Leopard Lover
03:59:53 Leopard, LL
Not a DH e.e
-WP Click-
Death Valley Bridge
03:59:16 Dorito gaurdian
Not back dam keyboard
Death Valley Bridge
03:58:57 Dorito gaurdian
So far I'm basically

Eternity: seed/healer item giver

Sjuk food back

And alpha
Pup toys giver 😂😂
03:58:39 your mother online ]
frick!!!! I screwed up my chat
03:58:13 your mother online ]
I want to put my art on my avatar but computer,
03:57:11 Arrow
time to start letting go some of my lower rarity wolfs. ugh
Death Valley Bridge
03:57:06 Dorito gaurdian
Found 1 seed for you
I'm sending it over ^^
Rosemary Seed
Death Valley Bridge
03:55:52 Dorito gaurdian
2 good place too explore he items and elf's lol
Fate's Cruelty
03:55:22 Fate/Snark Queen
I accidentally added too much salt >.>
Lightning bells
03:55:08 Starry or sorrow
Atleast you have snowflakes! I hope you get there.
I have none. My poor jingle bell cat.
03:54:42 Starlord, Relient K
Have a pvp up.
03:54:15 Hollow | Silver
God dang it >.<
I fed my wolves and then I clicked the wrong drink button.
03:54:12 ET, Orbit
-WP Click-
Fantasy wolf roleplay~
03:53:51 ET, Orbit
Ahah definitely-
Death Valley Bridge
03:53:50 Dorito gaurdian
261/750 snowflakes away
For all baby animal decor
But probably not going to make it
Brelsotr Pack
03:53:19 Dragons of Gluttony
Sorry, Desti....
Red Nosed Pit Bull
03:53:19 Christmas Doggo
Omg,I'm so sorry. I'm such a fuckin dingus. Lmao
Lightning bells
03:52:26 Starry or sorrow
I can't find any Christmas monsters or whatever they are because of those squares that I can't get too. I'm never going to get my jungle bell cat.
Destinations End
03:52:22 Desti
Please don't put personal notifications in chat
Death Valley Bridge
03:52:12 Dorito gaurdian
My pack is definitely evil 😂


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Forums > Artwork > Art Help

Fluff Adopts Opinions July 13, 2019 10:45 PM

Posts: 164
Hi, guys! I took a long break from the site and just now getting back. I am looking for advice on these adopts, so let me know if you like the lineart choice (maybe adding more) and the way I colored them. I am using a new program and still learning about it.

Here are two examples. If all goes well these two lovely pups will be put up for adoption.

This thread is specifically for Opinions and Suggestions for the Fluff adopts. Another thread holds the actual adopts.

**All lineart used is free and artist listed on each image.**

Edited at July 14, 2019 01:31 AM by Ardice
Fluff Adopts Opinions July 13, 2019 10:50 PM

Posts: 1639
They are so cute I would love adopt
Hmm I prefer plain I'm not a big fan on the long process of exploring
Fluff Adopts Opinions July 13, 2019 11:02 PM

Internal Death
Posts: 76
They are adorable, but I would like a darker shade coat, even though these are examples. Interactive preferably, but make an option for plain if it gets boring.
Fluff Adopts Opinions July 13, 2019 11:15 PM

The Moon Alpha
Posts: 2388
Fluff Adopts Opinions July 14, 2019 01:29 AM

Posts: 164
Thank y'all for the help!! I now have a plan for the adopts. I will be keeping this thread open for Opinions and Suggestions. A new thread will be put up for the actual adopts.
Fluff Adopts Opinions July 14, 2019 01:31 AM

The Moon Alpha
Posts: 2388
Ok! I look forward to it!!

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