Sleepy Ash
09:37:48 Sloth, Sleepy, Ash

They're willing to be patient. They just don't want an animal around that is unable to be ridden because of her foul temper. She has proven to be laid back. Doesn't spook or anything. But she's just stubborn and lazy an will try new things just to scare off her riders.
09:37:16 The animal lover

I like her
09:37:15 Vix
Opinions? I worked really hard on this commision(:
09:36:17 The animal lover
You could try to convince them to keep her. That is how I still have my horses, as long as I groom, feed, water, make sure fences and stalls are in cheek, gets right amount of grain, and doesn’t get skinny (she has a lung problem) I get to keep her as a lawn-ornament, and the other 1. Plus goats. I do almost everything with those guys. :7
09:34:32 Ren, Lie Ren
-WP Click-

thoughts on Nora Valkyrie
Lt. Chick Fil A
09:33:45 Autobat/ Mr. Krabs
PM me to do a vampirexhuman rp
09:33:14 Goofy Grape
Crazy Grape
Lol that's funny! I don't know what to do... And today my bird attacked me!
09:32:16 Crazy Grape 🍇
Goofy grape

Lol my gramma loses her phone all the time xP
09:31:49 The animal lover
She shouldn’t have gotten on anyway.
Sleepy Ash
09:31:42 Sloth, Sleepy, Ash
Yeah. My dad says that if she doesn't straighten up, he's going to sell her. I hope that doesn't happen because I doubt that they'll get me another horse.
09:31:23 Goofy Grape
Crazy Grape
Lol I get it from my mom xD my mom will set her phone on the counter and forget about it and won't find it for like 2 hours lmao
09:31:09 The animal lover

09:30:25 The animal lover

Oh wow, I love my horses but I can’t ride her. She won’t even where a fly sheet, it was ripped to shreds in 5 seconds! The last time she was ridden my neighbor got on bare back and she broke her arm.
Serial Dreamer
Hell yeah! :D
-WP Click-
Sleepy Ash
09:27:15 Sloth, Sleepy, Ash

I'm not a very experienced rider and that's what my horse needs. So I asked my neighbors (they show horses for a living). We were riding and she was doing great with me and all of a sudden tried to roll with me on her. The daughter told me to get off and I did just in time but it scared me shitless. She did the same thing with the adult and the adult hadn't gotten out in time and she rolled on the adult's leg.
09:27:03 Crazy Grape 🍇
Goofy grape

Lol I can be the same way xD
09:26:54 The animal lover

He isn’t really to my liking, but other people might not agree with me.
09:26:25 Goofy Grape
Crazy Grape
Lol I am forgetful. I was coloring line art for someone the other day and they asked for a crown and I completely forgot over a span of like 5 minutes xD they had to remind me
09:25:51 The animal lover

How did it try to kill you?
09:25:42 Crazy Grape 🍇


Why?! What'd she do?!


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wow a rp poll :,) August 1, 2020 01:01 PM

Bear Claw
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crying intesifies
a deer RP. i really like deer lately i'm sorry
it would be another reboot of my last one but maybe it would survive this time

Poll Question: oil
Total Votes: 7
yes reboot it you stinky loser : 686%
no uggy idea : 114%
m a y h a p s : 00%

You have cast your vote.
wow a rp poll :,) August 1, 2020 01:02 PM

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reboot stinky
wow a rp poll :,) August 1, 2020 01:05 PM

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Oh heccking yes! I got a handsome boi and gal I can use >:)
wow a rp poll :,) August 1, 2020 03:40 PM

Pudding Cup
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Deer, I feel, are underrated animals, so heck to yeah!

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