12:01:56 Blu

Thanks for the recommendation, but I don't really read anything on Wattpad. I've noticed that reading... like, unedited/unprofessional writing actually degrades my own, and I'm not really into werewolves.
However, it does sounds like, based on your description, the genre has significantly improved.


... there's a... YT fanfic section!??!
Duskfall Hill
12:01:40 Dusky
I love reading fanfictions about the different games I like, especially ones with character x reader, only if I like them though. There is a character in Dragon Age: Inquisition named Cole and he is my sweet baby boy, he must be protected. He's a spirit from the other side and is in the mortal realm to help people using his powers. He's a sweet innocent boy and he is a smol bean
Shadows At Twilight
12:01:19 Dark envelops you...
I'm sitting here reading this memorial for this person's wolf..
It's about how sad they are that their favorite wolf died of old age

The wolf died at 7
12:00:30 Strai | Bones | DOA
**right now
12:00:19 Nom om


People are people lmao
How're you?
Ivory Shadows
12:00:18 Ivory
That is exactly all the feelings I have whenever i see the babies xD just emotional rollercoaster. This was them a week and a half after that other picture.
Welcome to Hell
12:00:13 Lucifer, Luci
-WP Click-
Help me
12:00:07 Blu

Okay, thanks!
So, the base colors of the OC are really similar to the sort of white/off white background, they blend too deeply and it makes it hard to decipher the lineart.
The orange feathers and detailing in general really pops, excellent job there.
The white smog-fog is very nebulous, I'm not sure if it's a cloud or a portal or what? If you want, you could have it be emanating from the creature, or change the background colors so it looks like a sunset.
And, then, the style of the city is very cute, but jarring against the detailing of the OC , it almost looks clumsily done beside it. Not because it is, but because of the detailing present.
12:00:02 Strai | Bones | DOA
I am so conflicted rn. I found 2 perfect photos but I don't know if they're stock or not-

They don't say use is prohibited or that it is stock-

So my bet it's not stock.
11:59:38 Lunar / Mic

I understand that. I started in the creepy pasta and youtuber fanfic area then moved there.

So I started out with a whole different crazy.


Do you know my username?
Duskfall Hill
11:58:16 Dusky

If you like a smartass old man, a gay vampire couple, justice for a wife beater and a strong female lead, that book is for you. She does meet her mate later on but, she denies it because she doesn't want to get hurt again
Clouded Views
11:58:11 Fumikage Tokoyami
I am painfully aware
11:57:51 Nom om

You are highkey a pushover
Clouded Views
11:57:30 Fumikage Tokoyami
shfhshds thank you ^^"

Still kinda criticism I guess-
11:57:18 Blu

The kits... oh my gosh... the kits.
They look like, I don't know, little red bread buns. OH MY GOSH. I screm, I cri.

He looks adorable too, haha!
Broken Archangel
11:56:56 Samael ,Flawed
Lunar nice ill uave to have a look xD
Duskfall Hill
11:56:45 Dusky

I found this awesome book on Wattpad called The Bite, about a girl who is running away from her abusive husband and is attacked by werewolves and bitten. A werewolf and a vampire save her and she is told that females don't survive the turning, but she survives. I won't spoil it, it's the first book in the series
11:56:34 Nom om

That wasn't criticism

They were like

It looks bad because it's not a stereotypical dragon looking or whatever

That's just..

I don't even know what to even call that
11:55:53 Blu

So, like, the concepts sometimes are interesting. There's a bit of originality (until everyone copies one concept, of course), however it's less the stories themselves that need to be BURNED than the... ideas they perpetuate to such an impressionable, young, and vulnerable audience.
That possessiveness, stalking, isolation from friends and family in exchange for a lover, physical and sexual abuse, disregard for consent etc, etc, etc, are not only okay, but potentially desirable.
And don't even get me started on the gang bull.
Shadows At Twilight
11:55:24 Dark envelops you...
Anytime! I apologize for the long post, just had lots to comment on ^^'


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