Moonlight Seekers
10:51:59 Moon, Moony
if i send a palette i made to a basic account can they accept it?
Stxrmmix <3
10:51:26 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Easmn - D:< Sell the pretty boy and i cry
Forgotten Dreams
10:51:17 Chip/Dreamer
I can explore through them all today it's FMC and last training day but I just got rid of 13k moves :,)
10:50:29 Eas
Storm :>
10:50:20 Eas
Debating on if he should go or stay :,) I want apples.
-WP Click-
Stxrmmix <3
10:49:56 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Easmn! >:D
10:49:14 Eas
Rest in peace to you
Stxrmmix <3
10:47:07 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Chipper - i can those extras.. (:
Forgotten Dreams
10:46:26 Chip/Dreamer
Not me buying 400 Chinese pottery instead of 40. I'm such an idiot sometimes
Stray Secrets
10:43:55 Stray.
I'm also good, thanks.
10:42:06 Mid, Jay (he/him)
im good stray, how about you?
10:41:49 Blood/Ríonach
Good morning chat from my time. How is everyone doing lately?
Edith Rose
10:41:06 Edith, Rose, Friday
Yeah same here, none of my ladies I'd say are particularly bad producers but I have notices certain studs who make them throw more duds than average (usually pretty basic studs as I tend to try and breed strictly to G1s)
Stray Secrets
10:37:58 Stray.
hey Midnight. how're you
10:37:27 Mid, Jay (he/him)
Stxrmmix <3
10:37:15 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
I fell asleep with a stream open by accident ;-;
Edith Rose
10:37:07 Edith, Rose, Friday
Hi Mid :)
10:36:33 Mid, Jay (he/him)
hi rose hey stray
10:36:31 V, Vox, Cor
My females all honestly produce pretty well, it tends to vary on who I breed them with though
Edith Rose
10:35:50 Edith, Rose, Friday
Doesn't it really depend more on the lines and stats of both parents? I know I have some females that simply produce better than others and I have certain studs I continue to go back to cause I think they produce particularly well *^*


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