Destinations End
05:23:58 Desti
Yeah, it really does. :)
Serial Dreamer
Desti, right? When I saw her in pup pose I though the red merle shoulder was going to look awkward, I usually prefer it on lighter wolves, but it actually looks fine in AF. ^^
Destinations End
05:21:25 Desti
Ooh. She really is pretty
Serial Dreamer
Considering buying her a Make Friends, Blackstar almost never gives me good pups. This one is really pretty too. :/
-WP Click-
05:14:47 Merry Sithmas
That's what I was thinking, because although the vitals aren't the greatest, or my DH program they are decent
Destinations End
05:14:15 Desti
Do not advertise in main chat
05:12:53 A Flow:er hath spoke
I’d be tempted to make him a female.
05:11:46 Hollow | Silver
Morning mates. How is chat?
Mistress Nyx
04:59:40 zelus
Hypatia: take it to sales chat
04:45:56 Merry Sithmas
-WP Click-

Should I make female or not? <.>
Broken Archangel
04:45:52 Samael ,Flawed
I thini i might hop off before i so any more damage night
Broken Archangel
04:45:08 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx sorry
Mistress Nyx
04:44:46 zelus
Also, it's subliminal advertising. Don't do that.
Broken Archangel
04:44:43 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx i regret that now :/
redneck christmas
04:44:37 bloodied jorts

i'm gonna say i feel a desperate need to buy that wolf and i know i shouldn't
Mistress Nyx
04:44:07 zelus
If you really don't want someone to buy it, don't advertise it the way you currently are. Someone's going to bid intentionally now.
04:37:50 Wilvy
@Samuel, oof, which wolf? :/
redneck christmas
04:33:45 bloodied jorts
why is kurtis the most desirable wolf in my pack like what?? lowkey everyone in my pack is goin' after her
04:30:59 *Twilight Noises*
FlIp mY BiO
04:29:10 Wilvy
Does my bio look readble, or should I pick a darker color? XD


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Forums > Artwork > Art Help

Yes or No? -Color ~Me~ Timbers!- July 12, 2019 07:53 AM

Posts: 44

Wanting to see if this shop idea will be a hit. The main idea will be that a customer chooses an image from the Categories below and they get to choose the markings, coloration and background.
Here is a 'mock' set up:
Welcome to Color~Me~Timbers!

A shop where you pick your colors!

Just pick an image and come up with a color, and coat pattern, scheme that you'd want! It's that simple! You can also request a background for the image and it can be anything you want!
When you order one it will come 'detailed!' ( with shading and highlights )

Request Form:
Image Version: -each Category will come with different versions of that same type of animal, more to come soon!-
Pattern Description or Example:
Color Scheme:
Background?: (Y/N)
Background Description: -only fill out if you want one-





Lepo ( Rabbit ):

Ursus ( Bear ):
More Animal types and image versions to come!Subscribe for image updates!

-So my questions are what other animal Categories should I offer?

-And should I make it optional to where accessories could be added? Such as horns (various types), collars (or an neck decor), glowing eyes, scars, piercings, etc. If I should do the accessory option then what ones should be offered and to which animal Category?
-Should I give the option of a day or night image? And should I offer different seasons where snow or leaves or flowers, etc. would be added onto the Character in the image?

-Should I offer different border options?

Most importantly do you feel that this would make a profit/'be worth it'?Any input is desired!

Thank you greatly for your input! It is greatly appreciated!

Edited at July 12, 2019 08:01 AM by VonElderWyld
Yes or No? -Color ~Me~ Timbers!- July 12, 2019 08:32 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
You should make wolves? People in WP go crazy for high quality wolf pictures or so I heard
Yes or No? -Color ~Me~ Timbers!- July 12, 2019 08:51 AM

Wolffang the bean
Posts: 20207
I feel like either the horse or the wolf. Maybe the horse more, as WP is full of horse lovers
Yes or No? -Color ~Me~ Timbers!- July 12, 2019 03:55 PM

Posts: 44
@Shadow Howlers

The Canines were intended to fit Wolves in that Category but was just labeling it as such to make it broader 'range' for possible Rotties, Dobies, Hounds, etc. the pic in the example is suppose to be a generic Wolven type.

And 'High quality' isn't in my "league" just yet sadly but maybe do you think different angles/poses instead than just a headshot will help?

<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">
<div align="left">@Wolffang<div align="left">
<div align="left">Thank you greatly, I havne't 'looked around' yet to see what's popular here. Your opinion has helped me greatly
Yes or No? -Color ~Me~ Timbers!- July 12, 2019 04:16 PM

Blitz Krieg
Posts: 31
I think a feline group would be a hit. It could include domestic cats (Siamese, Maine Coon, etc) and wild cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc)
Yes or No? -Color ~Me~ Timbers!- July 12, 2019 09:33 PM

Posts: 44
@Blitz Krieg

Thank you very much, I'll add that in the Categories list!

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