09:30:28 KitKat/Apple Dealer
lol yea
The Hate Inside
09:29:37 Raspberry|Razz|RB
Lol, small dogs tend to bite my ankles <_<
09:28:12 KitKat/Apple Dealer
@hate inside yea:) i like most big gods, not small ones though
Megan :)
09:28:08 The Popular Loner
Literate roleplay anyone?
Stormy Skies
09:27:53 Blackie, Mitsuki
oops. let me go hide unde rhte table. I had the wrong thing copied and pasted
The Hate Inside
09:27:47 Raspberry|Razz|RB
Huskies are very vocal dogs and I want to see one sing so bad xD
Stormy Skies
09:27:28 Blackie, Mitsuki
Who would you ship together if you could- anonymous.

goodness, this is hard. Umm. Tough question you have there. Let me think about this for a moment-
well, Storm had a slight interest in Ylyndar once she turned ghost in that one roleplay, but Ylyndar made her a ghost. Ylyndar likes Vanessa, but Vanessa wants to kick him. Ylyndar also hates Storm, so that's all out. Dove hasn't had many tests yet, but maybe them.
for the first one I'll put Dove and Ylyndar together.
now for the second. Nobody really pays attention to Alpine because he is mute. He doesn't seem right with Vanessa though. She likes things that involve lots of talking and physical activity. He and Blaze are friends. Hmmm. Stormy wouldn't work because Blaze and Vanessa are twins. But then of coarse, Alpine is gay. Maybe I'll shove him over here with Blaze because they seem to get along well. And Blaze has stuff in other roleplays, good thing they don't interact in those.
So for the second one
09:27:20 KitKat/Apple Dealer
@hate me too!
Summer Pack
I recently started a Roleplay that I am quite prod of. It is my first Roleplay that I have wrote myself. Come check it out if you would like!
-WP Click-
The Hate Inside
09:25:57 Raspberry|Razz|RB
I want a husky in real life xD
09:25:24 KitKat/Apple Dealer
@hate i do feel likke too much is going on with the wolf lol

but yea husky is cute
The Hate Inside
09:24:53 Raspberry|Razz|RB
He'll be a awesome stud. Besides husky is gorgeous.

Atleast you didn't come up with the mess I just made
-WP Click-
09:23:10 KitKat/Apple Dealer
@hate inside i need the wolf to be perfect for studding, like if people dont like him im screwed:(
Johnny Boy
09:22:43 Star, Anon, John
Blehhh it's so hot in my room what the helll
The Hate Inside
09:22:20 Raspberry|Razz|RB
It's okie :D
It's still pretty
Dark Moonrose
09:21:47 Timothy, ghost train
Pack Life: Your wolves played: Withered Chica found 10 mushrooms!
09:21:32 KitKat/Apple Dealer
@hate inside

-WP Click-

i decided to go in opposite direction, sorry :(
09:20:52 Shoto Todoroki <3
Okay lol I'm so proud. I've managed to draw all my favorite people from MHA. ^^
Stormy Skies
09:20:24 Blackie, Mitsuki
I'm beating the baboons into submission again. It's so fun
09:19:38 I'm Jared, 19


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Roleplay ideas April 7, 2020 11:16 PM

Posts: 710
Ok so I have some ideas of what the story will be for the roleplay I'm doing!
Option1- there a hyena pack and a painted dog pack and there ansestors made a truce between them to share a big hunting area full of the best prey and also has a large watering hole.they split it between them,one side for each of them.(will have map)
Option 2:just the painted dog pack and the alpha gets murdered!
There is a mole among them.I will pick a person who will be the secret mole!
Option3:two African wild dog packs, and they are always fighting for territory.

Poll Question: What one do you choose?
Total Votes: 7
Option1 : 229%
Option 2 : 457%
Option 3 : 114%
Other? : 00%

You have cast your vote.
Roleplay ideas April 7, 2020 11:19 PM

Posts: 710
Also looking for second in command of the roleplay -pm me!
As second in command when i am not on ,you will help accept sign up forums and also make sure everyone is behaving.need a strong individual who will help me out!

Edited at April 7, 2020 11:55 PM by Luckypaws

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