Ghostmoon Sorrow
09:37:14 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
I have my own mini pixel art shop going on and i see what i have been doing wrong for the others :')
Leopard Lover
09:33:15 Leopard, LL
Yus. He my babe. ;-;
09:32:42 Ro
Pumpkin - will do :)
The Great Pumpkin
09:32:30 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, wow you love Nuggles O-O
~Black Diamond~
09:32:17 Chims and vitis
-WP Click- y'all give him a paws please! :)
The Great Pumpkin
09:32:05 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Ro, send me a link to your adopt shop when you make it
Leopard Lover
09:31:35 Leopard, LL
Pretty, but Nuggles is still better. *^*
09:31:27 Ro
the design isnt complete yet but this was i needed the pink for
The Great Pumpkin
09:31:09 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, not even tortie with leopard?? O-o
Leopard Lover
09:30:09 Leopard, LL
Nu, no one is better than Nuggles.
The Great Pumpkin
09:28:52 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, shes better than Nuggles
Leopard Lover
09:28:26 Leopard, LL
She's good girl. :D
Ghostmoon Sorrow
09:28:20 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
Makes more since
09:28:11 Dev
I’m bored and have half an hour until I need to go back to school..
Ghostmoon Sorrow
09:28:07 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
09:27:44 Ro
im making adopts :)
The Great Pumpkin
09:27:01 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, ^w^ she's my precious baby
Ghostmoon Sorrow
09:26:45 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
What is the neon pink for?
Ghostmoon Sorrow
09:26:27 Angel/Deku;-;/Izuku
Leopard Lover
09:25:23 Leopard, LL
Pretty girl. *^*


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Ych pricing January 9, 2020 09:37 PM

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So, I was recently going through some art of mine when I saw some pretty interesting ones. I figured I could just make them digital and use it as a ych. Two problems though. One I don't know how to price them and two I've got no idea what of some them even are. So if any of y'all have any ideas it would be a great help.
#1 I have no idea what to call this

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Ych pricing January 9, 2020 09:53 PM

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Maybe auction them? I'd say if you auction to make SB around 150 and.see how that goes. You can start by auctioning just 1 piece at a time to see how well liked your art it. If setting a fixed price and not auctioning, I'd recommend giving 200 per a go and seeing how that works. Except #6, I want that one for myself XD(jk jk though I would buy #6)

Forums > Artwork > Art Help

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