City of No Regards
09:48:47 Toga is back bish!
There's no I guess so!
If anything were to happened to you, everyone on WP would be devastated! Especially me, because I look up to you!
09:48:38 Faith | Flick | Dog
Celeste Pack
09:47:56 Celeste/AB

Ok. I don’t think they are but my Canadian friend hasn’t responded to my pms in like 2 days so that why I asked chat
City of No Regards
09:47:55 Toga is back bish!
Destinations End
09:47:44 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Yeah. I guess so..
Kingdom of Midnight
09:47:35 Lazy, Midnight, King
reminds me
Kingdom of Midnight
09:47:15 Lazy, Midnight, King
Our basement reminds of a horror movie set t=t
Celeste Pack
09:46:56 Celeste/AB
City I’m in Tx tho
Reyy Reyy
09:46:52 Eey, Revy
I don't know, I'm from Minnesota, sorry D:
City of No Regards
09:46:27 Toga is back bish!
Celeste Pack
09:45:57 Celeste/AB

I’m in US too!


Is Canada in the Olympics?
City of No Regards
09:45:21 Toga is back bish!
Then rest ^^
You need to take care of yourself ^/
City of No Regards
09:44:57 Toga is back bish!
Because that's where Massachusetts is, I'm so dumb for even adding that, I'm sorry
Destinations End
09:44:56 Desti, Coy, Coydog
I'm getting a little bored and tired..
manager Fang
09:44:41 Status, heartbroken
City of No Regards
09:44:33 Toga is back bish!
City of No Regards
09:44:14 Toga is back bish!
In America
Reyy Reyy
09:44:09 Eey, Revy
Celeste, I'm from Canada Lite
City of No Regards
09:44:07 Toga is back bish!
I'm from Massachusetts ;-;
Celeste Pack
09:43:28 Celeste/AB
Anyone here from Canada??


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How much would she be? June 10, 2021 10:29 PM

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Okay, so thanks to late night frenzy, I finished this girl:
She is:
-Maxed in every single talent excluding dominance.
-Hero +9 vitals
-R33 AC
-Divine Health
Forgot to mention: She is 1 years old and HW.

Now the question is. .since I am a terrible pricer. .how much should I sell her for?

Please comment below any advice or tips!!

Poll Question: How much do I sell her for?
Total Votes: 4
1-2 apples : 00%
3-4 apples : 125%
4-5 apples : 125%
6-7 apples : 125%
8-9 apples : 125%
10-20 apples : 00%
20+ apples : 00%
Other : 00%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at June 10, 2021 10:32 PM by Fangsoffire

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