05:41:43 Merry Sithmas
-WP Click-

@Zodiac, should I make him female?
05:40:45 Merry Sithmas
140 more BE and then im done with this wolf :P
Wolves of Christmas
05:40:26 Zodiac was my first one too...i might do January. I should have a few new howlers by then.
Serial Dreamer
Second place for howling is still pretty impressive considering how much competition there is. Congrats. :)
05:38:40 Hollow | Silver
Pup 10 accidentally knocks over a pup with its tail.

Bu- but you are a pup-
Wolves of Christmas
05:37:54 Zodiac
Wolves of Christmas
05:37:48 Zodiac
I beaten by.3 points.
Wolves of Christmas
05:37:02 Zodiac
I got 5 apples from FMC.
Serial Dreamer
Damn, My Demons is actually a pretty good howler, I may have been able to stay in the top 10 for howling had I not discovered her potential only on the second day of the FMC :c
I missed out on top 25 by one point. That's unfortunate. Maybe next month will be better.
05:36:56 Toby / Juicy
Even when i was on my original account it shows up like that for everyone;; its kinda amusing to see still tho
Leopard Lover
05:36:18 Leopard, LL
And the fact that I need another expansion xD
Leopard Lover
05:35:53 Leopard, LL
Good luck with that c:

Breeding specialization gives me 3 extra spaces :)
Serial Dreamer
Watercliff, extra spaces from the Breeding Specialisation. It's a Premium feature.
Blitzen's Rein
05:35:34 Nebula's Reign ||

I need thoughts on a Work-in-Progress Equestrian Adoptable shop.

Anyone mind helping? :3
05:35:00 Toby / Juicy
Overall Space left in this den: -2 spots for wolves.

Leopard, how?
Serial Dreamer
Leopard, thanks! Here's hoping I can start rebuilding my pack now :'D

Desti, sounds good. Hope you can get some rest. <3
Destinations End
05:34:14 Desti
Anywho. Night guys
05:34:01 Merry Sithmas
Nah. I just need the apples to make my next custom and there wasn't much competition this FMC
Destinations End
05:33:45 Desti
Awesome ^^

I only won 500 mushrooms xD
Snow Moon
05:33:43 Aziraphale
I got three apples, not bad! Now I only need 6 more for premium. Too bad apples are so expensive-


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Faction War Discussion July 17, 2019 11:40 PM

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DarkShadows said:
I’m waiting on Nocturn to answer Ash

I'm waiting for Luna Beta Pack to respond...I've been waiting a while. What about you?
Faction War Discussion July 23, 2019 05:58 PM

Bear Claw
Posts: 1956
so sorry! Life got very busy and I had no time to come on >.>
I think the person who plays Obsidian dropped out. If anyone would like to create a darkseeker beta, do so
Faction War Discussion July 29, 2019 09:33 PM

Bear Claw
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Please, don't recreate this. I get that it's a concern seeing as it hasn't been active, but I put in a ton of effort to even get this where it is now. It's not even cancelled. I'm simply waiting for a reply on Soldiem and someone to take over Darkseeker Beta.
Thank you for respecting that.

Edited at July 29, 2019 09:37 PM by Bear Claw
Faction War Discussion September 3, 2019 10:24 AM

Bear Claw
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I might try to reboot this soon. Make a new sign-up and everything.
Faction War Discussion September 3, 2019 11:29 AM

Now and Forever
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I will be there ^.^
Faction War Discussion September 3, 2019 05:50 PM

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I will also be there but the reason why I didn't rp last time I joined your rp was because that was my first time ever. if you know what i'm saying. Is this other rp going to be the same or different. I don't know if you can post the same rp again I didn't see anything in the rules about but still my eyes could be tricking me but if it's in the rules or not I think it's going to be different because it seems weird to post the same rp again. I'll understand if you don't let me join. I like rping but I also like reading what people post.

Edited at September 3, 2019 06:03 PM by dojeje's wolf pack
Faction War Discussion September 3, 2019 06:06 PM

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People reboot role plays all the time.
Faction War Discussion September 3, 2019 06:11 PM

Bear Claw
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It wasn't really successful to start with, so keep in mind this is just a maybe.
Faction War Discussion September 9, 2019 01:19 PM

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I think I'm leaving this RP permanently. Sorry guys. :/

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