10:19:34 Sav, Nickname Giver

My albino + DH boy -WP Click-

Looks like this without the defect! -Click-

He a handsome boy :o
Breezie Rose
10:17:05 Rose / Mina Ashido
-WP Click-
Is he worth much?
10:16:01 TS
Right, now i have to find 2G wolves in my pack, this will be fun DX
The Great Pumpkin
10:15:12 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, good this is not something you can half-ass its a big deal
10:15:11 Vix
No problem(:
Miss Wolf
10:14:35 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Yus. I told him today we need to get planning it XD
As in now.
10:14:33 Sav, Nickname Giver

Thank you! <3


Thank you too! <3
10:14:29 Lycan
Anyone up for a pm role play?
Northern Blood Moon
10:14:13 Riuka, Blood, Rayven
I have a puppy snuggling my side, so I have found my puppy love, LMAO
Leopard Lover
10:13:55 Leopard, LL
That'll show the pelt under the defect.
10:13:49 Vix
Scroll down to the bottom of he wolf page, and click
Import into custom maker
Leopard Lover
10:13:44 Leopard, LL
Scroll to the bottom of its page, and click the link to see it in custom maker.
Thicc and Phat pumpk
10:13:41 Eeeekk/spoopy AF
Savage nope
10:13:13 Sav, Nickname Giver
Is there a way to see an albino's coat without the defect?
The Great Pumpkin
10:13:13 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, tell them that you really o love them and can hardly wait to spend this time together but they do need to feel the same way about this as you do

Blood good XD
Thicc and Phat pumpk
10:13:10 Eeeekk/spoopy AF
Im excited for 3:45
Ghostly Hearts
10:12:24 ✨Nobi✨
Im so excited! I’m going to chincoteague island this weekend! There are a TON of wild horses that roam around there! :3
Northern Blood Moon
10:11:47 Riuka, Blood, Rayven
I will.
Miss Wolf
10:11:44 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Not really ;~;
The Great Pumpkin
10:11:15 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Blood, please tell me if someone pms you XD


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Pricing Help January 18, 2020 12:16 AM

Stars In The Sky
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So, I made art and I want to sell it. But I don't k ow how much to sell it for, or if people would buy it. Could y'all help me me with this? Thank you ^-^
here is an example
Pricing Help January 18, 2020 08:30 AM

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I would say 100 mush per drawing. It looks like you're just starting out on digital art, but its still nice. If you have a phone, an easy free app is IbisPaintX. Good luck with your art
Pricing Help January 18, 2020 08:33 AM

Stars In The Sky
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Thank you :) I am, so right now I am just kind of playing around with it, trying out different features on Sketchpad. Ow I'll check out IbisPaintX. Thanks for the suggestion ^^
Pricing Help January 20, 2020 10:44 AM

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I'd say 100-250 denpending on the quaility?

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