The Great Pumpkin
08:57:43 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, a little
Miss Wolf
08:56:43 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Is that bad? XD

Miss Wolf
08:56:13 Hail The Whale
Goddess, Awe <3
The Great Pumpkin
08:56:11 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, XD wow
Night Shade
08:55:58 Cali/Night
Oh lol.
Miss Wolf
08:55:40 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, He has no idea XD
But what he doesn't know won't hurt him XD
Aqua Angel
08:55:27 Angel
Aww thank you Hestia, your the best partner I could have asked for <3
The Great Pumpkin
08:55:15 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, well you could've warned me
08:55:15 Overlord

Obviously not

The Great Pumpkin
08:54:36 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, XD does your in real life fiance know about this wedding?
08:54:25 TS
Cali. Talk to the people in messages >.>
Leopard Lover
08:54:12 Leopard, LL
It's not tasty. You have it. :P
The Great Pumpkin
08:53:51 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, that literally made me almost pass out why?
Night Shade
08:53:41 Cali/Night
Lol I dont think anyone is bothering you
Constricting love
08:53:27 Chickin nugget i was
Mystery’s do you have enough apples for another premium
Miss Wolf
08:53:26 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, I'd say Aqua Angel for sure XD
Miss Wolf
08:52:53 Hail The Whale
TS, Don't be sad because sad spelled backwards is Das and Das not good XD
The Great Pumpkin
08:52:48 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, I hope so.. XD which is your favorite fiance??
Leopard Lover
08:52:47 Leopard, LL
What's up? :c
Miss Wolf
08:52:08 Hail The Whale
Goddess, Awe my love you is so sweet <3


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Forums > Artwork > Art Help

Pricing help January 16, 2020 09:52 AM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62154
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So, when the new forum went out I was very much crunched on time and didn't have a whole lot of time to figure it out and so I closed my art shop.

However, now that I've had time to figure things out a little bit, I wouldn't mind putting out commissions again. However, I am... absolutely garbage at pricing stuff. Soooo... I need help.

I'll be offering two styles, a realistic style and a chibi style.

Realistic style will only appear so often, I'll have only a couple slots for that while Chibi is first come first serve always open essentially. I just ... need prices.

I have quite a few examples of chibi but my most recent one is this one (character to Rebel's Rein)

And most recent normal style is a reference sheet I did of my own character Flynn.

My shading has changed slightly from that previous example not lots, but a bit.

example here:


Obviously, if you don't have mush to offer, don't low ball me. I can do that to myself thank you. :3

but, I don't want to charge something people aren't going to be willing to pay, that's the problem. What's a reasonable price range for each style / option. (i.e. full, head shot, +background etc.)


also... art feedback would be great... :3

Edited at January 16, 2020 11:55 AM by Blue Heart Lily
Pricing help January 16, 2020 09:56 AM

Posts: 645
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Fullbody- 800 mush
HS- 400
Bust 600
Fullbody, with BG. 1,000
Ref Sheet 1,200,
Pricing help January 16, 2020 10:00 AM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62154
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I don't know if I'd charge the same price for each style... since Chibi is easier than normal.
Pricing help January 16, 2020 10:32 AM

Posts: 5869
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I can try to price it,but I am not very good and I need to plan saving certain amount of mush before ordering-so I can't be frequent customer ;-;
Chibi HS-around 50 mush
Chibi FB-around 150 mush
(I don't like putting set-in-stone-prices,cause besides lines and anatomy work you also have to spend some time coloring and then designs and how well references are make huge difference-for some markings you have to think how they could shift on body as it moves from pose to pose and such)
Normal HD- around 100
Normal FB-around 300-500-complexity of design affects this the most cause in heads it is relatively small patch of fur and chibies are simplified in body shape,but design too
Pricing help January 16, 2020 11:55 AM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62154
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@ hurry
I get where you're coming from, yeah.
I did add an example that I drew just barely, kind of showing how my shading style has changed.
Pricing help January 16, 2020 12:22 PM

Posts: 645
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Blue Heart Lily said:
I don't know if I'd charge the same price for each style... since Chibi is easier than normal.

Ah i didn't realize you had different styles.
my pricing was for the normal art. knock 200 mush off for chibis maybe
Pricing help January 19, 2020 03:19 PM

Depths Of Winter
Posts: 913
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I will pay 1 apple for a chibi!!!
Can I commission you right now?
Pricing help January 19, 2020 04:24 PM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62154
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Ah... thank you, but... ha... I'm looking for pricing help.

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