to benefit others. As with all her children, she will support him no matter what!

Lynette Farsyn:

Violet respects Lynette and they probably get along pretty well, they might even be friends. Vi appreciates her helpfulness and humor. She believes Lyn to be a respectable noble.

Sigride Honrith Kallihyn:

Although Violet is respectful and quiet around Sigride, not wanting to offend or hurt him, she disapproves of his large ego, believing he would be better off if he stopped believing he was the best person in the kingdom. Vi is grateful, of course, Sigride is still a warrior of her kingdom, even if he is an overly proud one. She respects him and is glad to have a brave person to protect the kingdom.

Chigusa Mochizuki:

Violet is happy to have a defender that is ready to learn, she loves the fact that Chigusa is willing to read and learn and is happy to discuss strategy with them. Vi is respectful and grateful for Chigusa, thankful to have a smart warrior. Of course, she supports the laid back side of them as well, glad that they can get along with others so easily.

Ichiyuu Mochizuki:

Although she doesn't say it openly, Violet does wish Ichiyuu would act more interested. She wishes he would be kinder to others and stop acting so cold. Of course, she is grateful. He's still one of her warriors, and a good one, but it would be nice if he could be more friendly and open.

Touki Mochizuki:

Violet is happy that Touki is willing to get along with others, and is grateful for him to fight. She respects him as she does all of her warriors, and is simply glad that he is willing to serve his kingdom.

Alvara Mara Blackstone

The favorite- Shh. Don't tell the other fighters. Yes, Violet favors Alvara to the others in the group of warriors. She respects and cares about Alvara and they could probably be friends. (I'm getting lazy, can you tell? XD)

Candynce Paris Blanche:

Violet loves Candynce despite herself, she finds her fiery passion amusing and, because she's lived in the castle her whole life, Vi kind of treats Candynce like her own child, loving her and treating her kindly and with respect. Vi might occasionally get onto her for eavesdropping or arguing, but it's not usually very sincere or angry.

Ethan Brimstone:

Violet treats Ethan with friendly affection and patients, doing her best to understand him despite his muteness. She always feels bad if she misinterprets something he's trying to tell her or anything similar. She also feels bad for pitying him, understanding his frustration with her, and others who do, but she can't help it. He's just so sweet, he doesn't deserve his disability.

Lilimae Acena Daryan:

Violet enjoys Lilimae's creative spirit, and they can probably get along fairly well. Vi respects Mae and is glad to have a servant like her. A little clumsy, but willing to work and having some fun with it along the way!

WIP X 100000

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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 27, 2020 04:40 PM

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Vellamonta Princess | Age 19

Fredrick Idris: Frowned upon. Gisla is by far the most distant child when it comes to her father. She believes the only thing he cares about is looking strong and intimidating his peers. If not, then chasing women. Gisla avoids her father at all costs and would lose her temper easily around him. For as much respect as he demands, she holds none for her father. Even though she knows the burden of the king is large, she despises the way he carries himself.

Adelaide Lee: A good soul that shouldn't be tormented the way she is. Gisla loves her mother dearly, yet she wishes that Adelaide didn't let Fredrick get away with his scandals. I would imagine Gisla and Adelaide are close, and that Gisla would let out her concerns to her mother- far more than anyone else. Gisla would trust her mother with her life, yet she wouldn't want such a burden to be put on her.

Alexandria Anais: Gisla almost feels as though she needs to stand up for her younger sibling. Alexandria is too gentle and polite for this gruesome world, and although Gisla tries not to control her, she often worries for Alexandria's well being whenever she spots her near someone. Whether that someone is a close friend or not, Gisla can't help but feel slightly protective of her, and will often keep a watchful eye.

Everlyn Grace: Ah, yes. Gisla's twin. Although she definitely doesn't appreciate her "vulgar" attitude, as she expresses her opinions in inappropriate times. Such as arguing with people on the spot if a hot topic comes near. Although if it truly gets heated, Gisla would try to hop in and settle the situation. Though, she strongly believes in Everlyn and her opinions. Though she does believe her twin can get out of hand at times, Gisla can be easily distracted and pulled into her shenanigans.

Marcus: Her elder brother, whom she respects for being so intelligent and indulging in reading. she doesn't think to be protective of him, as he's perfectly fine of taking care of himself. Though she will try to shadow him in the library as she is also intrigued by history, cultures, etc. which the books hold.Though she doesn't enjoy much of his care-freeness to avoid meetings. Gisla almost feels jealousy for him, for he is a man and has all the rights a woman could not, yet he takes them for granted in her eyes. I'd like to say Gisla has an almost admiration for him.

Valory Noel: The better half of Fredrick. Although Gisla has seen her aunt lure in men before, she has deemed her far more faithful than her father. Gisla adores her aunt, seemingly as she is just the perfect mix of kindness, intelligence, and humor. Even though Gisla deems her to be a bit obsessive when she's faced with a romantic rival, she'll often come to Valory if she's looking to relax beside.

Christofre James Heward the first: Gisla overlooks this one quite often, and hasn't really spoken to him at all. He mainly is just observing and quiet, which doesn't attract any attention.

Marlon Rossi: Ah yes, the flirt. For being a knight of supposed honor, Marlon is a unique soul. Gisla won't mind openly flirting back, yet she enjoys his humor far more than his compliments. Although, she does think of him as more of a child than a man, as he takes little seriously. Truly a fun creature, yet not collected enough to be considered a proper knight to Gisla. This doesn't mean she looks down on his sparring skills, she quite likes watching the knights spar; yet, she has seen him blow up in anger on the grudges he has held when someone that broke his trust approaches him.

Leroy: Gisla views Leroy as a tad overprotective- no, very. His strict and stuborness often clashes with Gisla. She does note how he feels protective of her, yet wishes to be treated like his equal. Only being a year younger, she treats him just as if he was the same age as her. Though she does appreciate his overprotectiveness of Alexandria, as that's almost like a burden being lifted off of her shoulders. On some levels, Gisla can relate well to Leroy and can be found hanging around him.

Emmeline Mae Melissent: One of the more confident nobles found around the castle. Gisla likes her intelligence and how persuasive this girl can get, and, wouldn't mind playing a few mind games with her in the corridors. I would believe that Gisla thinks of Emmeline of more of a distant relative than just a noble.

Tell me if I missed anyone! :>

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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 27, 2020 09:00 PM

Shadows in the Mist
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*Never done a character sheet before so bear with me.

Character Relations Sheet

Inara-Female-Asexual-Murakagon Commoner-23-Ambitious yet cautious

Relations with:

Murakagon King: She doesn't like him but never allows herself to be anything other than perfectly polite and subservient in his presence. More to come when the character is fully described.

Queen Loreza: The queen unnerves Inara. Loreza is too kind, too patient, too... good. Unfortunately, Inara has to be in her presence fairly regularly to ensure the queen's ankle isn't worsening. She is also responsible for making the pain medications the queen takes when her pain becomes unbearable, though they are usually delivered by other castle servants. Thankfully the queen's attention is easy enough to avoid, though once it's landed on Inara she has to concentrate more conciously on hiding her emotions, meaning she is even quieter than usual in the queen's presence.

Prince Zaira: Inara considers him somewhat of a puppy, naive and prone to getting hurt (Kinwa you mentioned he had a high pain tolerance so how much they interact is up to you). He is usually a quick patient at least, so she doesn't find him too irritating. She also occasionally will see him in the small palace library, and they've spent more than one afternoon in comfortable silence, each absorbed in their own texts.

Prince Casper: On the rare occasions Inara sees him, she appreciates his kindness and easy compliance with any requests she has while treating him. She does get a bit frustrated at his lack of awareness for how things are on the edges of the city and the rest of Murakagon, and has had to bite her tongue to avoid shattering this illusion more than once. While many of the female servants get a bit flustered with the amount of skin Casper regularly has on display, Inara's extensive experience with treating humans young and old means she has little shame when it comes to the human body. She still considers him aesthetically attractive, though a bit young, and would never endanger her position by indicating it.

Princess Kamaria Ann: When the princess isn't in the immediate vicinity, Inara occasionally forgets she exists. However Inara has relationships in this vein with many members of the nobility, so it isn't personal. Inara does consider Kamaria Ann to be a difficult patient however, what with the girl's stubborn streak and gift for stretching the truth. Both of these can make diagnosis more difficult, and therefore inefficient; which if there's one thing Inara hates, it's inefficiency.

Carrigan Yllevettson: Though she never allows herself to show it, Inara finds Carrigan fascinating. His silence that so mirrors her own adds to his air of mystery, and she greatly admires his commitment to his sister. He is an ideal patient, never asking questions or complaining. She does consider him handsome, but her first priority remains her profession.

Shouya Kanzou: She's seen him around the commoner's quarters, but generally has little in the way of interactions with him. Sometimes he comes to her when he needs "special ingredients" though these exchanges are always discreet. Their relationship has a very professional and businesslike feel; it's always a favor for a favor.

Kage Brimstone: Inara likes Kage despite herself, expressing outward disapproval of his antics yet smiling on the inside. He's definitely pranked her a time or two, but Inara doesn't hold it against him since he always makes it up to her. While he's one of the few people she's close to, it takes a liar to spot a liar, and they both have secrets from the other.

Prince Shanahan Plight: On one hand, she relates to his dedication to the things that interest him, especially since those pursuits tend to be unselfish. On the other, his seeming inability to take care of himself frustrates her, as she is usually the person responsible for dealing with the fallout. She also is responsible for testing that his eye isn't worsening, and getting replacement monocles when the current one breaks or ceases to be useful.

Princess Esther Lorelei: Esther is another person Inara likes despite herself. Like Casper, Inara considers Esther aesthetically attractive, though both are rather young for her and their royal positions make any sort of official relationship out of the question. Like Esther's brother, Inara will see her around the small palace library, and Inara will occasionally take book suggestions from Esther. Patient-wise, Esther is fairly cooperative, though Inara has noticed she gets rather sullen if she feels Inara is ignoring her attempts at conversation.

Prince Linton Chris: Inara considers him a bit dull and naive. His propensity for honesty means she often uses him to gain information about his family that could be useful in the future. This people-pleasing aspect also makes him an excellent patient.

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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 28, 2020 06:42 AM

Dark Matter
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Jaro Rydia - 18 - female - Staelvor Princess

Jaros Grandfather and sometimes the most annoying person she's ever known. Jaro isn't an extroverted person and enjoys her alone time. Her quiet alone time. Whenever she's around Randolph there is no quiet and there is no alone. Sometimes she enjoys is playful childish nature, and witnessing his pranks, other times she wants nothing more than him to forget she exists. She does love her grandfather though... when he's not as annoying as usual.
She enjoys watching him try to pair up her siblings, though when he does it to her it's very annoying.

The Mother.
Because of Jaro's independent nature, she isn't exactly super close to her mother.
She respects her kindness and calmness, and though they get along reasonably well, Jaro and Violet have fought and argued quite a few times.
Though Jaro doesn't spend that much time with her mother, she does notice her mother's emotional bursts, which do slightly frighten her... or at least worry her, as Jaro knows she's emotional and she hopes she doesn't start to get as mad as her mother. A big reason why she's started to spend less and less time with her mother.

Jaro isn't exceptionally close to her younger brother, as both prefer their alone time and she's always looking for a fun adventure and he's just reading in the library.
When they do spend time together, it's usually them sparring (her with a spear as she just can't fight with a sword) or riding through the forests around the kingdom together.
When Jaro is looking for quiet company, Cadmus is the first she'll go to, though she also notices how little he cares for himself, due to the fact of the bags under his eyes and his unkempt appearance, she doesn't worry as much as say, her mother or Adira, as she isn't the type, but does hope he'll start taking better care of himself soon.

The giant child.
Jaro is probably closest to Calvin out of all her siblings, as he has similar humor to herself, and though she isn't as childish as her brother and likes having a personal bubble when she's around him, she just forgets everything and laughs with him, and his flirty nature gives her a bit of confidence, and usually, after spending time with him she'll be more open with strangers
She's often seen sparring with him.

Adira worries too much. Jaro may be the most accident-prone child in the royal family, but she's tough and isn't afraid to get hurt. She's actually quite proud of her wounds and scars, and can sometimes be sad that a new wound doesn't scar over.
Jaro loves her sister like she loves all her siblings and family, but they've both argued and fought multiple times, usually without a clear winner.
Jaro does admire Adira though, and though Jaro currently doesn't want to be a Stealkata, she knows that if she were to ever change her mind her sister would be there to help her train.
Though Jaro and Adira spar together quite a bit, Jaro likes to tease her older sister when it comes to long-range fighting.

Jaro doesn't know Lynette that well, and nor does she spend time with the woman, as they both have very different interests, at least in Jaro's opinion. She'll be nice to the noble, but appearance-wise, Jaro doesn't like her much.

Jaro respects and admires all Staelkata, and Sigride is no exception.
He's usually a bit much for her, so she sometimes runs off when she sees him, which seems to be difficult because it feels like he's shadowing her every move.
When Jaro is mentally prepared and in the mood for is sometimes overwhelming compliments and flirting, she'll likely play along and joke with him. She usually uses him as a decoy when she wants to run or sneak away or break rules and is very appreciative of his helpfulness.

The Triplets
Jaro hasn't spent much time with them, and usually forgets what their names are, for they all pretty much look the same and she doesn't know them well enough to figure out which personality belongs to which.
She most likely won't try to talk or do much with any of them.

Jaro barely knows this Staelkata but respects her.
Jaro has little patience for nervous people, and as Jaro doesn't like to talk much either, finds it hard to have a conversation with Alvara.

Another Stealkata Jaro knows little about.
Jaro doesn't like how cold this Staelkata is, and nor how little humor she appears to have, so if she can, Jaro will try to stay out of Kris's way.

Jaro's savior. She wouldn't know if she could survive if Candynce wasn't there to distract her grandfather.
Jaro sees a lot of resemblance to herself in Candynce, they both have a temper, are snarky and stubborn, and like to talk back and argue. If the maid had more humor Jaro could see herself being good friends with her.

Jaro doesn't know Ethan very well, nor does she like to spend time with him. Though she likes to be alone, usually when she's looking for company, it's because she wants to socialize and have fun, not try to understand a mutes strange movements and "eye speech."

Jaro doesn't know this girl well, though is appreciative of her for taking care of the horses and not being very talkative, as when Jaro wants to ride she usually wants to be alone and not talk.

Jaro doesn't know her very well and usually tries to stay out of the maid's way.

Doesn't know him well, like most of the maids and servants in the castle, but he seems quiet from what she can tell...

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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 28, 2020 02:29 PM

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Candynce Paris Blanche

18, Maid of Staelvor

Randolph Cornelius: For being a personal maid for the king, Candynce actually enjoys being a sort of caretaker for him. Having been so old, Randolph just protrudes the idea that one's light doesn't burn out with age. A stubborn, prideful, social butterfly who just loves to slither his way into other people's business. Candynce very much enjoys his almost sassy attitude, along with his pranks and humor. Though, she wouldn't disrespect him on purpose, she would openly express her opinions if he did ask her to freely do so. Likely, she'd do it in a more humorous manner.

Violet: Let's just say we now know where Adira gets it from. This woman, so calm and kind with a beautiful heart. Yet, one wouldn't even try to think something else might be brewing behind those gentle eyes. Yet, Candynce has experienced certain insane acquaintances in the past with Violet. Of course, the heavy burden of being a Queen must fall hard on one's shoulders, but in all honesty, Candynce is wary around her. Who knows if she were to suddenly pop? She views her as a ticking time bomb, just waiting to fall into madness.

Calvin Leon: Candynce finds Calvin as amusing, yet he can be a bit much. It's always nice to see a flirtatious ball of excitement the size of a giant running around the castle like a child. For such a cold palace, one would think there wouldn't be as much personality in their royals. And for being so "hidden" Candynce likes to muse the idea that Staelvor's prince, Calvin is quite the opposite. She likes to say that even a blind man can see Calvin. Not just because of his appearance, yet because of his outward personality.

Adira: Candynce is appreciative of having such a helpful character as a princess. She has noticed how seemingly empathetic and motherly she can get and is honestly grateful that she'd put aside her royalty and bloodlines to help others out. Candynce almost wants to strive to be like her, yet she knows otherwise. It just isn't Candynce's character, but she will open up more to Adira than the rest of the royals (Excluding Randolph) mainly because they spend more time together, trying to make sure Randolph doesn't kill himself in some way.

Jaro Rydia: Definitely most likely the boldest sibling in the royal family. Candynce is always up for a wild spirit like Jaro, yet she is surprised that she hasn't been "corrected" by her parents so far. Perhaps it's her stubbornness that lets her be the free soul she is. Though they have differences, I'd like to say that both Candynce and Jaro have many of the same interests. Even though Candynce likely doesn't have enough bravery as this royal (As she has seen Jaro riding quite often), she can appreciate a short-tempered wild child when she sees one.

Cadmus: She doesn't know too much about this prince, other than he is quite sensitive to physical contact and has a lack of coloration when it comes to eyesight. Even around the castle, Cadmus is quiet. Perhaps he is observing something? Focusing on certain things that Candynce isn't aware of? She does not know. In some way, she feels bad for him; being colorblind. Although it's not the end of the world for him, it's definitely a treasure to be able to contrast colors. She'll hold back any words that express colors around him, for the sake of his mental stability; for she doesn't truly know if he is sensitive or not.

Ethan Brimstone: Aye! A fellow servant! Candynce loves Ethan so much, as if he was her little brother. She doesn't care if he expresses the same feelings back to her or not. She loves how sassy he can be while he refrains from speaking, and how much of an adorable bean he is. Despite her knowledge of his intelligence, she treats Ethan like he was her brother. If he needs company, she's there. For Ethan being so cowardly at times, Candynce has grown a certain protectiveness over him. Once again, even if he tries to yeet her clingy self away, she'll come right back.

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    The Three Kingdoms | Discussion October 28, 2020 02:38 PM

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Sigride Honrith Kallihyn
20, Stealkata of Staelvor

Peregrine: Being 3 years younger than Sigride, he'll always view Peregrine as his younger brother. Sigride will often scold Peregrine about his training just to annoy both him and Adira, but in all reality... He likes to embarrass him. He'll proudly announce that Peregrine is indeed his younger brother, emphasis on younger. He's way too into Peregrine's life, not necessarily protective, as he knows Peregrine is capable of defending himself. Whenever Sigride can, he'll tease Peregrine and reveal his weaknesses. Yes. Sigride will tickle Peregrine in front of everyone if he wants to. The only protective sense he gets over Peregrine is their father. But that is a deep seeded family feud between them.

Randolph Cornelius: Oh yes, the old bag of pride. Sigride has a love-hate relationship with this man. Though he does enjoy his stubbornness, pride, and pranking habits, he can't help but feel that Randolph will indeed boot his ass into tomorrow if he caught Sigride messing with his grandchildren. He is likely the only person Sigride will somewhat behave around.

Violet: Kind? Meh. Calm? Ew. The only thing that intrigues him is the rumors about her. Sigride only sticks by her to see if something will happen, excluding the fact that she is queen, and has mothered many children that he can't help but adore. Other than this, he doesn't stick or pay attention to her, therefore he doesn't know much; if anything at all.

Calvin Leon: His favorite of the royal children. A spaz, one that is likely to cause amusement, especially with his humor. Though, despite the rest of his redeeming qualities, Sigride loves his flirtation and tricks. He knows he can't openly flirt to men, yet he manages to open a few windows when he can. Whether it be a sly comment or not, he can't help it.

Adira: Ah, goody-two-shoes. Meh. Bleh. Adira has jumped into too many dramatic situations and dialed them down far too much. Deep done, Sigride does believe it's for the best that she stopped it, but he doesn't let that shine through most of the time. Adira is mainly there to buffet Sigride's brawls with others, along with his poisonous words that seem to cause 72% of the drama within the kingdom. Perhaps it's best that she interferes, she had likely saved Sigride's life more than once by this very factor. But will he admit such a thing? Pfft.

Jaro Rydia: Ah, he loves her with a burning inspiration. Wherever Jaro goes, the drama is likely to follow. More of a fan of her actions, he'll cling and shadow her as much as he can whenever he's bored. He loves how rebellious she is when it comes to being lady-like, along with expressing her snarky remarks and short temper. He will often address and compliment her on these, definitely a bad impressionist to others, he feels as though he is conspiring with someone whenever he talks to her. Mainly, Sigride will help her get out of things/make excuses to let her run wild. Who doesn't like tea these days?

Cadmus: The fact that he's quiet doesn't really attract Sigride to him, yet it does cause intrigue, making Sigride wanting more out of him. Whenever Sigride is near him, he'll definitely comment about his colorblindness and his sensitivity to touching. Perhaps a hand grazing his shoulder or forearm, or a flick to the forehead when no one's watching. Yes- he'll irk Cadmus to the edge until he learns everything there is to learn about him, so he can move on and bother another human.

Alvara Mara Blackstone: Although she is a beast in battle, Sigride takes advantage of her other qualities. Such as when she stutters; He'll do whatever he can to address that she just made a mistake with her sentence, and will compare every small bits of her bad qualities to her good. Comparing and contrasting whether or not she is worthy of his time. Often time, he tells her to speak up or be more talkative, trying to form her into something that he'd find more amusing. Though he does appreciate her determinedness, and knows when to be serious around her, this is the kind of constructive criticism humor that he envelops her in.

The triplets: As yes, the three musketeers Drama queens. These three all just kind of blend together for Sigride. Has it been his drinking that caused this? Perhaps. Even if one were to have spikes growing out their asses, Sigride would not be able to tell the difference. He often forgets who is who, who is laid-back and carefree, who is a jackass, etc. He'll mix their names up whether or not it's on purpose. Mainly, he can just sit back and watch the show as these three brothers spill sibling tea drama all over the place.

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Sir Froggington
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Candor's relationship sheet. Wipe please pin

Randolph-77-male-King Staelvor

Candynce - Main maid. He's a handful. He likes to press her buttons and see how far he can go before she snaps. He admires her fortitude. She is good help, and she's stern enough to slap some sense back into his reality if he needs it.

People who shall die

Adelaide Lee

Everlyn Grace


Venus Carnoa

Randolph Cornelius

Calvin Leon

Sigride Honrith Kallihyn



Cadmus - or someone can take him over

Asia Hunter - die by poison

Caliantra E. Whelmore

Emmeline - I am assuming

Christofre James Heward - I am assuming


Marlon Rossi

Jaro Rydia




Kristina Dume

Zaira - I am assuming



Lilmae Acena Daryan

Chigusa Mochizuki

Touki Mochizuki

Shouya Kanzou

Carrigan Yllevettson


Alvara Mara Blackstone

Alexandria Anais - still interested player ?

Kamaria Ann

Shanahan Plight


Fredrick Idris strike through means go ahead and plan death

Lynette Farsyn



Violet ?

Ruby Belle Notarloki

Valory Noel

Ethan Brimstone?

Linton Chris

Esther Lorelei?

Kage Brimstone?

Inata Arrakeen

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Dark Matter
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Marcus - 21 - male - Vellamonta prince

Fredrick - WIP

Adelaide - WIP

Leroy - WIP

Alexandria - WIP

Everlyn - WIP

Gisla - WIP

Marlon - WIP

Emmeline - WIP

Christofre - WIP

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Dark Matter
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Marlon - 21 - male - Vellamonta noble/knight

Fredrick - WIP

Adelaide - WIP

Marcus - WIP

Leroy - WIP

Alexandria - WIP

Everlyn - WIP

Gisla - WIP

Emmeline - WIP

Christofre - WIP

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