The Great Pumpkin
08:54:36 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, XD does your in real life fiance know about this wedding?
08:54:25 TS
Cali. Talk to the people in messages >.>
Leopard Lover
08:54:12 Leopard, LL
It's not tasty. You have it. :P
The Great Pumpkin
08:53:51 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, that literally made me almost pass out why?
Night Shade
08:53:41 Cali/Night
Lol I dont think anyone is bothering you
Constricting love
08:53:27 Chickin nugget i was
Mystery’s do you have enough apples for another premium
Miss Wolf
08:53:26 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, I'd say Aqua Angel for sure XD
Miss Wolf
08:52:53 Hail The Whale
TS, Don't be sad because sad spelled backwards is Das and Das not good XD
The Great Pumpkin
08:52:48 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, I hope so.. XD which is your favorite fiance??
Leopard Lover
08:52:47 Leopard, LL
What's up? :c
Miss Wolf
08:52:08 Hail The Whale
Goddess, Awe my love you is so sweet <3
08:51:58 Overlord
My premium is gone in 12 days

sad times
Miss Wolf
08:51:36 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Aye. It's fine. The wedding will be perfect :3

If funny that I'm having a WP wedding and planning my own real life wedding XD
08:51:26 TS
Leave me alone please..
Aqua Angel
08:51:16 Angel
Well its ok Hestia I shall protect you from everything, you shall not die while I live :3
08:51:07 TS
why do days just get worse and worse for me >.>
The Great Pumpkin
08:50:39 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, I would've spent more but my finances said nope
Miss Wolf
08:50:10 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Awe. I appreciate that <3
You are so sweet ^^
Constricting love
08:49:48 Chickin nugget i was
Ptarmigan Feather
Increase Chance Dynamic Coat
How much are they worth
Miss Wolf
08:49:26 Hail The Whale
Goddess, Indeed. So if I die you get my richness XD


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